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October 28, 2017 5:26 am

BC Conservatives Release Five Point Wildlife Allocation Plan

Saturday, March 7, 2015 @ 3:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The outfitting model in BC is broken and a new approach is needed.

That from BC Conservative Party leader Dan Brooks.

“Taking allocation away from resident hunters to fix outfitting isn’t a fair solution,” says Brooks, a former professional outfitter himself.

“It’s time to restructure outfitting so that it works with resident hunters, not against them.”

He claims “political donations to the BC Liberal Party appear to have influenced the most recent changes (see story here)” adding they “are pandering to lobbyists and want voters and citizens to think this is just about 60 animals going to outfitters.”

To properly deal with the issue Brooks has put together what he calls a five point common sense plan.

1.Legislate allocation, as he notes “the flexibility of policy has allowed lobbyists to put constant pressure on outfitter allocation.”

2. One allocation for all species for all regions.

3. Close allocation loopholes which he says allows outfitters to circumvent allocation limits.

4. End foreign ownership and foreign guides which he says “undermine the reason the outfitting industry was created in the first place – for the benefit of British Columbians.”

5. Invest in greater conservation and wildlife management to reverse the decline in wildlife populations.

Brooks presented his plan at a rally Monday at the B.C. Legislature.


GOOD enough for me, sounds good hes got my vote. I would rather look at wildlife any time than some bullshit propaganda put out by these lying,lying .astards any day of the week. KRUSTY and crew have become like old baked goods on the counter……when there that stale time to TOSS THEM OUT.

Dan seems to have his s*it together.
The liberals have sold out 102,000 resident hunters and growing for the .3% (yes, less than 1%) guide outfitters, many foreign or foreign owned, for GOABC’s lobbying bribes. I see the libs losing virtually all of their support that they may have previously had from hunters. This is a big issue. alot more than the fantasy 60 animals Thompson would have you believe.

here are a couple letters responding to the premier’s latest form letter.
just to show how passionate most members of the hunting community are about this overly rich and skewed allocation issue.

Thank-you for your prompt response. I am extremely disappointed in your stance on this issue you have grossly underestimated the importance of what you are trying to do here by going against the core values of our nation and our province. Sir Wilfred Laurier and Theodore Roosevelt formed an agreement 150 years ago to end commercial hunting on the backs of residents who wished to harvest organic game meat and who own the resources. WAC Bennett enshrined the resources of BC to the people of BC while promoting free enterprise as a founding principal which served us so well and built British Columbia, he must be rolling in his grave right now.

You say you have been working for 10 years on negotiations, why? There was an agreement with the GOABC and WCWF on this issue in 2007. It was never implemented by your government. Instead you take sizeable donations from the GOABC from that time forward, year by year, they log over 2000 private meetings with you and you completely ignored the BCWF the oldest conservation entity in our province, one of the most highly regarded associations in Canada. Now you say you want to work closely with them, really?

This allocation policy that you have crafted with the GOABC goes way against the norm of the standards in any other jurisdiction. The numbers don’t lie especially when they aren’t cherry picked. The percentages of allocation to this small group of businesses is over twice the going rate for similar jurisdictions on this continent. The BCWF is asking for less than the average for residents, a 90%-10% split and your are ready to give the GOABC up to a 40% split in some species. The average % by species much more than doubling the norm in north America other than the Territories with very small populations.

You seem dug in so we will dig in as well. We will be doing everything we can in a respectful and courteous manner to make all the citizens of BC, and hunters across Canada and indeed the world aware of this stolen allocation policy. You have lost a core supporter of the BC Liberal party here and I will be actively campaigning against the BC Liberal party from this time forward. It is that important. You are trying to change the fabric of our moral being in BC, you are concentrating on money only turning your back on our history and future for the families of BC and you and your party must go.

I sincerely hope you change your stance on this so that I and my friends and family could consider supporting you again but I won’t hold my breath on the former, I’d be delighted to be wrong on that.

Yours in conservation;

and another…

Premier Clark, Mr Thomson and all Liberal MLA’s,

I’m writing to tell you just how disappointed I am in our Premier, Mr. Thomson and pretty much all
the Liberal MLA’s that were in Question period Monday afternoon.

I, along with close to 1000 BC residents took time off of work and traveled to Victoria from all over the province to voice our ongoing concerns with the wildlife allocation policy. We traveled from Cranbrook, Prince George, Kamloops, Kelowna, Campbell River, the peace country and from many more corners of the province to be there on a day the house was sitting.

Some people spent 20 hours on a bus to be there, yet knowing we were coming Ms. Clark didn’t think this warranted her showing up for question period to defend the allocation policy. What does this tell us other than she feels the policy is indefensible or she simply doesn’t care about the many tens of thousands of people who are impacted by the seemingly very close relationship between her and the GOABC and the flawed allocation policy.

I’m disappointed in Mr. Thomson and his replies to the questions asked to him as I sat in the gallery left in utter disbelief at his contempt for the people on the stairs and lawn outside. He simply regurgitated the same tired, old and inaccurate “60 animals” affected line. Well, we all, the government included, know that 60 is not the number of animals and that it is much higher. It also doesn’t include the opportunities to go hunting, even unsuccessfully, for those animals. Calculations show the annual allowable harvest for stones sheep in 7B alone at 250. Under the 2007 agreement nonresident share was 20% or 50 rams. After Mr. Thomson’s recent decision it sits at 40% or 100 rams. This uses up 50 of the “60 animals.” Do I have something wrong here?

If it’s fully believed only 60 animals come into play then why not, for the peace and harmony it will bring, go back to the numbers agreed to in 2007 and signed by all parties at the table. Not that I believe that after the damaging last few weeks that resident hunters would now be satisfied with those numbers.

Looking beyond the smoke and mirrors we are presented with there is a perception that GOABC donations to the party are being payed back with not only more animals but tens of thousands dollars in “tourism grants”. This surely gives us cause for concern as to how even the playing field is.

Now to the Liberal MLA’s in session on Monday when I was there. You should be ashamed of yourselves for pounding on your desks so loud and proud in support for a policy I’m sure many of you would have a hard time supporting in a private conversation. To me it felt like every pound on the desk was a slap in my face. This policy and the tactics that saw it come to be are probably the exact reason you got into politics to prevent in the first place. At least I hope it would be.

It’s not too late to redo the allocation policy and put BC resident Hunters ahead of non-resident hunters and outfit owners, many of which are not BC residents. I ask you to go to the 90/10 split now asked for by the resident hunters of BC and the BCWF.

A very frustrated voter,



from what i’ve seen of Dan, they may have a very good chance of making some headway in BC come next election. the Liberals have sold out our province for money and photo-ops. most people can see through their greed and elitist ways.

The BC Wildlife Federation is a province-wide voluntary conservation organization representing all British Columbians whose aims are to protect, enhance and promote the wise use of the environment for the benefit of present and future generations.

the Federation’s membership is made up of over 100 separate and distinct clubs from throughout British Columbia, ten Regional Associations, and direct members, for a collective membership of about 40,000. This number contrasts with almost half a million hunters and anglers in British Columbia.

a comparison of our allocated high value big game species thxs to the liberal government and GOABC lobbying. the BCWF had asked for a 90-10 split but apparently GOABC and the liberal government know better than the collective membership of 40,000 BCWF members, and 102,00 resident hunters. they’ve turned their back on us and given unprecedented priority to 240 members of GOABC.

BC 30‐40% Maximum
10‐20% Minimum

Alta 2‐7% (speciesdependent)
10% Maximum

Sask 4% (moose)
14%(white tailed deer)

Arizona 10% Maximum

Montana 10% Maximum

Nevada 10% sheep

Oregon 5% most species

Washington 5% Maximum

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