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October 28, 2017 5:50 am

YXS One Busy Busy Place

Thursday, February 12, 2015 @ 3:54 AM

Prince George, B.C.-   Today will be one very busy day at the Prince George Airport.

This is the first day for the bulk of  athletes and visitors to arrive in Prince George for the  first week of the Canada Winter Games.

The airport has been prepping for this first wave of arrivals,  but  wants travelers heading out of Prince George  to  allow for  extra time for  check in and security clearance.

YXS is predicting its daily regular traffic count will  more than double today.  On February 21st, the day that will see  athletes from week one leaving,  and week two athletes arriving,  daily  traffic is expected to more than triple the norm.


are we getting extra fights or are they just filling up the regular ones?

Hope they fixed their generator!

Not sure why people leaving would be affected by people arriving though. You don’t go through security when you arrive and you certainly shouldn’t be anywhere near the check in area.

Parking and general congestion in the terminal would be a factor.

There are extra Charter Flights, that will unload at the North End of the Airport using the (unused) space by the (unused) fuel storage tanks.
People will be unloaded there and bussed to Prince George.

The first group to arrive leaves on the same day that the second group arrives, so the Airport will have twice as many flights and passengers on this transition day .

People should keep in mind that these games are spread over 18 days and into two groups. Roughly 1800 athletes and managers per group. They are not all here at the same time.

There is only so much room on the Tarmac for Aircraft to load and unload so extra aircraft arriving will most definitely slow the departures down.

I hope the airlines have a backup plan in place for when problems arise. Otherwise a big thanks to YXS for helping people arrive in PG. I hope the remainder of their stay goes as smooth as day 1

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