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October 28, 2017 5:44 am

Smash and Grabs from Vehicles Hit Community

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 @ 1:47 PM

Prince George, B.C.- Once again, RCMP  in Prince George  are  reminding people not to leave anything of value  in  their vehicles.policecarnew

Over the past two weeks there has been a rash of smash  and grabs from  vehicles in the City.

Police have received 29 reports of  vehicles being broke into  since Saturday Feb. 7th, in each case,  thieves were after  items that had been left in plain sight,  wallets and electronic items  were among the items stolen.

According to Police  the  incidents have taken place in  nearly  every neighbourhood of the City and during all hours of the day and night.

Police say this type of crime  would be greatly reduced, if not eliminated, if   valuables were either removed from the vehicle, or placed in the trunk  where they can’t been spotted by would be thieves.


It is OK to blame the victim in this case? They were asking to get robbed of their items? Political correctness police have to nail this one down. Where are the bait cars? Can I hook up a fencer to my door handle?

I can’t believe someone would leave their wallet in a vehicle.

Looks like the businesses aren’t the only ones robbing CWG visitors through jacked up hotel fees, looks the criminal element (if there is a difference) is getting in on it as well. Welcome to Prince George everyone.

If it isn’t a “major drug bust”, “weapons offense”, “gang crime” or “violent assault” the local detachment isn’t really interested. Community police cuts into “stuff” that gets “commendations from the white shirts”. So if you don’t do your thing and protect your possessions they become “someone else’s” really quickly here. Pity the level of “clean up” before the games was less than we expected.

I volunteered a few years ago to police vehicles at an event and you would be absolutely amazed what people will leave in plain sight all because they believe they will never get broken into or vehicles stolen everything from watches, to loose change to in one case a boxed up brand new big screen TV laying on the front seat to jewelry on dashboards and cup holders

People have to realize that just like any other city there are thieves everywhere and if they leave things out in the open for thieves to see its the vehicles owners fault in my opinion as they are asking to be targeted

They best be careful at my place. They could lose a knee cap when they slip on the ice buid up on my driveway.

Never blame the victim, it’s the Crooks who commit the Crime!
Only why a Door is anlocked , it’s not ok to Enter and Steal!

You can see a TV when you look in my windows. You can also see a pile of DVDs and CDs, and maybe the odd time a camera and a laptop and a wallet and purse even… Why is it my fault if this is in my car but not if it is my home? It is far easier to break into my home than my car, don’t have to smash any windows or anything just give the door a kick.

Someone needs to grab these criminals and smash their heads together until they stop frikin stealing.

It would help Pval if people stopped being so stupid and leaving things out for thieves to steal as long as we have people being stupid we will have criminals

Prof, yer right. The thing I don’t see is neighborhood patrols. Guess folks got to get out more at night and go for a walk to deter these aholes ourselves. And remember, if you see a guy on a bike with a backpack, he probably ain’t going home, he’s going to someone else’s home. Phone it in, you’ll be surprised what’s in the backpack.
And yeah, people find it inconvenient to hide stuff in their vehicles let alone lock them up.

Blaming theft victims for leaving valuables in plain sight in a locked car is no different than blaming a rape victim for wearing provocative clothing. Blame the criminal.

If something doesn’t belong to you, leave it alone. It doesn’t matter where it may be located or what it is. If you insist upon stealing my personal belongings I have no problem dealing with you all by myself. The cops won’t be involved. Be prepared for your worst nightmare!

Come on…..lets not blame the victim ay. Put the blame where it belongs. What is wrong with this world!!!!

Dearth.. We all leave our vehicles out there.. Vehicles get stolen all the time.. Are we the stupid ones ? My son in law had nothing in his vehicle yet his window was smashed and they went through the compartments looking for stuff, which there was none.. Is that his fault too ?

We used to leave the company vehicles unlocked overnight in the fenced compound, to save on the cost of replacing side windows. Sometimes the thieves broke the windows anyway, perhaps not having tried the door handle first.
Then of course they would smash the interior dome light, perhaps frustrated that there was never anything in the trucks worth stealing.
I have always been in favour of vigilante justice but at the same time I sincerely doubt that revenge is any sort of cure for criminality.

Revenge no but if you lay a beating on a thief and then send him on his way in nothing more than his underwear(or less), its bound to get him the kind of attention he doesn’t really want.
Might even show him a little about the value of a few possessions.

Same old PG , must be making a killing with all the new people in town , I really feel sorry for the folks that came to the winter games and have had things stolen . Welcome to PG .

“And remember, if you see a guy on a bike with a backpack, he probably ain’t going home, he’s going to someone else’s home. Phone it in, you’ll be surprised what’s in the backpack” .. dumb statement. Remind me never to be out on a bike with a backpack on in their neighbourhood. What if I am walking? Will I be left alone then? Talk about sterotyping.

Fedup2015, you really think this type of crime is PG only? It’s happens everywhere. I find actual breaking less as the stereos vehicles come with now don’t need to be changed. They are much better quality. When I was a teenager everyone had after market stereos and they where ripped off lots.. No car alarms back then either.

As per usual.. You have some members of society that will take the easiest route to make money.. No matter where you live…

Give the poor people more money…and they won’t have to steal.

Bent, two guys with backpacks and black hoodies pulled over their heads cruising through a residential area on their mustang bikes at 3 am aren’t coming home from work.

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