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October 27, 2017 3:58 pm

Who Spent What in the Provincial Election

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 @ 5:40 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Elections BC has released the financial reports from candidates and political parties   for the 2017 general election.The Liberals  spent the most,  with a total of $13,596,359.00 spent during the campaign.

The NDP  spent  $7,908,697.50 on their  election effort,  while the Green Party  shelled out  $904,875.94

Locally,   here’s how the major candidates in the two Prince  George ridings  handled their election funds

Prince George Mackenzie:

  • Mike Morris, Liberal:   campaign expenses  listed as $87,673.00
  • Bobby Deepak, NDP:  total campaign expenses  $65,125.47

Prince George- Valemount:

  • Shirley Bond, Liberal : campaign expense total  was $91,444.49
  • Natalie Fletcher, NDP: campaign   expense total was $58,187.15

The full , searchable, documents can be found here.



Judging by all the Lib signs that were crammed on Foothills it was easy to figure out who had more tax dollars to waste.

Does that include the staffers hired by the steelworkers union to man the NDP campaign?

I was under the (obviously wrong?) impression that parties must finance their election campaigns without spending any tax dollars. All money must come from contributions to the party, personal contributions and others. Also there are limits. The Elections B.C. website shows what the limits are. It makes sense because if a ruling party would be allowed to spend our tax dollars, what would prevent it from spending a hundred million tax dollars?

We pay there wages with our tax dollars, so yes they are spending our tax dollars, guess they are making more than they need.

I’d like to know what the RCMP has been doing with the ElectionsBC file they were given just before the election . Are they going to tell us anything .

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