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October 28, 2017 5:57 am

Crash Impacts Traffic Lights

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 @ 2:03 PM

light standard

City workers repair  traffic light- photo 250News

Prince George, B.C.-  Traffic is stop and go at 15th and Carney  today  as  City workers make repairs to a light standard that  was damaged  in an early morning crash.

A single vehicle  incident this morning damaged the light standard at  that intersection  and the control panel.

City Crews have been working  all day to make  the repairs,  but it could be tomorrow before  traffic lights at that intersection are  operating properly.

There were no serious injuries in the  crash.

This very busy intersection is  now controlled  as a four way stop.



Is someone laying down on the job or did they slip and fall on the icy sidewalk?

No shovel to lean on.

Do you two know anything about how traffic lights are controlled and the wiring that’s involved?

Do you two know anything about how traffic lights are controlled and the wiring that’s involved? Are you those guys that pull up to the stop light and sit ahead of the stop line and wonder why the light never changes for you?

How bout the guy sitting is a hole watch and the other laying in the snow is the rescuer holding the lanyard thats attached to the guy in the manhole doing the work. It ain’t rocket appliance but nothing ceases to amaze me with some of the comments on this site.

Too funny. I see the humour impaired have arrived.

The guy sitting is working on the pole wiring, there is a oval hole in the pole which gets covered by a plate at the base of the pole. There are also wiring manholes in the sidewalk or road edge which are used for connections and are a few feet deep. Not deep enough to sit in and in this case probably feed the pressure sensors in the road. It also get a cover held down by screws or bolts so the public can’t electrocute themselves hence the drill laying on the sidewalk.

Pretty sure the photographer took many shots; but conveniently posted the one that has the city worker laying down. Makes for better posts on this site perhaps?

Also; you city bashers!!! You’d be pretty ticked off if they DIDN’T fix the lights and weeks went by and poor complainers on this site had to figure out how to do a four way stop at a major intersection.

Pretty easy to point the finger at somebody else doing their job when I’ll bet not too many of you are willing to be out there in this weather and have people driving by honking and giving you the finger JUST for doing your job.

Would be nice just once in a while to see the majority of comments here saying a big thank you to those that work outside and get these tasks done. I for one appreciate your work!!

I’ve seen lots of people laying in the streets of Prince George over the years…..but they usually don’t wear a high-vis vest.

I have a funny bone and I see the humor in the first few comments. I do notice there are alot of angry PG commenters on this site. Lighten up! we have a long way to go before winter is over :)

Winner winner chicken dinner, you nailed it newstome. Kudos to the crew.

This incident barely qualifies as newsworthy, let alone humour-worthy, but I guess you have to keep the content of the site fresh.

Get over yourselves guys and have a little fun!! My god, you guys think laughter is a bad thing???

Glad to see it in the news, called the wife at work, she picked another way home. I have found in my travels, there’s a lot of courtesy in this town at 4 way stops, much better than roundabouts, LOL

Laughter is a good thing, but if the best you can do to generate your idea of humour is to “put down” or mock guys working , grow up.

No one even mentioned the friggin idiot that ran into the pole…. It wasn’t even moving?!!? Where is the sport in that.

If you want to carry on with the laughter and humour you should know that 11 service stations in PG have just raised their price to $109.9

Isn’t that hilarious ???

I was shoveling my driveway the other night, and just happened to be finishing up when a plow truck came along and started clearing our street. He happened to be working alone, so there was no loader following him around. As he had seen that I just finished clearing my driveway, when he passed by and created a windrow he stopped and backed up and swooped in and cleared 90% of the windrow with the blade and carried on. He didn’t do that on the other driveways and certainly didn’t need to do it with mine, because I was standing right there with the shovel waiting for him to create the windrow. Super nice thing to do and much appreciated and thank-you by the way I don’t know if you caught the wave of appreciation as it was dark.

I’ve had other run ins with the garbage truck operators and street crews. To a man, these guys have always been exemplary in their work and behaviour. One of the garbage truck operators actually apologized when my garbage can fell over when he put it back down as I again was standing there. Totally not necessary because I live on a hill, but it’s little things like that which show the level of care and dedication to the job a lot of these people have. I for one really appreciate what some of these people do. Some of these guys spend a lifetime doing these things and it would be easy to get cynical, especial with all the little fools they have to deal with on and off line, but I don’t see a lot of evidence of that. So hats off.

This article is good information too, because that is a busy intersection. I always appreciate hearing about traffic issues that are along my daily routes. If it saves me time and frustration, I’m always appreciative of that.

I have all the respect in the world for the outside city workers, they are the ones that bear the beast of burden. They get the job done, and they deserve every cent they get paid.

I agree with Sine Nomine on this one. A smile and a wave goes a long way.

Lighten up people. A little humor is good for you. Yes “FATE” I do have a very good understanding how traffic lights are controlled and wired and yes I have worked on them for a good while. I am familiar with the working conditions also and appreciate the workers doing these jobs. Having said that, as a second thought he is not laying down on the job but looking for his cell phone that dropped in the snow. He was using his I-phone to program the traffic lights??? JB, your comment barely qualifies as a post. Keep your sense of humor people and you won’t stress as much.

karrman must be a city worker. No sense of humour.

Where are the obligatory three people standing around watching? Were they cropped out? :)

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