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October 28, 2017 5:32 am

UNBC Faculty Issue 72 Hour Strike Notice

Monday, March 2, 2015 @ 9:18 AM

Prince George- The UNBC Faculty Association has issued 72 hour strike notice to UNBC.

The association says it has been bargaining for a new collective agreement since May 2014.

The Union represents, 343 full time, and part timer faculty members, senior lab instructors, librarians and archivists.

The Association was certified as a union in April of 2014.

The Union had announced before the winter games began , that they would not commence job action until the Winter Games were over, as a gesture of good faith ,so as to not disrupt the games.



“Good faith” had nothing to do with the decision not to strike during the Games. It was all about PR. The FA would have been vilified had it commenced the strike during the Games.

Well, thanks for holding it back. Looks like a lot of people has hit the resume button and life goes on.

So a university get’s money from the government and students. I’m assuming the faculty demands will need more money to resolve the issue. Pretty sure the government has already said – no more money – leaving only one source of funds – students and raising tuition.

What I’ll be interested to see, is whether – like the teacher’s strike, – the students will be standing on the picket lines with signs saying they support their instructors, when the resolution to the problem, is to take more money from their pockets, unlike school students, whose teachers get paid from some magic bank account somewhere that is unlimited.

Wonder if parents with kids going there will get a $40 a day bribe while the kids are out of school :).

Or maybe follow the governments lead again.. Said they saved 38 million in wages.. Then a month later infused the budget with 30 million, neglecting to say where the other 8 million went.

Of course in reality we all don’t know the true issues or demands, the entire situation is never public, but we will guess and talk like we know no matter what side we are on..lol

Another source of income is internal to the University. How they spend their money at present on middle management, ancillary services ( who produce little to actually help the University ) and the amount of renovations always underway at the University. Some departments have moved 3 and 4 times in a two year period.

In 2010-11, the average salaries for full-time teachers at UNBC ranged from $105,496 for a full professor, $83,575 for an associate professor, and $71,319 for an assistant professor. So they got a raise in 2012, so I’d figure they get pretty good annual swag for a rather unstressed work week…

well contractor we all pick our careers for a reason. have never been a professor but have friend who works as a prof at university of Toronto , along with her teaching duties she assists with doctrale thesis’s and leads 2 lab experiments as well.. Busy lady. And she loves it. Smartest lady I know, next time she comes to visit you should meet her for coffee so she can explain how little you know about what profs really do.. I would love to see it :)

The UNBC faculty have been underpaid for 20 years. The UNBC administration have known that this day was coming for 20 years.

I think it’s time for UNBC to place a priority on paying faculty and staff competitive wages and treating them with the respect they deserve.

“respect they deserve” comes out a lot. Just heard a program on CBC the other day where people have worked 15 years without a raise in the real world, seems they get a lot more respect at the university than the average joe. And yet every time the contract is up out comes the need for “competitive wages” and “respect from the employer”

If people have gone 15 years without a raise they are in a dying industry or they need a union to negotiate for them.

Slinky, how is education not “real”? Next time you need a nurse, a doctor, a lawyer, or any other professional, ponder whether or not your needs are “real”.

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