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October 27, 2017 3:49 pm

Friday Free for All – Aug. 25th, 2017

Friday, August 25, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

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It’s time for the Friday Free For All

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Anyone else getting there bike lanes cleaned right now ?

City hall wants to bankrupt all tax payers with the upcoming referendums.

    Do you know what a referendum is or even how it works?

    Referendums allow the people to vote on whether to accept, modify or reject a proposal and the governing body (which in this case is the city) will then abide by what the public wants

    As to cost how many referendums were held this year this is only the second one I know of put on by the city this year so how will it bankrupt the city please educate me on your thinking minion2014

Global News reporting this morning that the average Canadian pays 42.5 percent of their income to taxes.No wonder people are struggling.

    Our over bloated civil service isn’t going to pay for itself.

    What do you suppose would happen if we all paid 100% of our incomes in taxes, and instead of providing the 57.5% of all the things we provide for ourselves, the government provided them for us?

    Could the government do that, without going into debt?

    Wouldn’t it have to, because if its was taking 100% of our incomes in taxes, how could the debt ever be repaid?

      And if it was taking 100% of our incomes in taxes, just WHO would it be able to ‘borrow’ from? It would already HAVE all our money, would it not?

    But Christy and her gang said BC has the lowest taxes in Canada.

I read the income tax story. We work to support our government. One I didn’t vote for.
ICBC rates are going to jump significantly. Not sure how we are going to afford that. Another government F up. And we have no other choices.
People are driving way to aggressively. It scares me having a New driver out there.
I have also noticed a lot of snakes this summer. Not all those things lying in the road have been bungee cords.
One more thing. The city needs to fix the traffic circle on Boundary road where it enters the Esso. Mark my words there will be serious head on accident there soon. It takes 5 extra seconds to go around and drive in Esso the right way. Lazy, lazy, lazy.

A friend and I were discussing the other day that the Dukes Of Hazzard will likely never be seen on TV in syndication again. Nor the sale of DVD / Blu-ray discs. Why would society tolerate a 1969 Dodge Charger named the General Lee with a Confederate flag on it’s roof?

Heck, ESPN got so nervous they moved one of their broadcasters to a different state simply because his name happened to be Robert Lee.

    Confederate flag??? Ever drive up 15th from the hospital to Central.. somewhere before Ewert, someone has a confederate flag on their window. Its a house on left side of 15th as you drive up towards Central

      Cool, it’s a nice looking flag.

    The ‘real’ issue with Robert E Lee isn’t that he was a racist, or a symbol of white supremacy, or even a traitor to the US as some have portrayed him, but rather that his view of what the US was created to be conflicted with what it was becoming.

    Lee held the view that the US was a free union of sovereign States who had joined together primarily so that their association could better serve each State and its citizens. NOT so that their union could better serve the association.

    It’s the difference between having a centralised, top down, type of government, (which, interestingly, is exactly what the Nazis were for, though this seems to be lost on those who call themselves neo-Nazis), and having a de-centralised, from the bottom up type of one where the ‘individual’ is paramount, and the State is there to serve him, rather than the other way around. Which is more democratic?

    Now people make a great to-do that the Federal government (in the US) should be paramount in ALL things. That no State could ever secede, or alter the association it had entered into if it no longer served its needs. And, again interestingly, the very people who are most strongly in favour of this notion are those who would be the first to cry about the trampling of “State’s Rights” if the US Federal government ever enforced its anti-marijuana laws in those States where marijuana use and sale is now legal!

      Robert E Lee was tapped by Lincoln to lead the Union Army but his loyalty was to Virginia not the confederacy as such. He became head of a university after the war and expelled anyone who supported the slavery.

    That Robert Lee was Asian, what a joke.

    The way its headed right now is that the only flag flying will be one of many colors??

Always been curious.. WHY they have street signs in English and Hindu around Spruceland,,, shouldn’t the language be of the people who’s territory we live on???

    Those signs are in English and Punjabi in the Gurmukhi script. They are intended to help Sikhs looking for the Sikh Temple across from Spruceland.

      How about just straight english throughout Canada. Keep it simple and national.

      Lien, we have two official languages in Canada, English and French. They are the only languages recognized as official. That’s fine with me.

      I’ve also seen other languages used for various reasons. Advertisements, signage, menus, etc. It’s obviously meant to help people who speak those languages. It’s Canada, there are no laws prohibiting effective communication. Who knows, perhaps in ten years you’ll see emoji signs.

      In essence we already have Emoji signs, or something similar. Many road signs are pictograms in distinctive shaped borders and convey information without having to read any language.

      Actually there is only one province in Canada where we have two official languages, the official languages act that made French equal to English only applies to federal government not individual provinces.

    Talk about getting blown out of proportion! This whole issue is insane! Nothing wrong with a muscle car displaying a flag, it was a TV show for crying out loud! Soon a person won’t even be able to hand any kind of flag in fear of the sensitive wall flowers taking offence. If I fly my big BC flag instead of a Canadian one am I gettin labelled! Too much sensationalism out there to the point of stupidity!

      Maybe we should erase all of our history. Or are we just going to erase that which special interest groups deem offensive. Lets all pretend our history doesn’t exist. Then what would the media report on? Should we have an alternate approval process to determine what stays and what goes? What special interest group gets to decide what our history will look like? This whole thing is the most childish bs issue man has ever come up with. We need a world war to cull the herd of the stupid.

      Can’t remember the flag. I just tuned in to watch Daisy Duke and those oh so short, shorts. Relax people.

Yes the bike lanes need to be cleaned, lack of use has caused a dust build up. So far this summer I haven’t seen one cyclist use a bike lane. Yet we the tax payers are paying for all that paint and signage for something underused! Where are the new communication officers? During the fire evacuation the Mayor was doing all the talking to media etc. (and doing a fine job), are we getting any value spending half a million plus on that department? Now the city wants to beg support from the city tax payers to borrow 50 plus million to replace Fire Hall #1 and the Four Seasons Pool. Plans for the pool are to purchase the newly renovated Days Inn on seventh, tear down and build a new pool (bigger and better) but regarding parking (smaller and worse). The Fire Hall is to be moved away from the CN Industrial site, away from at least two major subdivisions with houses almost a 100 years old, away from the industrial sector east of Queensway and we the tax payer are told response time will be quicker! Is there something in the water? Or is it the air? :(

    Those overpaid communication officers are there not so much to speak but write the propaganda from city hall.

    You are kidding right…. lack of use? Do you sit all day at busy bike lanes and monitor them? Do you have research on bike commuters in this city?

    How about YOU ride a bike on those filthy lanes (because they don’t get cleaned) and tell me how much fun it is riding on all that slippery gravel.

    While you’re at it, walk around the Four Seasons barefoot (after having entered the facility in a wheelchair)

      Nice thing about the bike lanes is… nothing. Rarely see them being used by bikes at all. I think the bylaw officers need start ticketing joggers who run in the bike lanes, they are not jogging lanes time to start ticketing them :)

    I so agree because this entire summer I would venture to say I have seen about 15 people at the most on a bike. This is not the lower mainland and we have gone way overboard on this nonsense

      It would appear that many aren’t happy with the bike lanes that they use while others are unhappy that there appears to be little use of the bike lanes!

      Obviously it’s time to gather in protest and demand that Jillian Merrick’s statue be removed! ;-)


Now here is something I just what to put out there for discussion. Considering the left progressives are wanting to erase history so they can rewrite in their own image, scary. With the tearing down of statues with out considering the man and history is somehow righteous seems to be getting into fascism of which the progressives are terrorizing about. Yes these progressives being face covered violent terrorists should be treated as such, the terrorists they are.

Now with the tearing down of statues and art which supposedly symbolize oppression, slavery, and now the progressives in Canada are attacking John A Macdonald. Just what is next, well here in the left coast is a symbol of murder, rape, slavery, sex slaves, destruction, which, going to reason with all the present examples of progressive elimination of symbols and history which does not fit their meme, should the following history and symbols be eliminated . I am talking about the Haida nation. Considering the past violent oppressive history of the Haida should not the islands of Haida Gwaii be renamed and statues, symbols, artwork, all history be eliminated?

I am not picking on the Haida, all civilizations have warts I am just using them as an example how stupid and ignorant it is getting out there. Is our liberal left progressive education system to blame?

So is the Haida nation next, who is next?

    Please explain how one would go about erasing history. Is there an app for that? Does it require the use of a DeLorean?

      Tearing down statutes, rewriting history. For those who have old encyclopedias do not throw them out as they are a hard copy of history.

      Please explain why it is that the righties are so insecure about the past and even more insecure about the future . The problems they seem to be have is that we can all read history and some can even remember it without a statue . The righties seem to revel in idolatry. Donnie Jonnie could solve the whole problem of statues dedicated to racism by moving them to his golf courses and hotel lobby’s . That way they can still prostrate themselves before their idols .

      Speaking of idolatry Ataloss, Time to replace the candles around your Elon Musk shrine.

      Tearing down statutes, rewriting history. For those who have old encyclopedias do not throw them out as they are a hard copy of history.


      Tearing down a statue does not erase history. All of the events leading up to the erection of the statue, including it’s removal, will be preserved in the historical record for others to study. You know, just like the countless other examples of the past that humans recognize every day of their life, at least once they are old enough to harness their cognitive abilities in an appropriate manner.

      What I think you are referring to, and I what I think is probably accurate, is that the tearing down of a statue reflects a changing of culture. That is completely different than “erasing” history, which is pretty much impossible to do. I think some people are upset that others are standing up to what they see as a culture of bigotry and racism, things that are represented by the statue. Clearly people have decided that it is time to change that culture, and they are doing it. Some don’t like it because they feel that this culture is worth preserving. It’s a battle between two opposing cultures and like it always does, one will win out. Given that statues are being removed all over the place, I think it’s pretty obvious which one is winning.

      That’s the thing about about culture change. It’s constant. It’s inevitable. It’s going to happen. In the past, women couldn’t vote. Now they can. In the past, same sex couples couldn’t marry. Now they can. In the past, it was socially acceptable to drink and drive. Now it’s not. In the past, it was okay for a husband to strike his wife if she “got out of line”. Now it will land you in jail. Times change and society progresses. The events happening today are an active reflection of that change. And don’t worry, I’m sure the history books will include references as to why the statue was torn down. If you don’t like how it’s described, you can pass along your own oral history of the event to anyone who will listen.

      Anything related to hitler has been removed or destroyed. But no one has forgotten about him or ever will. Removing a statue, a name or painting does not delete history.

ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/bc-commonwealth-games-no-funding-1.4261713

Wow, colour me impressed, the NDP making a sound fiscal decision is something I thought I’d never see.

    Two thumbs up! Finally some fiscal responsibility from a government when it comes to games.

I am tired of this new age of political correctness where we find it necessary to bow to pressures from certain minority groups to pull history off the books and change names of schools. Sir John A will not be riding into your town anytime soon to open a special school and pluck you from your parents. We used to smoke in public and in our homes, we drank and then drove home, we drank from a garden hose, our mothers beat us with wooden spoons, our cars had bias ply tires and no seat belts and we respected people and their property. Now we want someone to protect us from ourselves and it comes in the way of political correctness. We still serve a royal family that, if you look back in history, was a pretty rough bunch choosing to hang peasants and kill the opposition to their crown. A church system that has done so much to abuse people throughout the ages yet the flock continues to attend. History isn’t the issue. The present is.

    Well put PGguy

    Something I have never understood is that on most first nations communities there is a Catholic church. Better tended than any other building around. Wasn’t the church part of the horrible things done to them. Yet the building stands out.

      Stockholm syndrome.

      It’ easy to take care of church buildings when the church pays no tax.

      That part is truly sickening. Don’t trust a Catholic Priest to this day and beyond. If that organization had any guilt, they would have sold all their assets and given it to the abused and poor.

      I don’t think anyone living on a reserve pays tax do they?

    “we drank and then drove home”. Are you actually defending this as a practice that is/was acceptable? Please clarify.

      So where in my earlier rant did I condone the behaviour? You are one of the problems I guess. Incapable of listening or hearing or reading without finding something “hidden” in the message. No condoning. Not asking for a reversal of existing laws. Stating a fact that it was a common practice in the 50’s and 60’s. Nobody was a designated driver. People went to other people’s houses (they actually visited other people), had some drinks, kids played together, loaded up the car (the one without seatbelts)and drove the whole brood home. I didn’t get defending drunk driving from what I said.
      I do condone drinking from a garden hose though. It is in my humble opinion acceptable behaviour.

      “So where in my earlier rant did I condone this behavior?” In the first sentence of your first statement. “I am tired of this new age of political correctness where we find it necessary to bow to pressures from certain minority groups”. It certainly reads like you were pining for the “good old days” where not only was driving impaired common, it was quite acceptable. If you heed your own words, read my post. I asked for clarification, I asked if you were defending that position. Note the question mark at the end of the question.

      I used to ride home curled up by the rear window on the deck above the rear seats

    Bravo … Bravo … here here.

I am in favour of the City borrowing the 50 Million to build the new pool and the new fire hall. Here’s why.
If you look at the City financials the aquatic centre is now paid for and so are some other capital improvements. So why not go into another loan and build these needed City assets.

On another point. I bet after the City builds the new pool they will likely demolish the old one and make a parking lot. This makes a lot of sense as there would be ample parking for the pool, civic centre, library and the rink the Spruce Kings play at. Makes a lot of sense in my opinion.

Move PG forward. Let’s make this a great City to live in. Go PG!!

    mwk. Your idea might have some merit if it were not for the following.

    When the City borrows money they of course have to pay interest on the loan. In the case of the new police station the interest was somewhere in the area of $35 plus million dollars. In order to pay the interest they City raised your taxes. The same thing applied when they borrowed money for the Aquatic Centre, CN Centre, etc; etc;.

    Now the interesting point is that when these loans are paid off, there is no one talking about the taxes that were collected to pay the interest on the loans. So we continue to pay the tax and it goes into general revenue, never to see the light of day,.

    If the City were to borrow the money for the new pool and fire hall, and pay the interest with the money they are already collecting for the Aquatic Centre, CN Centre and other facilities, then no one would complain, however their intent is to keep the tax money from previous borrowing and to assess you new taxes on the new borrowing ie; $50 Million which works out to about $80.00 per year for 20 years, or $1600.00 for every taxpayer in the City.

    So a classic example of double and triple dipping, and an example of the City being less than honest when it comes to these types of situations.

    I am in favour of spending the money.

    However, I am not in favour of spending it to build in the location chosen for both. Thus, I will be voting no to both.

    The pool should be either adjacent to or attached to the Y, and it should be operated by them under contract to the City.

    The Fire hall should be closer to the airport area and Boundary road, not further away.

    Unless, of course, they will be building a second station on the east side of the Fraser. If so, they better tell us now, not next year.

    I have not been able to find the justification for ALL the firehall locations which shows catchment areas with maximum travel distances and total asset values in those areas.

    I read the pool justification and it clearly says there is no consensus as to where it should be located. It is simply a City Hall decision based on what?

    I don not like to spend money for poorly thought out and incomplete information.

      Can we see the financial breakdown off all you suggest ?

      What would it cost to have pool built by the Y ? What would the city pay for this contract ? How much for land ?

      Waiting for your numbers. Hoping you are right and can save us all some tax dollars :)

    It would also be nice if the city was transparent of the total cost of the pool project. If the Day’s Inn is the preferred site then the purchase and demolition costs should be added in. The picture might not look so rosy if the real number is close to $50 million. If the true all in cost was known then perhaps it would force them to have another look at land the city already owns.

    Over the next 8 years the city will retire very little debt,yet have added $7 million for mobile equipment and $3 million for admin office on 22nd Ave plus whatever else is in the pipeline. Sure the aquatic center is paid for but look at the buildings assessment report that the city commissioned that shows in no uncertain terms the poor standards to which it has been maintained. The list of things on the city’s capital projects list that are just basic building and infrastructure maintenance yet get put in the unfunded column year after year is frightening. These chickens will come home to roost at some point.

    It’s always nice to get shiny new baubles but don’t forget to polish the ones you already have!

I think we should start a on line petition to get rid of the senate or cut it in half. Duffy was to old to be on the senate and he is still to old to
be on it and after coning the taxpayers he is going after more , how do these people get picked to be on the senate???

    Duffy expressed concerns about claiming his residence back East when in fact he was living in Ottawa. He was told to go ahead with it anyways or else he would not be named a senator, everything would be alright. He did not spent the 90k since he was convinced that he had done nothing wrong. He did not con the taxpayers. He was found not guilty and all phony charges were dismissed. It appears to me that the conning was done by others.

    harper appointed them .. thats how

Last Day this Summer for the Food Trucks infront of PG City Hall.
Come on out and injoy yourself and have good food.

A first-of-its kind “solar shingle” installation in Kelowna is the latest instance of the swelling solar energy trend sweeping the Okanagan.

The 138-panel array currently being installed at a Hobson Road home differs from traditional solar panels because it attaches directly to the roof, eliminating the heavy and complicated brackets old-school solar panels require.

The product has been in Canada since 2009, but the 8.6 kilowatt system installed on the Hobson Road home is the first of its kind in the Okanagan, and only the second of its kind in the province.

Al Catton, a partner at the company installing the array, believes it is just the first of a whack of installations his company will be working on over the next few years.

His experience speaks to the proliferation of solar arrays starting to pop up across the Okanagan.

For more on what’s behind the valley’s solar explosion, check out the full story on Castanet’s sister business news website.

    The sister business news website is okanagan edge . The cut and paste here is from castanet on the 22nd the link to the whole story is in the story titled solar explodes in the okanagan with links the the businesses that are growing at the fastest rate in bc . A sister business news website would be perfect for twofivezero .

      Swiss Solar Tech Ltd. just put the finishing touches on a 541-panel installation at the Burrowing Owl Winery in Oliver, which will produce just under 200,000 kWh of electricity per year.

      It, and other winery installations the company is working on, are among some of the biggest in the entire Okanagan, only surpassed by select public projects like the installation atop Okanagan College in Kelowna.

      While the majority of the copmany’s clients are commercial, company CEO Roger Huber says he’s seeing significant growth in the residential market as well.

      He even says he’s had to turn away jobs, because there are more customers than he can handle.

      -With files from Colin Dacre .

      You are stating the obvious, namely that renewable sources of energy are on the march globally, including Canada! One does no longer have to seek approval or agreement from those who still choose to ridicule, for whatever purpose or gain. The power from renewable non-fossil fuel sources will become ubiquitous, reliable and cost effective. Tidal, solar, wind, hydro, wave, geothermal…combine all of them and there is a never exhaustible source of clean non-polluting electric power. Electricity is what makes our modern society function, without it we would be toast! (Pun intended).

      PrinceGeorge, the renewables utopia that some bow down to is likely a lot future down the road than they would like to believe.

      While I am of the opinion that we will transition away from fossil fuels eventually as they are non-renewable, I am also of the opinion that we have a very VERY long ways to go to reach the utopia that some profess!

      Germany fired up their coal fired generating stations because their renewables just couldn’t cut it!

      August 22, 2017 – “Germany’s ‘Transition’ Back to Coal: Renewable Energy Push Smacks Into Reality”

      ht tps://stopthesethings.com/2017/08/22/germanys-transition-back-to-coal-renewable-energy-push-smacks-into-reality/

      Let’s hope the new pool being voted on is new in the sense of 21st century technology . That roof is valuable energy real estate .

    ^^^^^^ soon to be followed by




    ho’s your solar system



      Thanks for doing the reply. Ataloss you left out the ROI.

mwk, I don’t know how you can move PG forward, by setting it back with massive debt. As facilities are paid for; why not take the “payment monies” and put aside for the next facility rebuild. Wouldn’t the 20 or 30 million in interest be better in city coffers or back to tax payers as tax relief instead of some bank’s pockets? As far as tearing down the four seasons pool and turning it into a parking lot. Don’t hold your breath (that would make too much sense to actually make more parking). The city has not indicated what they will do with the empty spaces Fire Hall #1 or Four Seasons Pool would provide, should their plan move forward and that is an ominous sign that they won’t!

Do you ever wonder why a great many of the so called “social justice warriors” SJW’s that magically appear at the demonstrations have their faces covered? This begs the question of whether they are afraid to be identified with their “cause” or is it perhaps that they are a bunch of thugs who get paid to travel from place to place and create violence? I would have some respect for their cause if they were brave enough to show their faces. However, given their preference to be anonymous and just cause violent confrontations, I know it is unlikely any of them have the guts to stand up and be identified with their cause.

Robert E. Lee led the South against the North in the American Civil War. The reason they wanted to secede from the Union is because Lincon wanted to abolish slavery, the South wanted to keep slavery. The confederate flag and staues of Robert E. Lee are symbols condoning slavery. Thus all the fuss…

    Add to that is the fact that a majority of the statues that the white supremacists and nazis are making such a fuss about were erected at a time when the Jim Crow laws were in effect. For those not familiar with Jim Crow take a few minutes to read about it and it will put the removal of these statues in a new light.

    Then there is the White Supremacist In Chief blowing the dog whistle again in Phoenix this week by saying “THEY are trying to remove OUR heritage” in taking down these statues. Richard Spencer and David Duke are smiling ear to ear.

    Drumpf also tweeted that “It Is Time For America To Heel”, what a stupid spelling error, everyone knows what he really meant was “It Is Time For America to Heil”.

      Heel ……. as in clicking heels while saluting …. :-)

      Spelling update coming to Hail To The Chief soon too(with arm gestures to boot):P

    In reference to my earlier post Lee was actually tapped by Lincoln to lead the Union army but his loyalty was with Virginia. He I believe did not have slaves. Not everyone in the Sith had slaves.

    Lee went on to head a college after the war.

      The statues had little to do with commemorating the civil war and more to do with intimidating the African Americans, though they were not called that by the locals. Majority were built in the early part of the last century when there was a Klan on every Korner with cross burning and lynching a common occurrence. Some of the statues were also erected in the late 50s and early 60s at the dawn of the civil right movements.

      I guess you did not take my suggestion and read about the south during Jim Crow era.

      Meanwhile the white supremacist in chief has pardoned Joe Arpaio yet another nod and wink to the white power/nazi groups. That is going to go a long way to seeing the heeling….correction…..heiling that he was talking about earlier in the week. By accepting the pardon Arpaio is admitting guilt.

      At least there is one less nazi in the Whites only House tonight as Sebastian Gorka has resigned.

h ttp://nationalpost.com/news/canada/everything-is-offensive-here-are-canadas-other-politically-incorrect-place-names

Surprising article about some other revered personalities whose names are used for places, towns and cities! Even one province!

Great. Do one thing that makes sense then come back with this crap.

“The cost of eliminating the tolls is estimated at $132 million this year, according to the province.

Horgan said that remaining debt from the Port Mann will be transferred to the provincial debt. It will cost taxpayers an additional $135 million for the next few years to cover lost revenue from the bridge.”

ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/transportation-bc-1.4261972

    I for one applaud him for actually following through with an election promise… cant say that for the others.

    Good or bad.. he did follow through with his promise, too bad the rest of politicians don’t do what they say they will.

      We the gentle folk of the north are SCREWED!!!!!!

      As PGGUY says, we in the interior will pay for bridges we rarely use, it’s called “TAXES” coming and he ain’t done yet!

    “Horgan said that remaining debt from the Port Mann will be transferred to the provincial debt.”

    I dare him to be as fair and generous to the forgotten people in the North! Borrow the money for the final completion of the Cariboo Connector and simply add it to the provincial debt! It would cost a lot less than the Port Mann bridge! Of course the bridge that will replace the Massey tunnel (another 3 billion!) is also going to get top priority, ahead of anything else! There is also the aging Pattulo bridge (more bilions) and that too will get a higher priority than the CC! Ah well, such is life!

      $132 million a year to Port Mann payments. I wonder how many kilometres of the Cariboo Connector that would build?

Why are there people having backyard fires in city limits with an air quality advisory in effect?

    I’m entitled to my entitlements. I don’t care if the air quality sucks, I want my campfire and my mommy says I can have whatever I want. :)

      You must be the north-of-middle-aged exit-from-the-derrier who lives on my block. Old, entitled and having a fire DURING the ban, nevermind the air-quality.

      Entitled to burn their house down – just leave out the remainder of the old downtown buildings on small lots next to you, okay?

    Looked outside, clear as a bell, cranked up the fire pit, hot dogs for supper!

    Uh, because the ban for the City was lifted, and good ‘ol campfire smoke aka firepit is nice.

I am curious to know what’s up with the new Haggith Creek bridge on the Willowcale. Construction still not complete after well over a year, and now there are cracks in the new asphalt from the roadway starting to sink.

    Hint. You might want to check out who the general contractor was for this project for the answer:)

    Must be Sims and Sons…. Same contractor doing Mapes road in Vanderhoof. 2 years later and finally almost finished.

      BZZZZ! Wrong. Three tries for a quarter:)

Question. Who was the moron who decided to install the cement blocks on foothills with a space between them? This is a very dangerous thing to do. If someone happens to hit one of those blocks it will turn you sideways and you could be T boned by oncoming traffic. So maybe we could have some preventative maintenance before someone is killed.

    I believe the speed limit is 50 along that stretch. If -for some strange reason- you run into one of those blocks doing the speed limit chances are you will not spin wildly out of control. If -for some strange reason- you do run into one of those blocks, please turn your licence in, there are enough hazards on the road already. (By ‘you’ I’m using generic terms, not ‘you’ specifically.)

    What I was wondering was how much did it cost us to send someone out there with black paint to cover up all the bike symbols.

      The problem is you may be crowded or pushed into one of those blocks -no fault of your own driving. If you hit one of those blocks on end at 50k your vehicle will not be repairable and that may be said for your body also. A large semi might be able to survive but the every day smaller vehicle will not.

    How in the world can they be DANGEROUS? Unless you’re flying?
    A little common sense, good judgement, they seriously ain’t gonna be a problem.
    Some people complain about the strangest things………..

      Grizzly- Did you ever hear of someone having a medical issue while driving? Yes some people are strange, they just cant see a problem before there is one.

      oldman 1

      Didn’t you also go ballistic about the rocks placed WAY off the road to block the dirt bike trails because a car might run into them? Could be time to buy a big roll of bubble wrap to surround yourself in and stay in the house:D

      sparrow- I just hope we never have a person like you working for Work Safe BC.

    I agree with Oldman on this issue of cement blocks in the middle of the road. It’s going to kill someone for sure. The stupidest most unsafe thing I have seen in a long time was the idea to use those cement blocks as a divider along Foothills.

    Once the dark fall evening roads get here it will be a huge danger. They are not even painted or well marked. Some mom will be looking in the back seat breaking up a fight while driving, then side swipe the cement blocks and into oncoming traffic… or some drunk will just plow right into them.

      I also with Oldman1 on this issue. Foothills has gone from 3 lanes with shoulders to only 2 lanes with virtually non-existent shoulders. Those of you who are criticising Oldman1 need to take a drive on Foothills to see exactly what he is commenting on!

      How about that Oldman1? Even though we sometimes disagree, other times we are able to find some middle ground to agree upon! Perhaps there is hope for us after all, haha!

So just what is our dear leader going to do with the thousands of illegals he invited into the country. These people are in tents and eastern winters get rough. Anyone still admitting to voting for that idiot?

    He’s gonna park ’em at Sussex Drive in the back yard, and get ’em all an appointment with his hairdresser.

    Our dear leader didn’t invite in any illegal immigrants, he invited in irregular immigrants!

    Irregular immigrants?

    He opens the door and invites everyone in. Then, after we are inundated with illegal immigrants, he doesn’t have the balls to use the term “illegal immigrants” so instead he comes up with “irregular immigrants”!

    What an idiot!

      They are not immigrants! They are asylum seekers! Big difference according to Canadian law! Since they are coming from a *safe* country (the States) there only reason is that they do not want to go back to Haiti, their home country. Trudeau made a mistake by extending an invitation to all those who are desperately seeking a new home! These newcomers are not qualified to stay, unless they can come up with legitimate persecution evidence!

      PrinceGeorge, you state that they are not immigrants and I agree with you! But perhaps someone needs to tell Justin, because he refers to them as immigrants, irregular immigrants!

Has anyone noticed the Global TV bias in favour of the NDP since they took Government?
When the Liberals were in Government if there was any sort of controversial story being reported they always ran to the NDP critic for comment and invarariably had no comment from the Government. Now that we have an NDP Government it seems that Global has no need for comment from the opposition critic and simply lobs nice softball questions at the NDP minister. Looks like blatant bias to me. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a bit of balance now that the shoe is on the proverbial other foot?

What you watch Globull.

There one person in the states collecting a civil war pension, 152 years after. She is the daughter of a civil war veteran thus entitled to collect. She is 87 and her father was 84 when she was born! Long before viagra!

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