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October 28, 2017 6:04 am

Chuvalo Appearance Postponed

Thursday, January 29, 2015 @ 3:49 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Former Canadian Heavyweight boxing champion George Chuvalo won’t be appearing in Prince George tonight as planned.

His  scheduled appearance at the Native Friendship Centre in Prince George has been postponed.
Tonight’s event was to have seen Chuvalo share his story which, like a boxing match, has seen Chuvalo  round after round of heart wrenching knocks as he and his family suffered through tragedy and  personal struggles.

The reason for the postponement is not clear, as calls to the  director of health at the Native Friendship Centre were not returned by publication time.
Details on the rescheduled event will be shared once they have been finalized


Doesn’t surprise me. I questioned the notion of selling tickets to a speaking event that is aimed at those who are troubled and drug/alcohol dependant. Not going to get many ticket sales with that crowd. I would have thought it would have been free to at least try to encourage a turnout.

Well I disagree with you Huh. There are some of us who are interested in what the man has to say. Probably quite a few people in fact.

For example; anyone who has experienced similar tragedies (if you don’t know, check Wikipedia; George Chuvalo) or has a loved one or friend who has gone from a normal life to one that is ruled by an addiction.
Or, strange as it may seem, someone who has empathy for the struggles another is facing, or has experienced.

I was planning on attending, Chuvalo was a big deal when I was a kid, and it would be cool to meet him. He fought some other legendary boxers like Joe Frasier and Cassius Clay (Muhammed Ali)
His legendary toughness in the ring maybe somehow relates to how he has weathered the calamities of his personal life.

I went to buy tickets and was told that there was a medical reason for the postponement, but that they planned to re-book Mr. Chuvalo at a future date.

By the way, at least some of the proceeds were to go to the food bank that the NFC supports.


I hope Mr. Chuvalo is OK, but I am glad it is to be rescheduled (could not make the first date) as he is a great speaker and the point is to help, understand and empathize with those who have some of the problems the man has faced, or to stop someone from taking that very hard road. His message is most inspiring and can teach us all something from his tragedies. He is one of the great Canadians (he also was the only boxer to knock Cassius Clay down, and always had the great ones respect)I will be front row for his rescheduled date (and it’s a worthy cause to fork over $35.00 for) worth every penny to be in the same room with that much knowledge and understanding.

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