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October 27, 2017 4:20 pm

Parties React to Clark’s Resignation

Friday, July 28, 2017 @ 12:37 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Premier John Horgan has  reacted to the news Christy Clark  is  stepping down  as Liberal Leader,  and vacating her  post as MLA for Westside-Kelowna.

In  a  brief message on twitter,  Premier Horgan states:

“I want to thank for her many years of service on behalf of British Columbians. I wish her and her family the very best. While we represented 2 different parties, we are united in our belief that our job is to work every day to build a better province.”

Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver has also issued a statement:

“I want to thank Christy Clark for her years of service to British Columbians, both as an MLA and as Leader of the BC Liberals,” said Weaver. “She has been a fierce advocate for British Columbia, here at home and around the world.

“A highlight of my time in the Legislature was working directly with Christy Clark to implement for BC’s post-secondary institutions. Her leadership and willingness to work across party lines on this vital issue has made universities and colleges across this province safer for our students – and for this I am grateful.

“This experience illustrated what we can achieve when members of this house work together. I wish Christy Clark well in her future pursuits and look forward to developing a productive relationship with the next Leader of the BC Liberal Party.”

Clark made the announcement this morning  at a Liberal caucus meeting.   Her resignation takes effect one week from today.

With  Clark  stepping down,   the  coalition  of the NDP and Green Part now has a solid majority in the Legislature.  The NDP  government  does not have to call a by-election in Clark’s riding for six months.


Will 250 allow comments on the ensuing leadership campaign or is it to controversial like the last election.

I am not really surprised she is quitting.
now to get Horgan to retire and take his play toy Weaver with him

Deep down inside Hoagie is happier than hell, now he has majority I guess! What a bunch of crap! Fraudulent leadership far as I am concerned. My own opinion of course.

Completely irresponsible on Clark’s part. Walking away in the middle of a political battle for the provinces future leaving the liberals without an elected leader going into a fall election.

She will be defined in the future for cutting and running and leaving her party hanging when they needed a leader the most.

    No wonder she never completed college. The going gets tough she cuts and runs.

      Someone who drives a chip truck around in circles for a living passing judgement on a person who attained the highest elected office in the province is laughable.

      What is your level of education? A chip truck driver 4 year degree(grade 4 to the rest of us)? Perhaps you attained a CTD Masters degree and got all the way to grade 8:D

      Fall election? Another fine prediction from Nostradumbus.

      On average a minority government lasts 18-24 months which is more than enough time for the party to chose a new leader.

      How do you get off assuming what I do for a living. At least get it right if you are going to make derogatory assumptions. Is that what a municipal employee does all day, making derogatory assumptions to troll. I would wager a bet I have more post secondary education than a dumb wit like you.

      Bird fight, bird fight….

What seems to be the problem? Her days were numbered anyways, she stepped down right away so the party can elect a new leader within the next 6 months! Nobody expects the NDP/Green mutual assistance pact to crash within the next 6 months! After that (they hate to tick of the voters by calling an election right after we just had one) anything can and will happen!

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