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October 27, 2017 3:33 pm

Repairs to Leaky Gasket Leads to Temporary Low Pressure

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 @ 12:29 PM

Prince George, B.C. –  Residents  in the bowl area of Prince George may  be experiencing low water pressure for the next couple of days as the City  fixes a leak.

A  significant leak was discovered late yesterday near a city well in Wilson Park.  Although  crews shut down a water pump to stop the leak there  was some flooding within the boundaries of the park.

The leak was caused by a faulty gasket, which crews are now in the process of repairing.

A temporary bypass pump has been set up to ensure Prince George Fire Rescue Services continue to have adequate water pressure to meet their requirements.

Tap water remains safe to drink, but may be cloudy or discoloured. Residents are advised to run their water until its clear to avoid drinking discoloured water and before doing laundry.

Repairs are expected to be completed, and normal water pressure restored to the area by Thursday of this week,


Infrastructure continues to fall apart while the City spends god only knows how much to push their agenda for a new pool and firehall.

    They just did some work there. I wonder whether it was a seal in the new work.

    I think you will find they are quietly working on a Performing Arts Center as well. just not highly advertised.

    move the fire station, move the pool, tear down the old Legion and lots of room for a PAC.

    Gaskets fail …what do you expect? The city to replace every gasket every few years?

      Gaskets etc. have a finite life span. In this day and age they can easily track which ones are near the end of that span and they can proactively replace them before things get damaged.

      Compare the cost of replacing a gasket versus replacement plus cleanup.

You should try living in Pineview, where everyone has to have a extra pump to get at least 5 psi boosted…all the time…….don’t flush or have a shower at the same time.

    So maybe we not only need a 5th City Fire Hall on the east side of the Fraser, but also a water tower on the plateau.

    Not everyone. We’re on the Pineview community water system and our water pressure is just fine….

Some people just like to create wind so they flapp their yaps… The infrastructure in PG is like ever other municipality where the country.. its aging and if any local government were to fix all the problems or update everything taxes would be triple what they are now.. I would imagine that the amount for a new pool would not do much to improve all the aging infrastructure except for a bandaid fix.. and how does the public works forecast where the next problem will pop up. the Fire hall is not in a good spot to respond to the majority of calls, and if it was your house was the one on fire , I bet you would be happy to see the fire truck get their faster.
Studies show that swimming pools are one of the top items people who are looking to relocate ask about, I Do agree it does not need to be down town on highly valuable commercial property but we need to have the second pool.

we can only hope the people we elected use common sense when they start these large projects.

    So you’d prefer they remain reactive instead of being proactive which is a heck of a lot costlier in the long run. Let’s wait until there’s a major problem before we start replacing the oldest of the old? What’s it going to take? A sinkhole downtown?

    PS. only one “p” in flap.

      The standard in Canada, the USA, and most of the industrialized world is to repair infrastructure as it breaks, especially underground works.

      At the same time, there may be areas in which it is known that the breakage frequency is very high, in addition to knowing why that is the case, that the better approach is to fix an entire block or several blocks over extended periods of time, especially if road surfaces have to be replaced anyway.

      This City is taking a normal approach for the age of underground infrastructure we have.

      Maybe it’s time for this podunk town to stop following everyone else and take the lead?

I agree with you pgflyfisher but would add that with the exception of a bike fanatic City Councillor or two (ridiculously high priced and little used bike lanes) the powers that be in Prince George City Hall have done a great job of making fiscally responsible decisions. I wished I had read this story before I took apart my kitchen taps though LOL.

    Have you read story below? City fees,taxes and rates increasing.. and you say these clowns are being fiscally responsible? They have no clue what that even means.

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