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October 27, 2017 3:30 pm

Tonight, Time to ‘Take Back the Night’

Friday, September 15, 2017 @ 5:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The annual  march to demand an end to violence  against women  is set for this evening in Prince George.

Tonight, will mark the  25th year for the Take Back the Night event  which  honours the memory of the women who have not survived violence, to celebrate those women who have survived and to demand an end to violence.

While  this  evening’s event marks a milestone,   it’s difficult to consider it a celebration says Elsie Wiebe of the S.O.S. Society  “There are  reports that there is less violent crime, however, when  you pull it apart and look at the gender violence,  violence against  women is not less.  In fact, there is evidence that suggests that  violence against women is on the rise.   One of the things we can celebrate is that due to social media and other avenues to  speak out,   more people are speaking out and there is more accountability.”

Statistics show that in B.C.,   more than  half the women in the  province  have experienced  physical or sexual violence  since the age of 16.  Every year in BC  there are more than 60 thousand physical or sexual assaults against women,  but  only 12% of  sexual assaults against  women  are reported to police.

This evening’s event  will see  women gathering at CNC in Prince George ,  with  speakers set to  talk  at 6:30.  The march will follow.

Men  are invited to attend,  but  not to take part in the march itself says Wiebe “This  is absolutely a march for women because women are the ones walking in parking lots with keys between their fingers at night and looking over their shoulder  for safety, even  during the day. because  we are the ones who embody something  about this experience of violence because  it  happens to women so much more than it does to men.  So it really is important and powerful for  this to be  for women and children because they are the more vulnerable ones.”

Men are welcome to   listen to the speakers,  and to  help with the reception following the  march.



Our Canadian justice system is very soft with justice outcomes, what results is a continuous revolving door of letting criminals back out into society. Many of these criminal issues are done again and again. It makes the RCMP very frustrated knowing they can do little. Men are also abused and have violence towards them by woman. But one hears little about these issues and there are few places to go when this occurs.
If men are not included this makes many of these woman Hippocrates.

Totally agree! The system is also discriminatory on guys too! A guy and gal can get charged for the same thing, under the same circumstances, and 9 tines out of 10 the guy will get a harsher system. Doesn’t take away from this issue, but it is a two way street!

I’ve read statistics that show that through ongoing efforts to put forth the issue of male violence committed against females, such incidents have been in a decline. I’ve also read statistics that show an disturbing trend in increasing violence committed by females, against other females.

The various Women’s Agencies seem unwilling to address this issue. I’ve even had managers at a couple of Women’s Resource Centres tell me that this isn’t part of their mandate!

How can an organization demand an end to violence against women when they ignore incidents that fall outside of some ridiculous mandate? Are they concerned about violence against women, or are they not concerned?

Unfortunately some of the people in charge of our Women’s Resource Centres seem to be militant feminists with a mad-on for men. They have an agenda and it doesn’t seem to suggest that we all need to learn to get along!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we need to address all forms of violence, be it man against man, man against woman, woman against man, woman against woman, man against child, child against child, etc!

Good comment Hart Guy. I worked the system for a number of years and I find it amazing on how many females cry ‘Wolf’ and sewer a guy’s life. It does go for everybody. Almost to the point now of reverse discrimination. I see events like this and it is a crock of %#^*! It is for all, not a select few! Probably get lambasted for these comments, but then the truth hurts and I really don’t care! You said it right!

I only almost got raped once… nothing like a woman would experience. It was back in the day when Peachfest was the big deal in Penticton.

We were camping at holiday hills camp ground and this crew from Calgary in the campsite next to us were a bunch of crazy girls on mushrooms wearing Foothills Hospital coveralls from a mental ward. They were really fun to party with. I even caught one of them eating bugs from the lantern and it was one of the funniest things ever. Me and my buddy we had 8 girls camping with us, so we didn’t need no more crazy girls causing trouble, but these girls just couldn’t take no and they actually ripped my pockets off my jeans trying to drag me to their tent… I got away though, was just to drunk, wasn’t interested in that with them, and I had other priorities that night… but it was a real struggle to get away.

It was a really fun times, but I tell you I would never let my daughter go to place like that. The potential for danger is everywhere. We had our hands full just making sure our own friends were safe (thats why we where there), but for the most part it was just fun times and I didn’t hear about anything bad.

Tried to go back a few years later and it had turned into a total sausage fest with the girl to guy ratio’s upside down and the whole atmosphere had changed with all the new designer drugs like ecstasy. Gone was the Run DMC type concerts and in were the ecstasy rave shows of weirdo’s and quires promoting sex with sex toys, free condoms, lubricants, and impromptu wet tee shirt contests every 10-minutes throughout the camp ground. We left after the first day and went to the boat races in Kelowna instead. It just wasn’t cool after about an hour of seeing the *%*% show.

The moral of the story is that what was a great event in years gone by, where the biggest thing a person had to worry about was having your pockets torn off by crazy girls on mushrooms… had now in a few short years digressed to a total freak show with every deprived creep legitimized and enabled with the open designer drug use and inhibitions that put even the smartest people in real danger of unwanted violence. It was almost criminal the degeneracy of it all. So am I surprised when one reports that sexual violence is on the rise… not at all considering we live in the age of ecstasy, raves, LBGQ promotion in the streets wearing provocative bedroom cloths with the Prime Minister cheering them on his own children at his side… but its not politically correct to draw any connections between the morals of yesterday to the degenerate morals of the left in today’s society.

I think the politics of the left makes women, men, and children all less safe; but yet in a weird twist the left is promoted as the ideology that supports the vulnerable through the shouting down of anyone that tries to uphold decency as an infringement to their rights. To witness this degeneracy take hold one only had to witness the demise of the Penticton Peachfest in a few short years from a great party where all had safe fun with over 40,000 young people getting together without any problems… to an event that quickly dwindled and I think even got canceled because of the complete take over of the leftist rave type crowds and the problems with sexual violence that came with it.

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