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October 28, 2017 5:26 am

Daylight Savings Brings Risks to Drivers Warns ICBC

Saturday, March 7, 2015 @ 3:45 AM


Prince George, B.C. – It’s daylight savings time this weekend, costing many of us one hour of sleep when the clocks move forward at 2:00 am tomorrow morning. And although it brings us an extra hour of daylight and means spring is right around the corner, ICBC is warning drivers it also brings with it a series of risks.

“The primary risk for daylight savings time is the change in our sleep cycle and this can cause unique dangers on our roads,” says senior communications specialist Leslie Dickson. “It can impact our driving skills as some drivers will feel more fatigued than usual.”

She says being tired while driving can lead to poorer concentration, poor alertness behind the wheel, and reaction time to potential hazards. However she says getting the proper sleep can neutralize these hazards.

“Plan to get to bed early on Saturday evening if you can. Definitely go to bed at your regular time on Sunday so that you’re ready for the Monday commute,” she says. “You may feel fine but your circadian rhythm can be significantly disrupted affecting your alertness.”

Dickson says the dangers of losing an hour sleep can be magnified even further if drivers are distracted.

“Fatigue is especially dangerous when combined with distractions. So it’s important that drivers limit any potential distractions behind the wheel especially when they might be suffering a little bit from the time change this weekend into next week.”


Leave the time at one or the other, preferably the new change coming up.

The time change is stupid. I don’t think it helps anyone at all

just go to bed an hour earlier

I agree with acrider55 & Carpenter …. get rid of this stupid time change altogether! Pick one and stick with it!! This changing back and forth is archaic and not needed. Some people can’t just go to bed an hour early and be able to sleep; many of us, myself included have trouble sleeping at the best of times and this change takes days, even weeks to adjust to.

acrider55 I agree with you on this. The world has changed since this stupid idea was invented.

We aren’t all farmers anymore, time to stop this time change.

Agreed. It’s a pain in the neck having to reset clocks and I see no benefit to it.

Daylight savings time has nothing to do with farming. The most recent adjustment to DST was JW Bush changing it from its previous change date to the current change date.

It took Microsoft almost an entire year to get an update out to fix it in their operating system. Plus, embedded systems like alarms and hvac did not get updated so it effectively doubled the maintenance work, sort of. It became so one would need to reset the automated time change on the device in the fall, then again at the new designated change date, then again in the spring.

from wikipedia:
Putting clocks forward benefits retailing, sports, and other activities that exploit sunlight after working hours,[3] but can cause problems for evening entertainment and for other activities tied to the sun (such as farming) or to darkness (such as fireworks shows).[4][5] Although some early proponents of DST aimed to reduce evening use of incandescent lighting (formerly a primary use of electricity[6]), modern heating and cooling usage patterns differ greatly, and research about how DST currently affects energy use is limited or contradictory.[7]

So, it is only to support consumerism for the benefit of business on the backs and wallets of the consumers.

Have a nice sunny day.

So Loki. Are you telling us that us humans are just dumb animals, being herded around by business oriented polititians and getting us to vote against our own self interest, again . Say it ain’t so .

Doesn’t affect farming one bit, they get up with the sun and the time of day does not make a difference, just makes it seem earlier if they look at their watch. Changing the time doesn’t affect the sun or how many daylight hours there are but affects people’s enjoyment of it. If the sun rises at 6:30 and people at 7:30 people miss an hour of daylight – unless you change the time. So at 6:30 it is now 7:30. That is all it is about, allowing those who work in offices and cubicles a chance to enjoy the sun longer when they get off work.

Further north and near the equator time change does not make much difference to the amount of sunlight during the normal day hours so there is no need for daylight savings which is why Fort St John and north does not change the clocks. Our earth has an axis which is what gives us our seasons and changing hours of daylight in our area.

Time for a compromise: Just move it ahead 1/2 hour, then leave it like that and never touch the clocks again!

GW Bush had something to do with this? That explains a lot.

If your driving skills are affected that much by losing or gaining one hour of sleep ,twice a year, you probably shouldn’t have a drivers license.

I listened to a wise old native man as he talked about daylight savings time. He said that if you cut a foot off a blanket, and sew it on at the other end it does not make the blanket longer so why waste your time.

Hey and remember, “keep right except pass”. Its the law.

Maybe we should change the clocks over to metric—-40 hrs in a day.

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