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October 28, 2017 6:05 am

Pothole Season Arrives Early

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 @ 4:00 AM

potholePrince George, B.C.-  The mild weather has been revealing  a fresh crop of  potholes in the city of Prince George.

(at right,  about  2 feet long and  4″ deep  this  beauty  is catching some drivers off guard as they exit  Foothills  to Highland Drive.)

The mild weather   started a thaw, freeze cycle  that has allowed  moisture to undermine pavement in various spots  on  municipal roads.

Water gets into cracks in the pavement,   expands when it freezes,  widening the crack and  leaving it  vulnerable to further damage  from  vehicles.

City Crews have been  using the mobile hot patching unit to  fill and  repair  the holes.

Some of the worst   spots for potholes  this week? Here are some of the  spots 250News has discovered, but feel free to add to the list in the comments section, we know the streets division at City Hall  will be reading this.

  • Tyner Boulevard  between Ospika and University Way.
  • Foothills Boulevard at 15th Avenue
  • 3rd Avenue West of Victoria.has to rank  high on the list,

Last year,  City crews repaired 14 thousand potholes.

Associated Public Works Director Gina Layte Liston says  the good news is that  crews aren’t seeing any potholes on recently paved  stretches, just on  routes that are  on the list of  roads needing  rehabilitation.


The left turn lane off fifth avenue onto Central street, massive pothole. The approach to the intersection from Ferry avenue (going west) to Highway 16. Just past the left turn off Ferry to the grave yard. The intersection of O’Grady Road and Domano Blvd, turning left to the highway, very bad pot hole. Railway Road near Richmond Steel Recyclers very bad section of pot holes. :(

I wonder how they figure the freeze/thaw cycle works in the summer time?

“Last year, City crews repaired 14 thousand potholes.”

For a suitably loose value of “repair”, sure.

Re: picture – how about 10 inches deep!! And turning from the bypass to Westwood Drive (by Hydro) the whole turn is one BIG pothole.

I hit very few potholes. I don’t follow close, I see them, go around them,to me they’re not a big deal. Just have to concentrate on driving.

Hey Grizz not to many with your idea of driving.

Most don’t know what the steering wheel is for. All that’s needed is to slow down and the traffic is not that heavy that you can’t drive around the pothole

Ever watched how they repair the pot holes…
they dump the patching material into a hole filled or at least partly filled with water….
tamp it down and expect it is going to stay there….

is it incompetent workers or incompetent trainers of the workers…

no wonder they did 14 thousand holes last year , how many of those were repaired two or more times because the frozen water forced the patch out … I know of a few….

Yeah, knew a guy who wouldn’t slow down, wouldn’t dodge ’em, would say “Damn” just before he hit them. Funny!

Watched a city patching crew just the other day and the procedure apparently is to throw several shovels of patching material into the hole, step on it several times with your boots, and presto all patched.

Yeah pothole repair in this city seems to be more converting the potholes to speed bumps.

Regarding driving around potholes: always fun watching people suddenly see the pothole and wildly swerve into the other lane! In places with actual road maintenance you don’t need to drive like you are dodging artillery fire!

Lack of supervision, in today’s society it appears people have to be told on a daily basis what needs to be done. You would think our snow removal crew could report were the major pot holes are and help repair them instead of driving around wasting fuel, grinding and wearing there blades out on dry pavement.

Ouch!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve fallen in and I can’t get out……..

That was a sarcastic joke……right?

Golden opportunity for the City to show how they can get these roads ready for the Winter Games.

The plan??? that all would be covered in ice and snow, has gone by the board. They now have the bald truth staring them in the face.

Prince George has terrible roads, and a huge pothole problem, add to that the grungy downtown, and the overall dirt, and you don’t have much for a selling factor.

Then of course there are all the regular shoppers that usually come to town on the week-ends, who will have to stay home because all the hotel rooms are booked by our Winter Games people, plus the full restaurants and shortage of seating,.

I can see some people getting a little upset.

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