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October 27, 2017 3:37 pm

Friday Free for All – Sept. 8th, 2017

Friday, September 8, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

It’s been a busy week,  with  school resuming,  the Speech from the Throne today,  and  hurricanes and wildfires.    This is your  opportunity to speak up  on the issues that struck a chord with you.

It’s time for the Friday Free for All.

You pick the topic,  but please,   obey our three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying

Those who do not  follow the rules, will see comments, edited,  removed,  or may lose privileges.


Fake news?
1: Chilliwack-Hope MLA Laurie Throness urges next Liberal leader to transform a mountain into a sculpture of Christy Clark with her arms outstretched and her hands cupped.
2: The city of PG is thinking of putting in a bid for the new $5 billion dollar Amazon headquarters.
3: The behind the scenes discussions to return the Lheidli T’enneh Memorial park to the descendents of the original inhabitants are going to be brought out into the open.

    Hartly 2, I actually hope that IPG, the City, and the Airport Authority are considering the Amazon possibility. All we have heard about is how PG has the airport, the land, and the transportation corridors for a company like Amazon to set up shop here.

      From another story:

      “Amazon said it’s looking for a city of more than 1 million people with an international airport, mass transit, quality higher education, an educated workforce and a solid business climate.”

      Some of the cities being kicked around in the US include the likes of New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco. In Canada, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax have all expressed interest.

      If I were a betting man, I’d say it’s going to wind up somewhere on the eastern side of North America, just given that they already have a presence on the west coast in Seattle.

      I’d love to see it here in Ottawa. Highly educated population, right in-between Toronto and Montreal, a very strong tech sector, lots of available space for development, a pretty stable business climate, etc.

    Got up early to think that one up did ya now…anyways got a chuckle out of me.

“There is no longer any excuse for making the same mistake with economic theory. For more than a century, the public has been warned, and the way forward is clear. It’s time to stop wasting our money and recognise the high priests for what they really are: gifted social scientists who excel at producing mathematical explanations of economies, but who fail, like astrologers before them, at prophecy.”

By fetishising mathematical models, economists turned economics into a highly paid pseudoscience

The new astrology


    … and the next irritation of this mathematical models fetish will be the AI’izizatation of society with book smart nerd type algorithms that are based on erroneous in the real world assumptions… that everyone adopts as gospel because the algorithms can never be wrong.

    We will all be driving around with half empty fuel tanks because AI says that’s what gets the best fuel economy….

    Myself I don’t blame the algorithms for the economic exuberance of today’s perverted market valuations. I blame corrupt regulators and a failure of capital market design.

    Yes I agree the markets are today a manipulation of AI algorithms that make the market with an inside advantage for the banks that run these markets… that’s well proven and researched. But that is not the source of the market perversions, just a convenient scapegoat.

    Corruption at the very top of bankster globalism setting the rules for consolidation of the economy in fewer and fewer select companies, paying dividends to an ever more elite select few, gives them the economic power to buy political power which corrupts the regulators and buys the courts that grease the economic coup over free enterprise.

    In the consolidation of media we were told it was in the name of ‘synergies’ that would allow greater investigative journalism because of consolidated budgets… not the narrowing of viewpoints and accepted discourse on important issues facing a democracy which requires informed consent of its citizens to function properly. How can a country like America have 90% of its media owned by a half dozen entities? And Canada is even worse.

    In the last 15 years the number of registered corporations on the stock market has dropped by 2/3’s… they mostly had no access to capital to compete with the ‘select few’ that had unlimited access to capital to acquire income statements and balance sheets through hostile takeovers and secured financing in ‘bankruptcies’ if need be. The ‘select few’ asset striped every sector with fiat currency from manipulated markets.

    I think the biggest most fascist enemy of a democratic free enterprise market is the indices. The Dow 500, or the TSX Composite… they are all the enablers of an ever constricting funnel of ill gotten economic rewards that perverts the real intent of stock markets in their role to facilitate free enterprise allocation of capital.

    Look at the most recent years where over 80% of all the market gains of the major indices is the result of just 5 tech companies. Hardly a healthy representative of economic realities for the greater market.

    Coming full circle to the idea of market algorithms driving the markets… no one can deny the blatant corruption of the regulators in the dot com boom-bust, and the data and energy market valuation scams through income recognition where they booked 20-years of revenue up front expending the costs over the full term of a contract, or the mortgage flipping industry… blatant corruptions enabled at the highest of levels signaling that markets are not really regulated to protect the integrity of an investors investments.

    The result is today more than ever people invest their money in indice funds that match the major indices like the TSX and Dow… therefor allocating purchases as per the make up of those indices (safe secure investing). The companies representing the indices have the windfall of a steady purchase of their stock floating its value based on the market sentiments more so than the actual companies economic performance. If the market sentiment is all about Apple, and Google, and Facebook and people are capturing that with a TSX Composite fund; then all sorts of other industry leaders win from the stock investments… which enable their board to pursue industry consolidation through their access to market capital; rather than their own economic performance.

    The end result is fewer and fewer companies controlling more and more of the economic pie and gaining size not through productivity gains, but rather by market perversions that tilt the scales in their favor.

    The only solution to save free enterprise is better market regulations that protect individual investors making investments into individual stocks… knowing that the rule of law and real world financials should back stop all commerce that takes place on the stock market.

    Not one CEO from the 2008 financial crisis ever faced a day in jail. Trillions looted says it all….

      The only solution to save free enterprise is to enable the economy to be, and stay, fully financially ‘self liquidating’.

      At present it is not. And as ‘Capital’ continually displaces ‘Labour’, (and the incomes paid to Labour, in ratio to one another), this is going to increasingly worsen. It’s a phenomenon that will affect all, even those you identify as currently profiting mightily from it, i.e. the ‘banksters’.

      Don’t agree with a lot of your rants but do with this .
      “The end result is fewer and fewer companies controlling more and more of the economic pie and gaining size not through productivity gains, but rather by market perversions that tilt the scales in their favor”.
      Have really seen the effects in the last 10-15 yrs. Business bought and raided for a few select products and the rest scraped . Then to make more money for shareholders production sent offshore . The result is less competition and fewer or no replacement parts or support for dropped lines , fewer jobs for sales and service , throw it in the dump . Sad

Heck of a start to hurricane season.. hope Everyone stays safe.

Eagleone you are an exhausting start to a Friday. You need your own site.
Mexico had an 8.1 mag earthquake. I wonder how that wall would hold up.
Just a reminder…. signal only to leave a traffic circle…. if you use your signals.
Schools back in be safe and have a great Friday all!

    Yes, I did go off on a bit of a tangent there… was just going to be a few short sentances at first….

      I don’t think you’re capable of just a few short sentences. In any event, I never read more than the first part of ultra-long posts.

Sure hope this isn’t the last ‘normal era’ Friday Free For All.

Its a big day for the NK regime tomorrow with their anniversary and planned intercontinental missile launch. Latest pictures of their hydrogen bomb shows diagrams on the wall in the background with the bomb fitting into the missile warhead.

All the analysts say we still have months because they haven’t perfected the re-entry yet… what they don’t say is that NK never wanted to perfect re-entry because that is redundant in an EMP attack, which is best served from space.

So most aware people all know that the occult deep state ‘new pearl harbor’ type operatives all like the significance of the 9/11 date. I am hoping we get by that date with no funny business leading to war… I think the Irma hurricane might be enough of a distraction to give pause… otherwise the next few days could be the book end of a new epoch in world affairs.

    “banksters”, that is code for Deep State Bolshevik Zionist Globalists.

Watched a jogger and a bycyclist collide this morning while nobody got hurt per se it was also somewhat comical but the reality neither was looking up both were focused on the ground in front of them and neither was looking for obsticales or other traffic. Good thing it was a slow speed crash just imagine if the bicyclist had been going much faster or if either of them had wandered into the path of an oncoming vehicle then they would have to hope and pray that the vehicle driver is attentive which is unlikely for most drivers out there today then the consequences could be more dire.

    Wearing ear maybe?

      Ear buds

Surprised no one has brought up the ICBC rate increases. Hard to say what is going on, but I do aghree, ICBC needs to get rid of their high priced lawyers for 40% of claims goes to lawyers..

    ICBC needs to stop fighting legitimate claims. I know of a few cases where they made low-ball offers for personal injury compensation, like 25% of a reasonable settlement, knowing full well that they would lose. So then the injured party has to hire a lawyer and start legal proceedings, they stall until just before court date and finally agree to pay up, but the injured party has to pay a quarter of the settlement to their lawyer and still gets short-changed.

    they need to leave the money paid for ICBC rates with ICBC instead of putting them into the general coffers…that would make a big difference but , it won’t happen.. it is free money for the government, like the carbon tax.

Elated to see the kids back at school! May the garbage resume on Domano Blvd. from some of the dedicated kids of CHSS. Be nice to see a reducement of throwaway fast food containers, chocolate bar wrappers, etc., but that ain’t gonna happen!

IBBC just like BCLC will never open their claws to allow for private enterprise. Simple…they make too much money ripping people off through unfair claim adjustments and payouts. Free enterprise is always the preferred system except with these thieves. Leave any business enterprise to the private sector where they know how to make a profit and have to compete with integrity to remain profitable

How long will our Citizen newspaper survive?? Note how the front page of each section have larger photos than in the past, the ridiculous repeated classified ads acting as fillers to get to 16 printed pages, the expanded use of “wire services” . I have been a lifelong subscriber but can see the writing on the wall..ie. the internet and expect the Citizen will only be available in this form within 2 years.

    Been wondering the same thing. It keeps getting smaller and smaller. I expect that fairly soon it will be a twice weekly paper..and then gone.

    I imagine Citizen employees are a bit anxious.

      The writing has been on the wall for a very long time now, they’ve had plenty of time to evaluate their options.

      I’m sure they’ve done that, and found very few, none of them particularly good. In this day and age, communications have drastically changed from when newspapers were king. They’re hold-overs from days gone by, still relevant but not nearly so much as before. Their biggest problem is how to generate income, with much of the advertising having moved to other venues.

Value Village. Could we have a Supervisor or Manager of Value Village in Prince George (Savers, INC) let us know how much money is donated to AiMHi in PG per year? Just curious, as the prices in the store seem high enough that AiMHi must do fantastic, as they should. I hope somebody will get back to us.

    ask AimHi how much they aren’t getting?

Another defector comes to the light.

And he’s a prominent greenie!

“Environmentalism has gone too far; renewable energy is a disaster; scares about pesticides and chemicals are horribly overdone; no, the planet is not going to end any time soon; and, by the way, the answer is nuclear…”

In 2006, Lovelock burnished his green credentials with The Revenge of Gaia, in which he argued that, thanks to global warming, man was all but doomed. By the end of the 21st century ‘billions of us will die and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable,’ he told an interviewer. Climate change was so serious a threat, he told the Guardian in 2010, that democracy might have to be ‘put on hold’.

ht tps://www.thegwpf.com/james-lovelock-on-wicked-renewables-and-why-he-changed-his-mind-on-climate-change/

    Renewables are about business models and profit . The falling prices of stationary batteries is incredible,eh? How about the 18 Fit ? Longer range . More power . And , they dropped the price .

      Business models that require government subsidies. Profits from the same source.

      But that’s not what the article is about. Read it.

What was wrong with asking if there was such a site for bad tenants. My buddy rented a room to this dude from Quesnel in a older black Chevy truck who claims to be going to CNC and he has been threatening landlords after being evicted for numerous infractions. I feel for these landlords, they should not have to put up with the likes of people like this

While sitting at the intersection of Austin Road and Hwy 97 just before 5:00 pm, waiting for the light to change to green, I witnessed a fully loaded semi hauling wrapped lumber barrel on through a red light in the southbound outside lane. The light wasn’t yellow, it had already turned RED!

A second later, another semi, this one a fully loaded logging truck and also heading south into town but this time in the centre lane, also flew through the intersection at an even higher rate of speed in a feeble attempt to beat the light which was already RED!

Both of these idiots, Class 1 professional drivers (?) were travelling at well above the speed limit and both flew through a RED light, endangering their lives and more importantly the lives of others on the road.

IDIOTS! UN-freakin’ believable!

Horgans quite the interesting guy. Here, he’s hanging out with a guy, as reported by the Vancouver Sun, convicted Gunman Maninder Gill was convicted in B.C. Supreme Court last year of aggravated assault and other counts for the 2010 shooting of Harjit Atwal outside a wedding at Surrey’s Guru Nanak temple.
And he says he didn’t have a clue the guy would be there.
That’s our Premier, the lower mainland’s God.

Here is an interesting article from Oxford, universities take note.

“Here’s a Letter to the Editor regarding some African students attending Oxford in England. They have been demanding that the statue of Cecil Rhodes at Oriel College be taken down on the grounds that Rhodes was a racist … which he was …”

ht tps://rosebyanyothernameblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/01/too-good-to-not-quote/

    You like the race thing . Why have you not mentioned the height of bigotry on the planet ? The ethnic cleansing of Burma . Where is your interest in the Rohingya ?


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