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October 27, 2017 4:20 pm

Local MLA Says Clark’s Resignation Deeply Disappointing

Friday, July 28, 2017 @ 3:37 PM

Prince George, B.C. –  Prince George- Valemount  MLA Shirley Bond  says   Christy Clark’s  decision  to  resign  “deeply disappointed” the Liberal Caucus.“Today was very difficult  for me personally” says Bond  as she and Christy Clark  have become close friends over their   years in  the legislature ,   “That relationship I know will continue into the future” says Bond, “I am just proud of her  class, and dignity  she shows,  and today was no exception.”

“We have  enormous respect for Christy Clark” says Bond “She made a personal decision today about  her own future and about   the future of  our Party  and us as an opposition team.   We  were deeply disappointed obviously, but I think one of the strengths  of the team that Christy Clark created is our ability to work together, to stand strong with one another and to  get prepared for the fight that we are going to  have to take on  from the Opposition benches.”

Clark’s resignation, which takes effect  one week from today,  includes  stepping down  from her post as MLA for Westside-Kelowna.   That  means the new  NDP government, back by the Greens,  will have a one seat majority in the legislature even after a speaker has been appointed  until the results of a by-election  are known.   The  Horgan government has  6 months to call that by-election.

The BC Liberal Party has already said its executive will meet within  the next 28 days to  determine the process for  the election of a new partly leader.  In the interim,  Rich Coleman  has been named Caucus leader.

Bond  credits  Clark  for  doing  “an incredibly difficult job” over the past 6 and a half years in leading a caucus, leading a province, leading a Party.   “I know that this (resignation) was done with the right intentions,  with  the best interests of not just our Party, our  caucus  but our Province. ”

She says she expects the leadership process to  be “dynamic.”


The right intentions are actually the wishes of the liberal party hierarchy. Did you get a load of her throne speech during her short lived victory? A radical shift to policies that are actually stolen from the NDP and Greens. Many of her own inner circle were dumbfounded. The last 6.5 years were actually her reign of terror and squandering of our tax dollars. The only thing that kept BC from going into the toilet was the Real estate market in the lowermainland, not her policies. And lets not forget the scandals that happened while she was in power. You think she would have learned something from “yogagate” the yoga on the bridge fiasco but she kept on going acting like she was in some kind of coma with that Cheshire cat grin of hers. Just further proof of how out of touch she was/is.

    Spot on assessment George. Well done.

Of course she quit. She was horrible

    Any Liberal premier would have been horrible in the eyes of an NDP supporter!

      True..just as in the Clark lovers blaming our new premier for the LNG market falling and losing LNG investments.. even though a few pulled out under Clarks watch..

      I do thank our new premier for the strengthening of the Canadian dollar.. because he has that kind of control he can manipulate the world market…lol

      Ya, OK! And he boosted the Canadian Dollar because he is what! John Horgan! Dream on!!

Well said Imorge

It doesn’t matter which party you represent, it’s a thankless job and even worse for the party leaders.

Wow P Val & Imorge you two are living proof the nuts are coming out of the wood work !!!

    And you are further proof.

    haha bald eagle…..I think the liberal haze has glazed your eyes over to the numerous scandals she was responsible for. To be truthful, in the election prior to the last recent one, I voted liberal because the voters of bc wanted to repeal the HST and she listened….but soon became disillusioned with her decision to maintain the 12 percent tax on used vehicles. That was purely giving in to the wishes of the retail auto industry and keep hitting us hard with taxes. So yes I’m glad she is gone.

Wasn’t it Clark who said she will stay on and work with the new gov to make BC better after the election.. and is she…NO…just the final lie from her….

Bond what are you talking about? This is not the person I remember. Its going to be tough on you now Shirley because you might actually have to show up at a meeting.

Christy Clark wants to be the leader of the Party and Premier of the Province. She is not prepared to accept anything less, so she cut and ran.

Her supporters, who either have short memories or live in denial don’t want to discuss what actually happened, so lets have a look.

When Clark went to the L/Gov she said that she would resign as Premier and that the L/Gov could then call an election. The L/Gov decided to allow the NDP to form a Government with the Greens. So contrary to Clark stating that she would work with the other parties as the Leader of the Opposition, she was working behind closed doors to go directly to an election. No consideration for the citizens of BC, only thinking of herself, and her ability to stay in the top job.

When it became apparent that she could be in opposition for a couple of years, and that there could also be a leadership review that she could lose, she decided to **hit the bricks**

By resigning she allowed the NDP/Greens to elect a Speaker and still have a majority Government, for at least 6 months if the NDP decided to not call a bye election until the last moment. Furthermore by putting a bye election into play she brought about the possibility of the NDP actually winning the bye election and having a majority for the next four years.

So. Nothing that Clark has done is good for the Liberal Party. It gives the NDP a majority, and allows them time to do what ever they want with legislation. It leaves the party without a leader at a time that it really needed one.

I think that she left in a **Huff** because things were not going her way. Her ego would not allow her to be **Leader of the Opposition** with absolutely no authority.

So she dealt the party a death blow all because of her ego.

Clark’s problem was trying to deal with the power brokers in the liberal party and carry over from the very corrupt Campbell era. She was going to look into the 65 billion in very lucrative IPP contracts then silence. The liberal mafia gave her the word.

She was going to be exposed for very illegal direct offer contracts to contractors while she was in office as the budget office lays out very clear rules for when the province needs to tender contracts and she preferred to instead give them to her supporters (not Liberal party supporters). So instead of waiting around to face her correct punishment she decided to run and hide. Thus screwing the liberals and their opportunity for a fall election and potential win.

Clark can now take her son and go to the pub.

    Haha, running red lights all the way…

Another one bites the dust!

How many premiers did the BC NDP have during its decade in power? Five? Four? Perhaps NDP supporters can try to remember how and why they were removed or traded in for *better* ones? Some walked, some stayed on as MLAs, some are ministers now…

Recently Clark’s party actually won the most seats. More than any of the opponents. She definitely should have shown some guts and some dedication and loyalty to her party by staying on as MLA, in my opinion. This way she dealt a blow to the party she claims to always have loved and admired. Very inconsiderate and selfish, in my opinion!

Rich Coleman the new interm leader . Who’s going to like that ? He hasn’t even been in the job for a minute and he’s already thrown cc under the bus . With his pretend fuedian slip he said . ” What she has done for the province can never be FORGIVEN ! #colemancountry . Are you next Shirley ?

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