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October 28, 2017 5:50 am

P.G. Still on Radar for New Air Service

Thursday, February 12, 2015 @ 3:55 AM
canada jetlines

image courtesy Canada Jetlines

Prince George, B.C.- The new airline looking to launch  out of B.C. is  developing its final route map, and Prince George is still  part of the  plan.

Canada Jetlines, based in Richmond,  is  in the final stages of  getting  its necessary licensing from federal agencies.   ( see previous story)

The airline  has  on its preliminary  flight map,  a flight that would  leave Vancouver, arrive in Prince George, and  then continue on to Edmonton with a connection to Fort McMurray.

With the  oil patch in a slump and workers  being laid off  one might think this may not be the best time to be launching an airline, but Company President  David Solloway says the timing is  perfect “This is the best  time to be launching an ultra low fare airline. Fuel prices are down, as well, when the economy isn’t as strong as  it was, people spend  their money in a different way, so for cost conscious consumers,  ultra low  fare airline is  the first choice.”canadajetlines3

(at right, preliminary flight route map, courtesy Canada Jetlines)

Solloway says his airline will offer fares, 20-40%  lower than the current   lowest airfares  available now, but  you will  be expected to pay for any extras, including baggage  and carry-on  bags. “We will charge more for a carry-on bag.”  The reason for the increased cost for carry-on is to  reduce the  delays  for departures and arrivals  as people stow, or retrieve their carry-on  luggage.  “So many costs for an airline come from  things people simply don’t use” says Solloway “We’re  very proud to be offering an al la carte airline. If you don’t bring a bag,  you will save more money.”

Solloway says there will be value  added goods and services as well. For example,  if a person books a flight 30 days  ahead of departure  time,  seat selection would  be  at no cost.

The final route map is being developed now.




Interesting routes. Hamalton will be a big winner by the looks of it as a major hub with direct flights to Vancouver connecting to major east coast destinations. Also Penticton looks to be a big winner as well with direct connections to Vancouver and Edmonton same as PG. I bet that San Diago connection will be real popular option as well and cargo pants will sell well in all locations.

The PG Edmonton flight could be interesting.

PG/ Edmonton could work well for oil patch workers.

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