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October 27, 2017 3:59 pm

2017 Likely Worst Fire Season On Record

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 @ 1:25 PM

Prince George, B.C.- With an estimated 845,000 hectares burned,  B.C. Wildfire Service Chief Information Officer Kevin Skrepnek says “We are on track for this to be the worst fire  season when it comes to hectares burned.”

The current season is  closing in on the 1958 fire season when  855,000 hectares were  consumed by flames.   Skrepnek says  with the forecast  for the  coming week,  there is every possibility  the current season will  surpass the 1958 numbers.

The fires have already destroyed 71 homes,  118 outbuildings,  3 commercial  operations,  a bridge  in the Kluskus  area,  and a number of other buildings which  do not fit within the other classifications.

Skrepnek says the  rain  over the past couple of days was a “temporary fixture”  and more hot, dry weather is on the way,   with  the potential for  lightning  and gusty winds.   It is the wind that has  whipped up the Hanceville-Riske Creek fire,  helping it to grow to its current estimated size of 212 thousand hectares.”Wind has been a challenge for us” says Skrepnek  “So if we are seeing that wind without any accompanying rain, we are likely to have another increase in fire activity.”

The other large fire in the central interior is the Elephant Hill fire, which is estimated at 168 thousand hectares.

While the Cariboo Regional District has downgraded some evacuation orders to evacuation alerts,   there is still  a threat  and  all residents are being reminded to  prepare to  leave their homes should the situation  worsen and the alerts be  upgraded




Interesting read here

Despite warnings, government failed to invest in measures to reduce wildfire risk.

h ttps://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2017/08/15/Blame-BC-Liberals-for-Forest-Fires/

Biggest way to protect a home from wildfire IMO is to plant a perimeter of Russian willows like a hedge around the home with 150 feet of clear space between the home and willow hedge.

Russian willow is one of the deepest rooting trees and maintains a high moisture level even in drought, but especially if well watered… enough that it can break an intense flame into a much smaller localized flame giving the home a chance with sprinklers.

See it all the time with farms in remote areas of BC, Alberta, and Europe that have had fires and everything but the home burns. Something that worked long before we had a forest fire fighting service.

Pine needles are very volatile like gasoline, yet leaves tend to smoother the fire into a low intensity burn. Having a greater deciduous balance around towns makes sense too IMO.

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