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Evacuation Orders Issued, Some May Not Leave

By 250 News

Thursday, May 22, 2008 03:48 PM

Fraser River water  flows over Farrell Road as  evacuation orders are issued ( photo opinion250 staff)
(click on video icon for a short video of Fraser River at Paddlewheel Park)
Prince George, B.C. Although evacuation orders have been issued for residents of Farrell Road in the Paddlewheel park area of Price George, some are not leaving. Constable Terry Fehr says there are two families which have yet to make a decision “They are sitting on the fence about leaving” says Fehr.
Terasen Gas has been on site to assess the situation and says residents have been through this before, some have pumps, so Terasen wasn’t prepared to shut off the gas right away. They will monitor the situation and make a decision later.
The City of Prince George is urging families to stay with family and friends but at this point anyone who has nowhere to go should go to City Hall   to register for evacuation assistance.
The Fraser River is expected to hit 9.9 meters which is higher than the level reached a year ago during the spring freshet flooding. At that time, the peak was 9.86 meters.

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Can the province please buy these houses so that we can stop rebuilding them everytime the river goes up?
Maybe moving the river would be better than buying these houses. But then again, the river was there first. Go figure, eh?
Would you believe that someone who has lived in the area for some years just bought one of these homes???
Why should us taxpayers eat the cost of these homes? They chose to live where it floods. bad choice on their part not ours.
I have not been down there yet and am wondering if there has been as much done to stop these homes from being flooded as was done for the homes during the icejam flooding?
Has there been gabion dyking installed etc?
"..Would you believe that someone who has lived in the area for some years just bought one of these homes???.."

Hey why not, an indoor swimming pool can be fun!
Has anyone ever been informed about the damage in these homes. I assume that if they have basements or crawlspaces that they do not have them furnished and loose their furnishings ever time. In fact, if they have basements without doors or windows below flood level, they may very well be able to keep pumping the leaking water out at a rate which will not cause flooding.

So, if the main floor does not get flooded and the foundation is secure, then it really should not matter.

On the other hand, we did hear about some of the damage to the houses hit by the winter flooding on the Nechako - lifted slabs, main floor under water, etc. etc.

Given a building designed to sit in water like that, I would not mind moving there as long as I knew that the bank was protected and property was not getting smaller by the year, as is the case in the Miworth area for those homes that are on an inside bend in the river. That kind of loss, if any, of the bank does not seem to be happening here.

The fact is, there are millions of people in the world living in flood prone areas. The choice is to move them, or help remain where they are but reduce the damage floods do.
I again state my usual contention: city zoned it, taxpayers pay high taxes for real estate, city has duty imo to protect the tax asset. Quesnel seems to have it right...they are placing riprap along river edge. Hmm...