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October 27, 2017 3:50 pm

154 Fires Now Burning in B.C.

Thursday, August 24, 2017 @ 1:41 PM

Prince George, B.C. –  Lightning sparked 20 new fires today in the south east  portion of the province,   bringing  the current number of  fires  burning in B.C. to 154.

There is some  good news though  says Chief Wildfire Information Officer Kevin Skrepnek   as  initial attack  crews were able to  deal with the new fires quickly and none has  developed into anything significant.

The weather continues to create significant challenges in  battling the  fires,    and once again,  the  wind is expected to pick up “We are expecting an  active day, Environment Canada has put out a special weather statement for  stormy weather with high winds, up to 80 kilometers an hour in some  parts of  the province,  certainly gusty winds in our part of the province as well (Cariboo) predominantly  60 kilometers an hour and the potential for some wind shifts.”

Wind has been a major challenge for the  wildfire  suppression efforts so  far this season says Skrepnek “This system looks like its  going to  have some rain with it,  so that’s welcome,  of course, rain is a bit of a wild card in terms of where  exactly it falls and how much falls, but given these wind speeds we’re going to have   to keep a real close eye on  the effects it’s going to have on the fires were have burning in the province  right now.”

The Plateau fire,  which is burning north of highway 20,   has seen little change overnight, as it  remains at 467 thousand  hectares burned.

The Hanceville – Riske Creek fire  has  also not seen any growth overnight,  it is estimated to be 262 thousand hectares

The  elephant Hill fire  is 35% contained,  and while it did  see some  activity  overnight,   that  activity  was largely  the burning of  fuel islands within the perimeter.

Skrepnek   reiterates that while the  campfire ban has been  rescinded in  most of the Prince George Fire Centre,   that  ban remains in place throughout the Cariboo Fire Centre even though  the back country ( with  restrictions) has been  reopened throughout the Cariboo.




I first thought that we had wildfire smoke here in PG today but it turns out that the pellet plant in the Danson Industrial site had a rather large fire. Why is there no coverage in the news about that? That plant has had at least two fires now that I know of. The smoke from the fire today was hard to breath. I sure hope the Ministry of Environment is all over this.

    What’s the Ministry going to do, spank them for allowing a fire in their mill?

there is another evacuation order in an area that is traditionally dry. this is a worst case scenario

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