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October 28, 2017 5:33 am

Team Awards and Praise Wrap Up Games

Sunday, March 1, 2015 @ 10:57 AM

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Canada Games Council Chair, Tom Quinn,  praises  2015 Host Society, Volunteers for successful  two week event – (photos 250News)

Prince George, B.C.- Canada Games Council Chair Tom Quinn put it plain and simply,  “These past two weeks of competition have been truly incredible.”
Quinn says  the athlete experience  has also been exceptional and praised the volunteers in Prince George in the wrap up  news conference  for the Canada Winter Games.“I can tell you first hand, this group of volunteers made everyone  who came to Prince George, feel at home” said Quinn.  That is a sentiment  validated by a couple of Quebec athletes, who ,  said  no matter where they went, they were greeted with smiles, “It made us feel at home”.

Team  New Brunswick was awarded the Canada Centennial Games Cup,  an award presented to the team which has shown the most  improvement  since the previous Games, held in Sherbrooke Quebec  two years ago.

2015 Winter Games Society Chair, Anthony Everitt says the Games  have stirred up  a sense of pride in Prince George “Something that hasn’t always been present”  He says he has “nothing but admiration and humbled ” by all the work end efforts of the volunteers.

“We are way ahead of schedule  for our budget and ticket  sales,  that was very important to us” added Everitt.

Everitt had the honour of presenting the Jack Pelech  award to  Team Yukon,  ( photo at right) final4an award  given to the provincial or territorial team  whose athletes, coaches, managers and mission staff best combine competitive performance, good sportsmanship and a spirit of  fair play, cooperation and friendship.

There was a tie for the Claude Hardy award which is  awarded to the Mission  Team for their  talents and dedication.  It was awarded to Saskatchewan and B.C.

“You have been unbelievable leaders, ” said MLA Shirley Bond to  Anthony Everitt and Games CEO Stu Ballantyne  “To the volunteers, it was a sea of green,  they are so proud and so happy that everyone has been able to come and see the Prince George  we  know and love.” She relayed a story about her five year old grandson, who  was  inspired by  the Games, that as they watched the  semi final hockey game,  told her he will one day be a competitor  at the Canada Games.  The  gallery  roared with laughter  when Bond relayed that  her grandson then announced “Yup, I’m going to play for  Team Quebec.”

Mayor Lyn Hall  heaped praise on  Stu Ballantyne and  Anthony Everitt, praise which had both men holding back tears. Mayor Hall says he is in denial, because he can’t believe the Games, which have been in the works for  years,  are coming to a close.

“As we move to the final ceremony this evening, which we  know will be difficult for many,  we will have a chance to reflect on  what these Games mean to Prince George.”  Hall says  he is looking forward to “building” from these Games,  “The Games were the foundation  and kick start to what is going to be a spectacular year in Prince George.”




The games being about inspiring young athletes, I think all attendance should have been free for anyone under the age of 14. Lost revenue probably would have been made up by paying parents. $29 for a youth ticket to hockey is rediculous.

Guess you didnt know they dropped the price of a ticket to the hockey games.

And every other event was a reasonable $5.

You tried P Val! So many people with so little effort! You tried!

Too bad our current prime minister Harper could not make the effort to come to such a big CANADIAN event. I guess he prorogued the CWG LOL
5$ was a great price for most the events.

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