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October 28, 2017 5:23 am

Time to Change Those Winter Tires?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 @ 3:40 AM
Kevin Grose, owner/operator, OK Tire - photo 250News

Kevin Grose, owner/operator, OK Tire – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – The weather may be unseasonably warm this month, but a local tire dealer doesn’t recommend changing your winter tires quite yet.

“I would honestly wait until the middle of April, I think it’s a little too early yet,” says Kevin Grose, owner of OK Tire. “You get overnight temperatures of below zero, you still get frost and some black ice, so your winter tires are going to definitely prevail over an all-season when it comes to that.”

He says that hasn’t stopped his customers from calling his shop and asking.

“We are getting a lot of inquiries right now. The warmer days especially.”

For those without studded tires, he says leaving them on until next month won’t cause too much wear and tear.

“Typically no, it’s when the temperature stays plus 10 and above, that’s when you start to notice a bit of wear,” Grose says.

“Right now the worst part is the studded tires. It does wear on studs, that’s where the advantage of the studless tires come in. But I would still recommend leaving those on for a couple of more weeks yet anyway.”

The deadline to remove studded winter tires is April 30th.


Sure would be nice if the city and highways had the street sweepers out though. Dust seems like its the worst its ever been this year.

They were on Foothills yesterday.

Also on ospika

They swept Carney as well.

Had the grader out my my road this morning. Scratching my head about that one since the road was bare. I guess the snow in the ditch need to be pushed and inch or so further from the edge. :)

For 30 years we have been driving in the winter with all season radials and all of a sudden we need special winter tires. Wonder who dreamt that one up? Studded tires only increase you traction by 7% on ice and they cut the hell out of pavement.

Best solution is to learn to drive for the conditions.

And for snow there is noting as effective as a good set of tire chains.

Retired02 I would submit that there are several reasons for implementing a winter tire requirement;
– more drivers on the road
– vehicles are easier to drive, and go faster, effortlessly
– more distractions for the average driver
– milder winters roads are often bare, inducing some people to drive faster

I agree with you, the all season tires worked well for me too. I used to buy snow tires in the 70’s, sometimes studded, of course that was the age of bias ply tires, but when the radial all seasons became common, just used those, like most people, I think. Had to learn how the vehicle reacts to the conditions in which you are driving, and proceed accordingly.

Everything is going the way of “idiot proof” might as well accept that we need tires to suit that human condition as well.


Everything is going the way of “idiot proof” might as well accept that we need tires to suit that human condition as well.
Good one metalman.

Street sweepers did Ahbau and a lot of streets behind spruceland yesterday

Street sweepers actually make it a bit more dusty as they draw dirt and grime away from the curb edges and back onto the roads where vehicles throw the fine particulate back into the air. They use water which makes the issue a bit worse as the broom just pushes around the fine sand which finds its way back into the asphalt in the drive lanes instead of picking it up.

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