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October 27, 2017 4:05 pm

Full Back Country Ban in Cariboo Being Considered

Thursday, August 10, 2017 @ 12:40 PM

Williams Lake, B.C. – With  fire danger ratings in the extreme  and  wildfires  raging, the Cariboo Fire Centre is  considering  banning public access  to all Crown lands  within the Cariboo Fire Centre region.

An area restriction order means that a person must not remain in or enter the restricted area without the prior written authorization of an official designated for the purposes of the Wildfire Act, unless the person:

Enters the area only in the course of:
(a) Travelling to or from his or her principle residence;
(b) Using a highway as defined in the Highway Act;
(c) Travelling as a person acting in an official capacity; or
(d) Travelling for the purpose of supporting wildfire suppression activities.

The final decision will be made Friday morning and would take effect at noon Friday. The area restriction will be implemented if high winds materialize as currently forecasted.

The Cariboo Fire Centre stretches from Loon Lake (near Clinton) in the south to the Cottonwood River (near Quesnel) in the north and from Tweedsmuir Provincial Park in the west to Wells Gray Provincial Park in the east.


It’s really to bad that so many of the brain dead survived their birth and forced govt’s to restrict normal peoples access to the simpler things in life.

The government has evidence about fires caused by natural causes, by arsonists and about those still under investigation! What surprises me is that it has not acted sooner with a total public access ban.

With rain showers and much cooler weather forecast for the weekend, I have to question whether it’s worth closing the bush to everyone. It would have made more sense a week or two ago.

Considering it’s going to take a heck of a lot of rain, days on end to get some wet in the bush, I would have no problem with closing the bush everywhere in the Central Interior. When you’ve still got folks who don’t know how to put a campfire out, close it. Think we all appreciate we’ve got a lot of people out there who are damn careful, some idiots always have to screw it up for the others. We are extremely fortunate so far, hope it stays that way. And since the City does not appear to have done any work on getting some of the dead wood out of the bush around the city, we could easily be next on the evac list.

    Yeah the city seems to have concentrated their fuel management in our residential parks and the like. Step into the bush almost anywhere around the outskirts and nothing has been done.

      Is it the city’s jurisdiction or the provincial government’s ?

I know the pine trees on the corner of 5th and foothills need to be thinned out, that place is a fire trap with the pine so close together and a foot of dead grass laying down.
Why the city planted so many pine so close together is beyond logic.

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