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October 27, 2017 3:56 pm

Chainsaw Art is the Buzz

Friday, August 18, 2017 @ 6:01 AM

Chainsaw artists  carve their way through the competition – images 250News

Prince George, B.C.-Next to the sounds of the midway, it’s the whine of the chainsaws that  fills the air at the BCNE.

The chainsaw carving competition has brought carvers to the BCNE from  as  far away at  Europe  each trying to make a  creation within  the allotted time frame,  which  in this case is

Paul Frenette  is from Ontario,  and when  not buzzing his way through a block of wood with a chainsaw, is a computer network technician.

(at right, Paul Frenette’s work in progress )

For  Paul, the  chainsaw carving  started  a little over a dozen years ago “When someone steals your cement  Easter Island statue from  your house and you go out and cut some trees down and you’re all mad.”  He said  in an effort to  figure out how to get over the theft, he  realized if he used the chainsaw on one of the trees he had  cut,  he could make  an Easter Island statue from  wood.

Frenette   says  the carvers bring their carving bars and chains, and their sponsors ( in his case Husqvarna) supply the power heads   and away  they go.  “It’s not just art, it’s performance,  it’s a  marathon as well”

No doubt about it,  it takes a lot of upper body strength to  compete says Frenette ” ’cause what we’re doing here, we’re carving an  8 foot piece of wood in three and a half days  , 12 hours a day , swinging 15 pound,  20 pound chainsaws all day long.”

“People get a real kick out of it” says Frenette ” they see a piece of wood  turn into a masterpiece of art in record time.”

The chainsaw carving contest  continues throughout the weekend at the BCNE.

Below, some other  pieces that are either in progress, or  on display , all have been created by the chainsaw artists taking part in  the competition:





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