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October 27, 2017 4:05 pm

Province to Challenge Trans Mountain Project

Thursday, August 10, 2017 @ 10:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. – “We will use every tool available to defend B.C.’s coast in the face of a threat from expanded tanker traffic.”

Minister  of the Environment and Climate Change Strategy, George Heyman made that comment this hour in announcing  the Government’s  plan to  challenge the  Kinder Morgan pipeline project.

The Province is seeking intervenor status in Federal Court hearings that are set to start this fall, there is also a case in  court  involving  the Squamish First Nation which says there was not adequate  First Nations consultation.

“Our government made it clear that a seven-fold increase in heavy oil tankers in the Vancouver harbour is not in B.C.’s best interests,” said Heyman. “Not for our economy, our environment, or thousands of existing jobs. We will use all available tools to protect our coastal waters and our province’s future.”

The British Columbia government has secured Thomas Berger, QC, OC, OBC as external counsel to government in the legal action related to Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline.

Heyman says the  project will not be allowed to move forward on Crown land until  there has been  meaningful  First Nations consultation.  Heyman says the environmental permit  granted Kinder Morgan  noted 8  points that must be satisfied and until this point,   only three of those 8 points have been  met.

“These  are our initial steps, our initial measures” says Heyman  who says  there may be more to announce in the future.



How to ruin the BC economy 101. These idiots won’t be happy until everyone is out of work….

    Yup Horgan and his little idiot from the Greens are well on their way to destroying the economy and the North

    Yay NPD way to go 4th time is a charm….. oh wait a minute they’ve never led a successful government in BC let alone any government in the rest of Canada outside of Manitoba yet people still insist on electing them to office then blame everyone else for their failures

      did anyone ever hear of PRINCE WILLIAM SOUND

      About Prince William Sound, another time old tech. Hey tanker traffic in that area never stopped and I suppose you have no products derived from fossil fuels.

You pro-pipeline dinosaurs need to join the 21st century.

    GS Yuasa promises range-Doubling EV battery by 2020 . So let KM build their latest stranded asset . Over 2 million acres of tar sands leases have been let go by big oil . There must be more than a few oil companies that have clued in . The righties ? Not so much .

      You left out the part no fossil fuels used in any aspect of these batteries.

    As opposed to you pro-windmill enthusiasts stuck in the 12th century.

    If you think oil is going away any time soon you’ve been smoking too much of that Trudeau herb.

In fairness to the government, they are doing exactly what they said they would do if elected, which in itself is kind of refreshing. Unfortunately this course of action will be very hard on the economy of the Interior. People in the lower mainland apparently saw the risk vs reward of this project in a different light than most in the Interior.

People who want to wean us off fossil fuels should focus on the demand side of the equation rather than the transportation system. Stopping this pipeline won’t reduce the use of fossil fuels.

    People who want to wean us off fossil fuels should focus on technological research for a viable alternative.

    You got that right. All we care about is profit. The heck with our environment. Not only are the Tar Sands polluting but they are producing a product that will eventually destroy your livelihood.

      Retired 02, what non-polluting, non-energy consuming industry did you work in before retiring?

      The OIL sands have been polluting the north long before the “white man” arrived. First Nations peoples in the Ft. Mac area have known for generations that they were ok to eat fish from this area but that they should not eat fish from that area.

      So, considering that the OIL sands have been leaching into northern rivers for time immemorial, much the way the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles have been oozing out also for time immemorial, it would seem that the oil and energy companies, by removing the bitumen from the ground, are actually helping to clean up the environment!

      Regarding your “All we care about is profit” statement, how much of your retirement income is generated by the profits of energy companies, including some that might have an interest in Alberta’s oil sands? I’d be willing to bet that the people managing your pension have been more than satisfied with the ROI that they have received from their energy portfolios!


Here we go – how many Billions of Provincial taxpayers dollars are they going to piss away .
I guess there are a whole host of NDP supporting lawyers they have to make rich.
thanks lower mainland voters!!!!!

floyd mayweather vs conor mcgregor or Notley vs Horgan – boy, can’t figure which scrap is going to be more interesting.

Notley made a comment sometime after the election that maybe they should just turn the pipeline off completely – which means no oil for Burnaby refinery, which means the lower mainland will have to get their fuel trucked from Edmonton at an increased cost or bring in oil via tanker to Burnaby.

Personally, and hopefully, they’re just going to burn through a bunch of cash to make it look like they tried, even though they know they’re doomed to fail.

Kind of reminds me of a Liberal government that ripped up a contract signed by an NDP government with the teachers and we all know how that turned out.

I so love paying taxes for crap like this. Meanwhile Save On Foods hits me up every visit to donate to Children’s Hospital – which you think is something taxpayer dollars would go to.

    The left wing is going to implode on itself here..Its going to be a royal rumble between Truedueau, Notley, Weaver and Horgan.. Grab your popcorn..

How about those fast Ferries ,eh boys? lol, NDP.. recession creators.

    The new leaky roof on BC Place the Liberals paid for with your tax dollars cost more than the fast ferry fiasco.

      Kind of true. In today’s dollars, the fast ferries after proceeds of sale come to about the 500 million they spent on the roof. A 2000 dollar is worth about $1.35 today, so 400 million is 540 million, but they got back 20 million on a very suspicious auction the Liberals pulled.

      I think the big difference, is we still have the roof, we don’t have the ferries, and in fact, had to buy yet other ferries because we had to buy ferries to replace the fast ferries.

      It’s scary when a government thinks in ideals rather than logic – and NDP is idealistic to the core. They seem to have this idea that you can keep transferring wealth from the haves to the have nots, and the haves won’t do anything about it. Then, when the economy collapses because the haves have moved on, we kick them out with a vengeance and then they get back in when a new younger generation falls for their idealism.

      Oh yeah, a leaky roof on a building that is a thriving location in a downtown core of one of the best cities on the planet… comparing that to Fast Ferries that were scrapped after billions spent. Only a Lib would make that comparison.

    WHAT about the lawyer trial fees that the libs cost us 6 million tax payer dollars??

Of course they will challenge, they made their stand during the election! All they need to do is take every course of action to satisfy the ones that elected them and of course, the deal with the greens! Will they win!! We will see what happens.

    I agree, but how hard will they really push before they back way off and then at least they can say “we did what we said we would do” and still allow the pipeline..

      You will never know

notley is correct.just close the lines off completely.the one that feeds yvr as well.

So how much is the dude with all the letters after his name going to cost us.

Wonder when Trudeau will start earning keep and apply federal power to push the pipelines. Hey Trudeau hello, hey look a cricket.

    Obviously you missed the fact that Horgan already made a trip to Ottawa to grin and shake hands with Trudeau. Trudeau has confirmed over and over that one pipeline got approval (KM) and the other one did not. Kinder Morgan goes ahead, according to Trudeau. If Horgan had convinced Trudeau to stop KM he would have returned to Victoria and the media with the broadest grin on planet Earth!

      Ya but Horgan is challenging what’s dear leader going to do?

      “Dear leader” is the name which the North Koreans are FORCED to use when they speak about their glorious dictator. As a Canadian living in free and democratic Canada one may choose to refrain from using this term of endearment for our Prime Minister, no matter which party affiliation.

    Holy crap that was funny! But it was a grasshopper, LOL!
    This is all chest thumping, and fluff for the Greens and voters, nothing is going to come of it.
    Berger??? Are you serious? He did some work as a commissioner on the Mackenzie pipeline way back in the 70’s, nothing since that I’m aware of. IMHO this pipeline will go through.

Hey, stop wasting my tax dollars fighting Trans Mountain, that is not why I am paying my taxes for.

If the BC government is going to spend 1 million dollars to fight Trans Mountain, they should also be spending one million dollars to support Transmountain. Isn’t that what fair and transparent is all about.

According to the media, pipelines were not discussed at the Trudeau/Horgan meeting.The NDP government is going right back to their financial mismanagement ways, and with the Dil and Do team at the helm we will return to a “have not” province in record time. Hopefully after this abysmal performance, they will disappear forever.

    The media does not know what was discussed when the two leaders had a private (no media present) discussion, as they usually do. I don’t believe that the whole trip and meeting were just a photo op with no substance and a complete waste of time and taxpayers’ money.

horgans voice is only a whisper when it comes to this going through.

Most people have no clue about the pipeline business, or the oil business, and who makes the decisions.

At this point in time there is NO market for the oil that Kinder Morgan would like to take to the coast. In fact you would get a better price for your oil in Chicago, or the Gulf Coast, than you would in China. Mainly because of the transportation costs.

In addition the Federal Government has approved Enbridge’s Line 3 Project and Trump has approved TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline. Line 3 is replacing the present 34in pipeline with 36 inch pipe and thus increasing capacity from Alberta to Superior Wisc. and connections.

If these projects are built, which seems likely, there will be a 13% surplus of export pipeline capacity without the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion.

So no real need for the Kinder Morgan expansion to Vancouver, mainly because there is no market for the oil at present prices. So why build it??

That’s the $64 million dollar question.

    Government is in the habit of spending billions on useless products, but private industry is not. If they didn’t see a profitable ROI they wouldn’t even apply for it.


    There is no market for oil? There is no market for LNG? There is no market for green hydro power? Looks like we are up the No Market creek without a paddle, in a canoe with a hole in it and barbed wire seats!

      PrinceGeorge. If there was a market for LNG why would all the big companies in BC back away from their projects.??

      There is a market for oil at $50.00 a barrel, however Canada can get a better price for this oil in the USA, so why would we want to sell to China.

      The Kinder Morgan dream was in progress before they got the **OK** for Keystone XL and Enbridge’s Line 3 project.

      I think that Kinder Morgan wants to get the OK for the line to Vancouver and then they will sit on their hands until the price of oil rises. This is probably more about stock share prices than it is about actually moving any oil.

      Palopu, the big investors made the decision to pull out a long time ago, but that was based on the outcome of the provincial election. they were ready to go through with the project if the Liberal Government pulled off a majority Government, that didn’t happen so they moved on.
      Now other investors are looking at the east coast for the same project!
      What does that tell you!!

    Palpou, i’ll take the company that is spending billions, analysis of the oil market dynamics over an habitual naysayer like you.

So are Horgan and weaver advocating violence? That is the impression I got listening to Weaver on the news.

Kinder Morgan was wise in that they installed the pipeline up to the BC boarder. This means that if BC attempts to put an end to the project they could sue the government using TILMA for the installation costs plus harm from the lost revenues. That is the piece that is being missed, BC would risk paying money for nothing.

    Looks like the NDP dosent need Burger all they have to do is get their info from all those back bench lawyers on this site

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