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October 27, 2017 3:42 pm

Campfires Still Banned in Some Areas of Province

Friday, September 1, 2017 @ 5:52 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  As wildfires continue to  roar  in the Cariboo, Kamloops and South East Fire centres,   the campfire bans remain in place in those regions,  and  the BC Conservation Officer Service will be patrolling to ensure  folks are obeying the rules.

“Despite the  well advertised campfire ban being in place  for  most of  summer, some campers are choosing to have a  campfire anyways”  BC Conservation Service Deputy Chief Chris Doyle.  He says   Conservation Officers are  conducting patrols to ensure the  ban on campfires and off road vehicle use is being adhered to  “Ove the last week,   CO’s issued  37 violation tickets for contravention of the   BC Wildfire Act.  Some of the  fires found were unattended as well.”

Campfires  and recreational fires  are allowed both within the City of Prince George and in the Prince George Fire Centre, however,  anyone heading out for the long weekend to other areas needs to know  campfires are prohibited in the Cariboo,  Kamloops and  Southeast Fire Centres.   There is also  a ban on the use of  any off road vehicles in those three  regions.   Check  the BC Wildfire Service  current restriction and bans  to ensure  your plans will be allowed.   You can access that  page by clicking here.

“Conservation Officers will be patrolling during the long weekend” says Doyle “persons  found violating the campfire ban will be charged.”


Guarantted there will be some idiots out here testing this ban! Hopefully not!

    Yuh mean Dumb and Dumber? Thought they was all locked up.
    Oh yeah, bail, probation LOL!
    We don’t need these fires here, hope everyone’s smart.

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