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October 27, 2017 3:27 pm

Beetle Epidemic.. Again

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Prince George BC- Prince George is once more  facing a beetle epidemic.  This time it’s the Douglas Fir  Beetle.

Carrier Lumber’s Bill Kordyban  and Industrial Forestry Service President Robert Schuetz  are calling on the City of Prince George to  work in partnership with them to  spare the community  from the  ravages of the Douglas Fir Beetle.

in a presentation to Prince George City Council, Schuetz says there are  Douglas fir trees  on Connaught  Hill   which have  not yet been attacked,  but the  evidence  of the beetle’s work  can be seen in a clump of Douglas Fir on the west side of the cutbanks.

As was the case with the Mountain Pine Beetle,  the trees  turn red before they drop their needles.  “We  have  beautiful greenery  all  around the City” says Kordyban, who says  this isn’t about  lumber, rather  it’s about esthetics and  it would be a shame if Prince George  lost  the majesty of these trees.

The  beetle has reached epidemic proportions  with  the  map at right  showing how  it has spread through the region.

The Ministry of Forests  can deal with the  trees on Crown Land,  but there needs to be  a plan to  deal with the trees  within  the City Limits says Schuetz  “The vision is to sit down with the Ministry of  Forests  and recognize that there is a problem, then   see if there are ways the City can be pro active in informing the public.  So if  residents see trees on their property ,  when should  they take action,  how should they take action  about cutting these trees down for lumber,  cutting them at the right time,  leaving  them  (the cut trees)  if appropriate  ( to act as a trap tree for the beetles)  and  burning it  the following year.”

An aerial survey  shows the Douglas Fir Beetle infestation has exploded to epidemic proportions between 2015 and 2016.   In 2015, the  beetle had infected 1,305 hectares,  just a year later  that had  ballooned to 8,127 hectares.

The  infestations usually last  in a 2 to four year cycle,  killing  small groups of trees.

“You look all around us,   some of the nicest  trees are the Douglas Fir” says Schuetz “They are huge , iconic,   when  you look at a stand,  you see those ones that are towering  20 meters  above it.  that’s the intent,  to try and save those ones.”

Council has  recommended  staff work with the Ministry of Forests  to  see what can be done  to spread the word  “What we are here for is not to say the sky is falling” says Schuetz “but let’s be proactive about this issue before it becomes a problem.”


Ah yes, the forests are in good hands.. remember last time the NDP and the pine beetle met?

    Remember it well . Your comment was on my mind as I read the article

      My exact thoughts …

    The article says, “the Douglas Fir Beetle infestation has exploded to epidemic proportions between 2015 and 2016.”

    That is 2015-2016. The Liberals were the government at that time, weren’t they? So, what has it got to do with the NDP? If this kind of biological action has anything at all to do with political parties, then in this case you should be ranting against Christie Clarke and her henchmen.

      Heard this morning on CBC Radio One that experts urge the City to log these infected Douglas Firs and burn them IN PLACE! The same recommendation was made by Forest Ministry official to the NDP when an area of infected lodge pole pines was discovered inside provincial park land! The NDP did not listen and instead ruled no logging in a park. The rest is history! In fact I saw a picture on this site of a huge cloud of swarming pine beetles taking wing close to the airport!
      The person who took the picture said that he even could hear a buzzing sound, that is how big it was!

      So in fact this always had more to do with political interference (politics) than some ultra loyal people ever want to admit!

      Since this current outbreak reached epidemic proportion during 2015-2016, according to the article, then why didn’t the Liberal government set fire to the epidemic areas and burn the beetles out a year or two ago. Could it be that it is not so simple as it seems?

    @ isthisreallife – How about the early to mid 80’s and the Bowron clear cut? Who was in power then…..Socreds with the Bills and their right wing ideologies. Wait…Liberals…enough said.

    It was the environmentalists that stopped the “control” of the pine beetle. The problem was the government listened to them.

The Bugs will continue, unless we get a cold snap in mid Oct, -30 or more for 2 weeks.

    LOL. Good luck with that!

    That would kill the pine beetle…but will it kill this one?

The warmer climate conditions are bringing new challenges to the forests. Unfortunately,the Forest Service is so slow to deal with these concerns that it becomes a huge problem before they take it seriously.
People in the North Nechako area have been placing chemical packs all spring and summer. This may save some trees. What has Forest Service done? Logged the dead trees from Pidherny. Boy, I bet that will stop it! NOT.
The Douglas Fir stands serve as wintering areas for many different ungulates. This outbreak will add to their problems.

Well we may not get cold soon enough but Europe is projected to get walloped this winter,

htt p://notrickszone.com/2017/09/19/noaa-models-project-harsh-201718-european-winter-possibly-coldest-this-century/#sthash.8dCjC8du.dpbs

About that carbon tax scam grab initiated by the fiberals and now made worse by the NDP, the carbon tax with no proof and no information what effect if any at all it will have. A tax with no reason and none given. Looks like the climate scientists are admitting they are wrong after all. Well since their climate models are greatly overestimated and real data shows the huge overestimation they have no choice but to weasel back.

“The world has warmed more slowly than had been predicted by computer models, which were “on the hot side” and overstated the impact of emissions on average temperature, research has found.”

htt ps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/09/19/climate-scientists-admit-they-were-wrong-on-climate-change-effects/

    Exactly. That is what I’ve been saying about the carbon tax since it was introduced. You’re right on seamutt. Its the biggest scam ever brought in in the world.

Pine beetle, Spruce Bud Worm and now this guy and people still deny that man’s contribution to climate change is part of the problem?

    I challenge you to show proof of any contribution to climate change by man. Climate is cyclic and has now entered a cooling cycle. Now that should be a concern.

      There is plenty of proof out there, you just choose to ignore it.

      If you want to ignore the facts..go ahead..just like trump does..

      In 2008-2009 there where approx 1168 papers written by scientists on climate change… only 2 denied it was happening. Trump loves those 2 as do you I guess.

There’s proof were at the tail end of one of the many ice ages ….

Okay show the proof. Lots of papers but none can point to proof. Over the last thirty years just name one dire prediction that has come true. Read the link I have posted.

Climate is cyclic and one of the main drivers is the sun. Anything happening in climate today has happened before.

    Of course it has happened before..in 500 BC all the big industry was pumping out pollution the same rate we are today… and just think of the exhaust from all the cars back then….

    Ignorance is bliss seamutt…enjoy your bliss.

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