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October 27, 2017 3:28 pm

Traffic Stop Leads to Arrest of Trio

Monday, September 18, 2017 @ 10:25 AM

Williams Lake, B.C.- Three people  were arrested Friday evening in Williams Lake  after  a traffic offence turned into a drug  investigation.

Members of the Williams Lake Crime Reduction Unit  stopped a vehicle on Oliver Street Friday evening.  The three people in the vehicle  were  subsequently arrested for possession of a controlled  substance.

Officers  seized what is believed to be cocaine,  heroin, methamphetamine and fentanyl  as well as  two loaded firearms and a large amount of cash.

All three individuals remain in custody pending charge approval and one of the occupants had an outstanding arrest warrant for aggravated assault.

The three males are not from Williams Lake but are known to police from other jurisdictions.  The investigation is ongoing.


Memo to druggies, obey the traffic laws. I always get a kick out of reading that the RCMP seized a large quantity of drugs after stopping a vehicle doing 140 kmh on Hwy 16, LOL.

And the liars, I mean lawers, will fight like hell to get them probation! And due to our bull%#*t system they will probably get it! What do you get when you throw lawyers and politicians into the ocean…….? A great start! Bwahahahaha!

    Q: What do you call a lawyer with an IQ of 100?
    A: Your Honor.

    the argue for what the law allows… are you stupid or something?

Most of these “traffic stops” are part of ongoing investigations involving those that are subsequently charged with drug and firearms crimes. They aren’t usually random traffic stops.

    Not all, many are a surprise. Speeding, notice a brake light out, no signalling. And then, what do I smell? It can get quite hilarious.
    Recall a traffic stop in the BCR Industrial site, in the 70’s, guy had taillights, no brake lights. Trunk stunk, 50 lbs. of weed. FUNNY!
    Pedestrian check in Squamish, 2:00 AM. What’s in the bag? My Lunch.
    2 lbs of weed.

Speeding,notice a brake light out, no signalling and then what do I smell? Oh sorry your one of us carry on then my apologies for holding you up, Has anyone ever noticed any reports of an officer doing anything wrong? What are the odds of absolutely zero re portable incidences

    Its called perks of the job

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