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October 27, 2017 3:59 pm

Minimum Wage To Be Increased

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 @ 2:07 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  Labour Minister Harry Bains has announced the minimum wage will be boosted as was  previously planned.The increase  will be boosted by 50 cents an hour, to  $11.35 an hour effective September 15th.

While the increase was initially announced by the previous government last February,  Bains says the Liberal Government  failed to  make it official.  He says his announcement  is that an Order in Council has been  signed making that previously announced increase  official and  ready to be in place by September 15th.

Bains says the increase  is the first step towards  having a  $15 dollar an hour minimum wage by 2021.

He says the incremental  increases to the $15  dollar an hour  minimum wage will allow employers time to plan for the eventual  reality of that $15 dollar an hour target.



What a joke, campaign on boosting the minimum wage to 15 bucks, but did they say it would take 4 years? You know that by that time 15 bucks an hour will be the same as 11.35/hr now. Duh.

    So then whats the problem ? You want people on minimum wage to make less in 4 years.. how empathetic of you…

sooo what happens to those in retail that are unionized and making only 11.20 an hour at Save On ??? This increase only applies to those not unionized??

    If JP has to adjust his wages its going to break him. Will have to lay everyone off.

If they get to $15/hr in 4 years, that would be an average annual increase of 7.2%. They would probably be gaining at least 5% per year over inflation. That’s not bad. To get outstripped by inflation, a annual increase of about 1.75% would get them to $12.17/hr in 2021 vs the much more generous $15/hr. They are in line to get a 32.15% increase (not including effects of inflation) over the next 4 years. Not many people can say that. I think it’s a pretty good deal and it will give business and consumers time to adjust too. Nobody should be upset by this.

Hey why not 20$ OR 30$ If this is the panacea you leftards espouse to.

    You can either pay through your taxes for higher levels of social services, more social decay and unrest, or you can pay more for your burgers and coffee. Least then you have a choice, because we don’t need burgers and $6 coffee. These people will spend that increased income in the local economy. Anyone who can’t see this as a good thing probably has retarded mental processes, poor education and upbringing or brain damage.

      Joe, take a look at the Income Tax Tables sometime and see what happens when someone’s income is raised from $ 11.35 to $ 15.00.

      Keep in mind that the cost to those paying the wage is the GROSS pay, which will also include increases in EI, CPP, and WCB deductions paid for by the employer, plus things like pay for Statutory Holidays and holiday pay in general. While the employee only receives the NET pay, after his Income Taxes and his own also increased contributions to EI and CPP are deducted.

      The GROSS goes into prices. The NET is what’s available to pay those prices.

They have found that abrupt increases in minimum wage in other jurisdictions has led to reduced hours and more efficiencies in technology like ordering kiosks and the like. The net takehome for minimum wage employees ended up being very close to the same as before the hike due to reductions in their hours worked.

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