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Evacuation Orders Remain in Effect

By 250 News

Friday, May 23, 2008 03:59 AM

Claude Marquette's Farrell Road home was  just  a couple of feet away from having the Fraser River on his deck yesterday. (photo Opinion250 staff)
Prince George, B.C. - The Fraser River is expected to remain at flood levels for at least a couple of days. The river hit the 9.9 meter mark yesterday, topping last year’s high water mark of 9.86 meters.
(Gauge at right on the footbridge in Paddlewheel Park shows the depth of water *note, measurement is in feet)
While a local state of emergency has been declared in the Farrell Road area and residents have been ordered to leave the area,   at least one resident said he wasn’t going anywhere.  Claude Marquette told officials he is staying put because there was at least  two feet  left between the water level and his deck.
Terasen Gas will be back in the area today to see if the natural gas line should be shut down, and BC Hydro will also reassess the situation this morning.
While residents who were asked to leave their homes were expected to stay with friends and family, City Hall was prepared to register and help find accommodation for those who had no alternate place to stay.
The emergency Operations Committee will meet later this morning to assess the situation but it is unlikely residents will be allowed to return to their homes until after the weekend.

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BTW: Quesnel placed riprap along river to protect services and property.