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October 28, 2017 6:04 am

Mount Polley Report To Be Released Tomorrow

Thursday, January 29, 2015 @ 12:58 PM

Prince George, B.C.- The Independent Expert Engineering Investigation and Review Panel report on the Mount Polley tailings pond  breach will be released tomorrow.

The  investigation will  deliver the cause of the  breach  on August 4th which sent 10 million cubic meters of  water and mine tailings into Polley Lake, Hazeltine Creek and downstream into Quesnel Lake.

The independent panel consists of  Norbert Morgenstern an advisor to consulting engineers, Steven Vick, a geotechnical engineer and Dirk Van Zyl, professor  at UBC’s Norman B Keevil Institute of Mining engineering.  The Soda Creek and Williams Lake Indian Bands have a liaison to the  panel throughout the  panel’s investigative process.

The report is also  expected to  make recommendations for change to prevent  such a disaster from recurring.



Can anyone guess what caused it?

YES zero enforcement, only lip service. BENNETT says that this is going to change we wont hold our breath on this one.

The disaster that turned out to be not so much of one.

SAYS who you JB well what you think doesn’t carry much weight with me. WHY don’t you just go ask the people who own the lodges and live on the lake. WHILE your there have a tall glass of water.

Wouldn’t waste the energy replying to any of J.B’s thoughts. “ice”

maybe its just me but everytime I post he is crawling up my backside. hell I aint even married to him………..creepy!!!

Anyone that’s paying attention knows it’s not going to be good for the government, it’s why they announced more funding for the mines ministry for inspections this week, so they appear “proactive.” That’s if you ignore the gutting of the ministry, and the subsequent complete lack over oversight for mines, that happened in 2001.

Hey matty and Mav, get over yourselves.

Even the media has backed off of using the word ‘disaster’ as freely as they did when it first happened, calling it an ‘incident’ now. That ought to tell you something.

The report may get to the cause, the effects will take some time to become apparent. Because the media stops calling it a disaster, doesn’t make it true. We’ll see how the juvenile salmon make out. Might as well get rid of the tailings ponds, since they really only create “incidents”.

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