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October 28, 2017 5:41 am

Terror Threat Hits Close to Home

Sunday, February 22, 2015 @ 8:25 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The threat of international terrorism has hit close to home.

This after multiple media outlets reported this morning that a group with links to al-Qaeda, appears to call on its followers to attack shopping malls in Europe and North America – including West Edmonton Mall.

In the video al-Shabaab suggests attacks on malls in the United States, U.K., France and Canada and mention West Edmonton Mall specifically by name.

The Alberta RCMP say they are aware of the video but don’t believe there is any imminent threat to Canadians.


the fear mongering is getting old, divide and conquer politics will rip our democracy apart! Eagle you are right about the system but as it is its polluted, biased and regressive and causing hate. so sad to see and not easy to change

Sounds a great deal like the Korean movie promotion of “the Interveiw ” the malls are dying on their own . With the unbelievable cost of shipping anything across this country , we have stopped buying in retail brick and mortor stores . We now either send money or buy online where shipping is either free or dirt cheap . The malls are going the way of book stores . They just don’t get it yet .

I do think putting a LOT of extra security on is the only thing to do…people that are trained to try and spot these people before hundreds of inoccent people are killed again.

They are saying no immenent threat to people. What a joke is this when the crazies have said they want to attact that mall. How stupid are people.

Wow, make a video and grab the headlines! If the YouTube video didn’t give some nut ideas, then all this coverage surely will! Perhaps it is time the media stop publicizing vague threats such as these. If the RCMP think there is no imminent danger to the public, then what is gained through all the free publicity but notoriety for the video creator.

We should also look into the possibility of the family or church of any crazy person taking such actions to be held liable for civil damages at the very least. That way if you ignore the warning signs of your son or daughter or follower being radicalized you can expect to be sued for all your wordly possessions.

So we can be banished from the website if any mention is made of the tiny country in the Mid East that is the genus of modern jihadism….

Rather than counter point a much needed reality check it’s more clean to hide behind threats I presume to the website censor to have comments removed?

Sparrow the floor is all yours now… Enlighten us will you….

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