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October 27, 2017 4:12 pm

BC Liberals Unveil Shadow Cabinet

Thursday, August 3, 2017 @ 3:10 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Interim Opposition leader of the BC Liberals Rich Coleman released his party’s critic roles today.

He said the choices were made with an eye to protecting jobs and maintaining a strong economy.

“We have an incredibly strong and experienced team in place to hold the NDP to account,” said Coleman.

“We will take every measure available to ensure that the NDP-Green alliance does not recklessly spend away our future and write cheques that British Columbians will have to pay with increased taxes.”

Of interest to Prince George residents, Prince George-Valemount MLA Shirley Bond has been named Finance critic (along with Tracy Redies).

Meanwhile neighbouring Prince George-Mackenzie MLA Mike Morris has been named Public Safety and Solicitor General critic and Nechako-Lakes MLA John Rustad is Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operations critic.

The rest of the critics are as follows:

  • Advanced Education: Stephanie Cadieux and Simon Gibson
  • Agriculture: Norm Letnick and Ian Paton
  • Attorney General – Andrew Wilkinson
  • Liquor, Gaming and ICBC – John Yap
  • Children and Family Development: Laurie Throness
  • Childcare: Linda Larson
  • Citizens’ Services: Steve Thomson
  • Education: Mary Polak and Dan Davies
  • Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, Energy and Mines: Tom Shyptika
  • BC Hydro: Daryl Plecas
  • Natural Gas and Petroleum Resources: Ellis Ross
  • Environment and Climate Change: Peter Milobar
  • Rural Development: Donna Barnett
  • Health: Mike Bernier and Joan Isaacs
  • Indigenous Relations: Dan Ashton
  • Jobs, Trade and Technology: Greg Kyllo and Jas Johal
  • Trade: Teresa Wat and Steve Thomson
  • Labour: John Martin
  • Mental Health and Addictions: Jane Thornthwaite
  • Municipal Affairs and Housing, Municipal Affairs: Todd Stone
  • Housing: Sam Sullivan
  • Social Development and Poverty Reduction: Michelle Stilwell and Doug Clovechok
  • Transportation and Infrastructure: Jordan Sturdy and Michael Lee
  • Small Business: Coralee Oakes

Coleman also made the following appointments:

  • Caucus Chair: Jackie Tegart
  • House Leader: Mike de Jong
  • Whip: Eric Foster
  • Deputy Whip: Linda Larson


Reckless spending? Ahahaha, ahahahaha, ahahahsha, that’s a gooder Coleman.

    Thing is, they done it before, hope they don’t do it again, but…….

Seems they were able to find a job for everyone. How sweet.

Reckless spending? hahahahaha. What happened when CC set up Site C?

    Lots of people found work?

      Sure lots found work. But CC’s misuse of bchydro funds before that made it necessary for the corporation to borrow ALL of the money to get it going.

What happened to Todd Stone ??? They left him out so he will be available for the leadership??

    Municipal Affairs and Housing, Municipal Affairs: Todd Stone

      Thanks… Sorry… I missed it

Same old dung just shoveled to the other side of the barn.

Seven of the Ministry Critic roles require two Liberals to handle the positions? Does that mean it takes two Liberals to research and tackle one NDP MLA? Or does it mean those particular MLAs only plan on being there 50% of the time? :D

    valid point.

    One can walk while the other one chews gum ? Or may it have something to do with money coming into their pockets ?

How are they worried about finances? The merged all available resource to manufacture balanced budgets, meanwhile ICBC is in trouble, BC Hydro is bleeding money to the point that the liberals would have said the BC would need to sell the dams, they should have focused on keeping the NDP accountable for responsible spending, ensuring that what they were spending on is in the best interest of the province.

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