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October 28, 2017 5:46 am

Long Track Events Move To Ft.St. John

Monday, February 16, 2015 @ 11:09 AM


l-r Stuart Ballantyne, Christina Chenard, Phil Bealieu, Anthony Everitt, and Sue Hyland

Prince George BC- Plagued with mild temperatures that have forced the delay in long track competition at the outdoor ice oval , Canada Winter Games officials have decided to move long track speed skating to Ft St John.

Games CEO Stuart Ballantyne says  the goal of the Games  was to provide an exceptional experience for the athletes, and despite the  efforts  of  dedicated volunteers who did everything they could to have the oval ready  for early morning  competition,  the ice conditions are just not  good enough.

“For the safety of the athletes it is the only option open to us” says Christina Chenard  of Speed Skating Canada.

There are 63 skaters and 75 parents to move to Ft. St.John. A flight, and bus  have been arranged to move folks.

Competition is slated to start Wednesday.

Ballantyne says  they hope to have everyone back to Prince George in time for their departing flights on Saturday.


a BIG thanks to all the volunteers that worked so hard to get the job done, you have done your best and have created a wonderful facility….with colder weather by Friday lets hope the events return to PG! Thank you volunteers!

That’s really too bad. Many volunteers that worked hundreds of hours to get the site ready only to have it spoiled by mother nature. Kudos to the long track crew for a job well done.

At least there was an option, that arena is a perfect venue for the event.

Exactly, the most important part of any of this is that there is the option to host it up there. Kudo’s to all the volunteers and games staff. No amount of planning could have corrected the course of Mother Nature. I’m just glad that all the althete’s get to compete and their families get to watch.

Yes indeed thanks to the people who lost sleep, worked their best magic to try to make the oval work. It was always a flip of the coin with the usual Feb weather we get whether we’d be melting or freezing… Good call. Go speed skaters… I’ll bet they’ll get some great support from the citizens of FSJ.

Two comments above referred to “mother nature” not cooperating, I find that interesting. When I was growing up in this area the term “arctic front” was frequently mentioned in the winter time, NEVER did we hear about something called the “pineapple express”. Anyone who has lived up here, for more than 40 years, knows that our winters are not the same. Climate change is here folks, wait a few more years and we will be telling our grandkids how there used to be something called the Winter Games.

Cluestick do you think the games would have been awarded to us if our weather isn’t usually cold with snow? When is the last time we had rain in mid February ? Been here 30+ yrs and don’t recall it happening before. This is when most people travel to the sun as it’s usually the worst part of the winter.

As for the climate change it happens gradually over many years, it’s not like turning up a thermostat.

Lived hear all my life and yes there has always been a Pineapple Express. This is part of the El Niño phenomenon and it isn’t new.

Climate change? If you call coming out of an ice age climate change. In the grand scheme of things 12,000 years ago isn’t very long so yes things are warming up. Haven’t heard of any records being broken lately though.

This reminds me of prominent, and world renown scientist; Neil deGrasse Tyson when someone asked him if he believed in man made global warming, his response was classic; In turn he asked the question; “Do You believe in gravity?”

Sorry this debate is over, man made (anthropogenic) global warming is as real as gravity! Now aren’t there some anti-vaxxers you two can hang out and share a conversation with?

I have lived here since the early 50s, and I don’t actually remember a winter that did NOT have at least one freezing rain event, commonly in January or early February. Often it was part of a week (or so) long thaw. Yes, there were some very much colder winters, but rain in winter was predictable. It left a crust on the snow that was very hard on moose and deer. Only heard it called a Pineapple Express in recent years, but the weather phenomenon has always been around in my life time.

And yes, thanks to the many volunteers for all the sports (coaches, officials, venue preparers, etc.) whose donation of lots of unpaid time is allowing the competitions to happen. These competitions give young people a reason to focus on goals that are more useful than electronic games and other common entertainments.


Copy and paste the web address, add http to the beginning for an interesting read. Looks like our city is trying to prepare. Funny how they never had this, or thought about this, as part of City operations planning before, even though climate change has always been happening, as some of you claim.


cluestick: We had green Christmas back in the fifties. I’ve seen thunder storms every month of the year now. Back in ’88 or 9 we had 25 degrees one day in January. The bugs were out. I had bugs all over the windshield of my truck. Wish I could have taken a picture of that.
It is true that we’ve had warmer winters since 1997. The scientists can’t explain why the other planets are warming up too. Man made warming doesn’t extend that far, so I think it is a natural cycle.

We were riding dirt bikes in the gravel pit by College Heights in February 1982, the snow was gone early that year. Don’t remember if it rained, that month, though it probably did.

“Researchers have long-suspected that the rapid growth in the population of the mountain pine beetle has been caused by climate change. Essentially, recent winters have not been cold enough to kill the beetle and prevent its spread throughout much of the BC Interior.”

To read more, cut and paste .unbc.ca/releases/2007/climate-change-and-mountain-pine-beetle#sthash.pSI0LW4d.dpuf then add the www to the front of the website address.

It’a an interesting article where researchers think all that standing dead pine is actually contributing to global warming. When they were alive they were a carbon sink, absorbing carbon dioxide from the air, now that they are dead they could be emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. I will follow and believe the science on this subject.

I don’t think anyone is saying that climate change isn’t occurring, but to think it is totally manmade is pretty egotistical. That we, who have only been on the earth for a minuscule amount of time in the big scheme of things can actually affect, on a global scale, the climate is ridiculous. We are but 1 organism on this massive piece of rock. The sun has a much greater impact on anything that happens on the earth.

Then it is NASA, and a multitude of other reputable science agencies and organizations around the world, that you would disagree with Bent.

“Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists agree that climate-warming trends over the past century are very likely due to human activities.”


Be sure to mention that climate change thing to everyone east of the Rockies.. I’m sure they’ll be glad to hear that the frigid temperatures they have been facing, aren’t real.

A lot of tropical flower and critter fossils up by Miette hit springs in Jasper. From when the earth had an average temperature that was a whole lot warmer.

The coast line of Africa used to be 160km more inland then where it is today. I wonder why?

Funny thing about the sun! It sure warms thing up.

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