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October 27, 2017 3:33 pm

Commitments to Cut MSP, Address Opioid Crisis and Increase Taxes for Some

Monday, September 11, 2017 @ 2:46 PM

Minister of Finance  Carole James  delivers budget 

Prince George , B.C. –  Minister of Finance  Carole  James  says the NDP budget update  delivered today “Is a budget that puts people first”.

She says  the budget  calls for $51.9 billion dollars in spending,  and $52.4 billion in revenue.

She says the  wildfires over the summer  have added  another $600 million dollars in pressure  on the budget,  but the government  is committed to  spend $15 million over three years to upgrade  Wildfire Service infrastructure,  and will   provide  a tax credit for volunteer firefighters. and $140 million for wildfire risk reduction  and reforestation.

Here are some other highlights:

  • $290million  to establish the Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions
  • $32 million for law enforcement  and the Coroners Service to address the opioid crisis
  • $208 million over 4 years,  to build more than 1700 units of affordable housing across BC
  • 2,000 modular  units for the homeless
  • MSP premiums to be cut in half  as of January 1, 2018,   first step in total elimination of MSP  over  4 years
  • $472 million to provide an increase of $100 per month for both income and disability assistance; “That’s just the beginning”  says James
  • The elimination of tolls on the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges
  • A $681-million increase for B.C.’s kindergarten-to-Grade 12 education system over three years, including $521 million to improve classroom supports for children for up to 3,500 new teaching positions, $160 million for enrolment growth and other pressures, along with $50 million in capital funding to provide the resources needed to help all children succeed;
  • A new investment of $189 million over three years through a federal-B.C. agreement that helps seniors with improved home and residential care;
  • $15 million over three years for the Healthy Kids Program, which provides hearing assistance benefits and improved rates for dental services;
  • $19 million  for  free Adult  Basic Education
  • $7 million over three years in new funding for the Residential Tenancy Branch to ensure renters are treated fairly and that the rights and responsibilities of both renters and landlords are clearly understood.
  • The establishment of an innovation commissioner, emerging economy task force and the fair wages commission;
  • A $200-a-month increase to the earnings exemption for income and disability assistance recipients to help people connect to employment;
  • Restoration of the tax benefit for credit unions;
  • A reduction in the small business corporate income tax rate from 2.5% to 2%; and
  • Phasing out the provincial sales tax on electricity to help support industry competitiveness and job growth.
  • Introducing a personal income tax rate of 16.8% on taxable income over $150,000, up from 14.7%; and
  • Increasing the general corporate income tax rate to 12% up from 11%.
  • The Province will act to reduce carbon emissions by increasing the carbon tax rate on April 1, 2018, by $5 per tonne of CO2 equivalent emissions, while increasing the climate action tax credit to support low and middle-income families
  • $14.6 billion in capital spending over three years



That is 425 units of affordable housing per year. A drop in the bucket of what is needed.

The cost is an average of $122,353/unit …. obviously no granite countertops with stainless steel appliances on $30,000/unit land costs …… ;-).

    On the recommendation of the new innovation commissioner these units will have ice boxes and not refrigerators- no expensive electricity required from the mothballed Site C and a brand new export from northern reaches of the province in the form of a winter season ice harvest:)

    $3 billion surplus down to .5 in a heartbeat and doubt they can meet that goal.

Wow all these projects for drug abusers and the dredges of society , its like a never ending transfer of wealth from tax payer to the unemployable. No wonder Trump is getting so much quiet support.

Ok, now lets see the meat and potatoes,

    Sorry Millman nothing there for you and your rich buddies. The Liberals are no longer there handing out taxpayer dollars to their friends.

$19 million for free Adult Education. If it costs $19 million it is not free except under ndp logic.

Extra $100 a month for welfare -just the beginning according to James. The Ministry of addictions is going to earn their pay every Mardi Gras on the DES.

The establishment of an innovation commissioner, emerging economy task force and the fair wages commission- bureaucratic navel gazers-just what the province needs more of.

$14.6 in capital spending….concentrated in lower mainland and southern island would be my guess.

Let’s see, 32 million for law enforcement and coroner. More tasers and restraints for these idiots that just don’t get it. The coroners I can see, as they have a full plate! In this. If this is the case it is good. 290 million for addictions?? I would like to know to what extent. Too much vagueness here and a lot of figures. Figures are meant to be changed, and if Carole James is behind it that is even more scarier! SOme good ideas here and some questionable. Just as long as the middle wage earner, who are the backbone of the economy (and the North/ interior providing some of the money to compensate those stupid ass tolls being taken away) get something worth their while!!

Carbon tax on fuel will be
1,000,000 / 2392 or 418 litres of fuel burnt per tonne

5.00 / 418 or an extra 1.2 cents a litre

Now hiw much for natural gas… they haven’t figured out a way to carbon tax wood yet but probably working on it

    Yes they are working on it. They want to put a carbon tax on slash pile burning.

“$290million to establish the Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions”

How many employees (much staff and some front line workers) is this new ministry going to have? How many new ivory towers is it going to erect?

$290million is an enormous sum of money! Or is it a typo?

Lets tax the hell out of people who work and give to those who do not want to work because they do not want to.
Socialism at work here…….why work

    Time to buy more Bitcoin!

the wealthy always find more loopholes, that’s why they are ..wealthy. The NDP’s master plan to rid the people with money, and give it to people who can’t stop using illicit drugs, isn’t going to last.. so the middle class will be coughing it all up soon enough.

How about giving back to the working class instead of the burnout druggies that can’t hack it through life and contribute anything positive to society? I’m all out of sympathy for fentanyl abusers, I care about hard working people and single parents busting their asses making ends meet, without using the system.

    I think you need to look at the socio economic costs of helping those “burnout druggies” get on the road to recovery versus the cost of maintaining the status quo.

    There is a large number of recovering addicts and alcoholics who contribute much to our society and a lot of them couldn’t have done it without some help.

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