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October 28, 2017 6:02 am

YXS Operations Affected by Snowfall

Friday, January 30, 2015 @ 9:20 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Operations at the Prince George airport have been affected by the day’s winter weather.

Spokesperson Lindsay Cotter says the wet, heavy snow caused a power outage at YXS.  Back- up power has kicked in throughout the terminal, however the back-up generator for the airfield lighting has failed. The airport’s operations team is working on repairing the back-up generator but as there is no lighting on the airfield, it is unsafe to land/take off from the Prince George Airport.

Airport operations, electricians and BC Hydro are on site trying to restore power.

BC Hydro expects to have power restored by 2:00 am.

Passengers scheduled to take off or land tonight are being asked to contact their airline to make arrangements.



Seeing as there is no temperature data going to the Internet weather sites, I thought the thermometer had broken again 8 -(
No power to the thermometer makes sense why it’s not working.

“however the back-up generator for the airfield lighting has failed”

Who is in charge of the maintenance of this generator? Just so I know who not to call if I ever need mine looked after.

I would have thought that by this time they would have figured this problem out. August 10 I was landing here and had to fly out first flight the next day. We were told we could circle for 20 min then we had to go back to Vancouver. Sheer luck got the lights lit dimly enough to let us land.

I’ve never ever had so many problems in an airport as I have had here.

Whoever is in charge at YXS sure needs to get with it or find other employment.

Just keep paying your Airport Improvement Fees. Nothing more to see here.

Northern Electric has an airport division hmmmmm.
So I wonder if they are testing the system once a month like they are supposed to.

Few things as frustrating as your flight almost getting to PG and having to turn around or waiting to board your flight only to find out that a failed generator closed the airport. A rather pathetic performanceo by YXS.

I feel for the current travelers, I wonder about the backup system, if it had also failed maybe they need to look into getting a new system, I mean part of the point of backup systems is they can sit idle for long periods of time and then work. If they can not, then they need to be replaced.

Pathetic performance from yxs. They keep pushing for expansion but how about making it reliable first

Great way to attract Big Jets!

Having a back up system at the airport that is not tested on a regular basis to ensure reliability is not acceptable. How does that even happen?

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