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October 28, 2017 6:05 am

PG Crime Capital Of Canada? Hardly.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 @ 3:45 AM

What used to happen in days gone by, was the announcement by Maclean’s Magazine that Prince George was again named the crime capital of Canada, not that it was true , but it made for good reading .

That annual rating ended a few years ago replaced now by a new label  which  has  pegged Winnipeg as the most racist city in Canada.

There is no  doubt  the Maclean’s  declaration of Prince George as the crime capital of Canada  did hurt  this City, but Maclean’s  has since  abandoned that  annual  crime report and failed  to tell the rest of the Nation that  Prince George may have had a number of gang related murders in one year, but following that, from 2011 to 2014 that simply was not the case.

Let’s compare Kamloops to PG.  Kamloops received a good rating , but should it have ?

2011-  PG – no murders   – Kamloops 2

2012 – PG – 2 murders –   Kamloops 6

2013 – PG  – 1  murder  – Kamloops 3

2014 – PG – 1 (if you count the Gravel Pit Lake as one )    Kamloops – 1

That’s the problem with random picks in which someone at Maclean’s get’s to say who in the country has the worst rap sheet. Has it hurt our community?  You bet.  Has it hurt the image of our police force?  You bet, and yet the statistics will tell you something quite different.

Perhaps realizing that their system of coming up with the crime capital in Canada was poorly researched , Maclean’s dropped the survey. What they didn’t do , is correct the fact that we may have had a bump one year, due to gang wars, but you can hardy call PG the crime capital, although we continue to wear the tag.

One would hope that the new survey of which is the most racist city in Canada does not have the same background as the old Crime capital of Canada.

We in Prince George bore the brunt of Maclean’s criticism and the citizens and police alike were tagged with the label even though it wasn’t true

I’m Meisner and that’s one man’s opinion.


Perhaps now we should ask Maclean’s to do another story to correct that misconception.
If I’m not mistaken, they based their research on number of arrests per capita, didn’t they? If they broke it down into categories, I don’t know. I quit reading Maclean’s many years ago because of poorly written, as in researched, material.
I found their articles to be more fluff than anything else. Too bad people still read it.

Years of having a bad police chief and that happens. May as well give her a promotion for doing such a bad job here.

Pretty sure they looked at all types of crime to arrive at their conclusions, it wasn’t just violent crime.

Pretty sure Macleans is a horrible, fear mongering media group. It’s up there with the rest of the bs magazines we have in print. All lies and they don’t take responsibility for anything.

And your telling me the PG Citizen and Opinion 250 are any better?

The Macleans rankings were based on a per capita ranking system, which, as Ben lays out above, is why we would rank higher than Kamloops. The numbers were taken from the Crime Severity Index issued each year by the Fed. This incorporates a variety of crimes and then assigns a ‘grade’ based on population. Per capita ranking is the most askew form of number delivery, similar to ‘fun with numbers’ in accounting.

Say what you want about her record as Mayor, but Shari Green had a huge hand in this biased reporting ending from Maclean’s. She made countless calls and spoke to a variety of media about how it was not accurate. The discrediting of these numbers was what forced Maclean’s to cease that article.

j.dizzy, So what your saying is because of Shari’s relentless pursues we are left with the legacy of being the crime capital of Canada? Thanks Shari for your efforts. Now we are tarnished, and P.G will always be know as the crime capital.

That’s one way of reading what I wrote, maverick. The other, less confrontational way would be that she helped end this article so we were no longer stigmatized by it. To each their own, tho.

Unfortunately people to this day still view P.G as the crime capital. Could it be because they haven’t read other wise?

Correct. It falls on the people who live and work here to put the word. Hopefully the winter games go off without a hitch, as that will have massive impacts on how BC and Canada see’s PG going forward.

Maverick 1965 , maybe they have lived there for many years and have witnessed what was going on regardless who’s right or who’s wrong it does have its flaws .

Agree with Ben, very poor research for that article. Crime stats go up when more people report crime. If the citizens of PG are calling the police to report crimes more often than the citizens of Kamloops it appears that we have more crime, when in fact we just aren’t staying silent about crime. The article on racism in Winnipeg was just as poorly researched with very little verifiable data.

Been saying this for years. Macleans owes the City of PG a fair article. Writing a piece about PG would go a long way to calm people’s fears about this city.

Frustrating when all people know about PG is crime and cold weather.

I remember when a certain MP claimed that in Prince George BC we were burning crosses on our front lawns! She must have read a report about a Prince George county in the USA where that kind of thing may have happened. However, she never admitted her mistake and no sincere apology was ever made.

I cancelled my subscription to Maclean’s magazine many years ago when an editorial did something even worse and no amount of effort by concerned people succeeded in getting it to apologize.

Let’s ignore the magazine and move on! It doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously when one considers the source.

I believe the per capita measure is bogus anyhow considering metro Vancouver, Surry seem to have a murder a week. Then there is Abbotsford, Mission being called the gang capital of Canada.

Crime capital or not, this town is a dump. Quit making excuses for it.

Why is per capita a poor measure for crime, but a good measure when comparing the number of moose tags allocated to resident hunters from one province to te next?

Oh and for the rrecord, I always thought the macleans raking was overblown.

The province has robbed from this town for years, it is not a dump it just has never had it’s fair share of the pie. Well at least until Pat Bell and Shirley Bond showed up.

I believe the per capita measure is bogus anyhow considering metro Vancouver, Surry seem to have a murder a week. Then there is Abbotsford, Mission being called the gang capital of Canada.

You have no idea what you are talking about. You just open your mouth and all this crap fall out. The Bacons lived here but they are long gone. There is no comparison in crime rate between Abbotsford and Prince George. And who cares

Retired 02

Here is a direct quote from a CTV Vancouver news story that Abbotsford is only a year or two removed from having the murder capitol of Canada title.

“For the second year in a row, a suburban B.C. city has clinched the dubious distinction of being Canada’s murder capital.

The census area of Abbotsford-Mission, east of Vancouver, had the most homicides per capita in the country last year, according to a new Statistics Canada report.

Thunder Bay, Ontario, and Winnipeg ranked second and third.”

Don’t get caught in the crossfire Kim


What does Abbotsford have to do with this???

According to the police-reported 2013 Crime Severity Index (CSI) released by Statistics Canada on Wednesday, July 23 2014

The average CSI for B.C. dropped 6.15 per cent, while the Canadian rate fell 8.9 per cent.

The Canadian city with the highest crime severity index was North Battleford, Saskatchewan at 323.88, while Williams Lake had the highest number in B.C. at 216.43.

To calculate the severity index, Statistics Canada analysts give each type of crime a weight based on the average sentence handed down by criminal courts for the offence.

The more serious the sentence, the higher the weight.

The data comes from the Uniform Crime Reporting Survey, a census of all crime known to, and substantiated by, police services.

10 Canadian cities with highest CSI over 10,000 population:

1. North Battleford, Sask.

2. Thompson, Man.

3. Yellowknife, N.W.T.

4. Williams Lake, B.C.

5. Prince Albert, Sask.

6. Quesnel, B.C.

7. Portage la Prarie, Man.

8. Langley City, B.C.

9. Red Deer, Alta.

10. Terrace, B.C.

10 B.C. cities with highest CSI over 10,000 population:

1. Williams Lake

2. Quesnel

3. Langley City

4. Terrace

5. Prince Rupert

6. Dawson Creek

7. Prince George

8. Fort St. John

9. Port Alberni

10. Vernon

Hey we are not even in the top ten worst Canadian cities! And there are 6 worst cities for crime than PG right here in BC!

I honestly thought once Target came to town things would be on the up and up. Now that Target will be gone. Crime will once again rear it’s ugly head. I blame Target for everything.

Hey Retired, was that Religious gangs or the other kind?LOL

Was just on Global BC noon news that there is a 25% increase in theft from vehicles over last year and a staggering 62% increase in vehicle theft in the same time period. And where you might ask……….. Abbotsford!


B.C. Also has the highest rate of child poverty . Another generation growing up poor , malnurished , no extras , little if any future . All the while being raised in the consumer society and only being able to watch from afar . Way to go cc you’re number one at child poverty . Way to go harper you’re number one at starving kids from coast to coast to coast . A society is judged by how they treat the weakest amougst them . “WE” make me want to puke . Still people wonder where all this crime comes from . We may not be the dumbest country in the world but I’m sure we are runners up .

Not sure why people think that people in other areas of Canada give a **hoot** about Prince George.

Here are a few Cities in Canada with similar populations to Prince George BC.

Belleville Ont., Chilliwack, Drummondville Que, Fredricton NB, Sarnia Ont, Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu Que.

Now ask yourself. When was the last time you gave any thought to these Cities, and when will be the next time.

Then come to the conclusion that the amount of time you spend thinking about other Cities, is the amount of time they spend thinking about your City.

In other words they don’t. So get over yourselfs.

@palopu who gives a hoot . We give a hoot as do most people that are either relocating or visiting . As pg being number one at something like this makes us glad there is a partial pg bypass . We have been looking to relocate because our once quiet little town has doubled in size and crawling with people . Heck we even have rush hour and more and more crime every year . All the places we have looked at to relocate to we have researched . One of the first things we look at is the areas crime rate . In this digital era , few would not .

Continue to live in your dream world ataloss. You seem to have a problem differentiating between the 35 Million people in Canada, and the few who might be considering a move to Prince George.

On the big scale of things, Prince George hardly rates. In the world you live in Prince George might be of interest. To the rest of Canada, not so much.

Retired 02

Not sure why you would get up set about people stating the obvious about Abby. If you are unhappy with your move that is no reason to take it out on others. People learn from their mistakes. Taking a little time to research before a big move can save you grief latter. I am sure that is a mistake that you will never repeat again.
If it helps, I send a hug via e-mail to ya..

Maverick, you suffer from the same same illness that those that think they can abuse others and its Ok . What in hell gave you the idea that I’m unhappy because I live in Abbotsford.

We love it here and its a great place to live. Like I have said before stop comparing _Prince George with Abbotsford. There are no Cities in Canada that are immune from crime. And, its not us that live in these Cities is a lack of social support for those that need it.

We have homeless people here and no one seems to care. Its part of our crime rate and other problems. Nothing is perfect.

Retired you are the one always comparing, now trying to blame your critics, funny. You do need a hobby.

“We have homeless people here and no one seems to care.”

The city of Abbotsford cares about the homeless…enough to spread chicken manure all over their camp. Not a very nice thing to do in the epicenter of bird flu in the whole country.


Seamut your nuts.

I haven’t read a newspaper or Mclean magazine for years. I know in the past there are some that have used MacLean’s for their research and fed us with that information. These people in the m3adia, Newspaper, radio, TV are “word smiths” and they have to make a living. and its an easy glamour us vocation.

And the problem is that many don’t realize what the facts are. One week they will tell us that this is the ultimate solution and next you will have someone give you another spin of what they think is the solution. So read MacLean’s and watch TV but leave me out of your research.

That is terrible, how could a bible capital be so ruthless to the less fortunate. No wonder Retired is so miserable with life.

Bibles make good fill for pot-holes.

Oh Digitus Impudicus repent your sins.

I thought that would grab your attention thumper.

Hey Mav….I see another 10 priests were charged today.

Oh Digitus Impudicus that is just the media and their sinister propaganda. What does Spain have to do with P.G.

A safe prediction is that the national media will have wall to wall coverage of PG’s ills during the games and the local serial killer celebrity and the ‘highway of tears’ will make a passing mention by all the news outlets that cover the games. They never find the time to get the real story of PG when our image precedes us and its the easy story that the rest of Canada expects to hear when PG is in the news nationally.

Very mature retired, very mature. Who said I read McLeans? Newspapers, a source of one-sided missinformation. Do a Google search for sources of Abby gang information. Georgia Straight as your home page, now that is a laugh riot.

Dissagree with me then refute, don’t resort to immature name calling.

This is pretty ironic coming from the master of conjecture.

I was worried for you Digitus Impudicus, so we held an exorcism in your honor. I sure hope that you were O.K. with that? You should feel a lot lighter when you wake up.

Thanks Mav, but save your creepy religious chit for some weak minded person sitting next to you at your Sunday social club. Now do us all a favour and throw your bibles in some pot-holes. Or, leave them in outhouses where people can get some use out of them.

I guess that means it will take a while to convert you hey

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