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October 28, 2017 5:26 am

Victoria Addresses Concerns Associated with E-Cigarettes

Sunday, March 8, 2015 @ 3:40 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Changes are coming to the way e-cigarettes are regulated.

Victoria announced this week amendments to the Tobacco Control Act to help stop the growing use of e-cigarettes by young people in the province.

“More and more young people are using e-cigarettes,” said Health Minister Terry Lake. “This legislation will limit the exposure to children of the possible dangers of e-cigarette vapour and the potential that e-cigarettes have to normalize smoking behaviour.”

Amendments to the Act will ensure retailers sell them to adults aged 19 and over, as well as making sure no retail advertising for e-cigarettes be seen by youth.

The changes follow harsh criticism from the NDP (see story here) earlier this year and even concerns raised by Northern Health.

“E-cigarettes are a rapidly emerging issue in our culture and society and they’re a product that’s been developed to replace tobacco basically,” said tobacco reduction lead Nancy Viney.

“They’re being marketed to kids, they’re in flavours like cherry and watermelon. So what influence is that going to have on children? Are they going to start with e-cigarettes and move to tobacco?”

The changes will also ensure e-cigarettes are not sold in public buildings and their use is banned on public and private school grounds as well as in indoor public spaces and workplaces.

The legislation will be introduced this spring to ensure businesses and organizations have time to prepare for the changes.


What are the dangers of the second hand vapour from these E- cigarettes?

What are the dangers of second hand vapour (or steam) off of your stove top kettle? same thing.

I don’t smoke, never have, but I know these have not only saved chain smokers a TON of money (money not going to tobacco companies), but they don’t have some of the Harshest chemicals that traditional cigs have.

there is no danger from second hand water vapor! you know those smoke machines water vapor.
its tobacco lobbyists they don’t want to lose revenue. They always cry “what about the children” but really how many kids do you see with these things?


Boudicca and phje are right nothing more harmful than steam. I will add though that I believe the government is also concerned about the hit it’s taking in the high taxes they are not getting from the cigs that the vapers are no longer buying.

If you read up on the e-cigarettes you will see they also contain poly glycol ( ingredient in antifreeze) they also contain formaldehyde. They also sell cartridges that contain nicotine. health effects are not known.

I agree with the legislation I lost count at how many times I see kids buying e cigarettes at the mall because it is now the latest cool fad and it has already been proven that this leads to smoking actual cigarettes.

People may think it is a government grab and it may well be but I for one support the legislation

Not sure what poly glycol but it is ethylene glycol that is used in antifreeze. I do think ebutts should be treated the same as regular smokes. I have never seen simple water vapor come out of your lungs like smoke, gotta be some kind of chemicals involved.

Quick search shows polyethylene glycol is FDA approved and used in many medications.

hey sparrow, ever breathe outside in the cold, kinda looks like smoke doesn’t it ;-)

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