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October 28, 2017 5:23 am

Two Car Crash At 8th And Harper

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 @ 3:59 PM

harp 1


Prince George- No word yet on whether anyone received serious injuries in a two car collision,, just before 3.00pm, at 8th and Harper, in Prince George.

Two vehicles involved in the crash. No other details available at this time.



how the heck do you flip a vehicle on its roof on a quite residential street where sane drivers probably do less then the 50k speed limit.

Yup. Looked at picture. Does not compute. Did one car drive right up onto the other and then fall over? So bizarre.

Axman are you ok? Remember “keep right except to pass”.

Many Insane Driver in the City, 50k is only for some ?

I have always said. They need a traffic light at that intersection.

Traffic light ? That was sarcasm, right ?

texting and hit the snow bearm and flipped?

well one possibility but probably not the one….

Remember folks – you cannot, repeat cannot fix stupid !!

BaldEagle: But you can clean up the gene pool by adding more bleach…lol

Not all the bad drivers are min Prince George just have look at ICBC stats should give you an idea.

Another stupid move by Harper.

Probably just some dude practicing for the commute up or down the Hart.

Yeah looks like someone was traveling a bit too fast. Dicey, on a street like 8th ave. Top heavy look alike vehicle too. Why does every car manufacturer have to produce a vehicle that looks a lot like one offered by every other manufacturer?

LOL axman, 8th ave as a practice track for the Hart 500 :)

Speaking of the ‘500, I am always surprised at the speed of traffic on the Hart at the end of a week day afternoon, heading up the hill off the bridges last Friday, I’m doing 80 in a 60 zone, just to keep up with traffic, getting passed by vehicles in the left lane doing at least 100-110 and of course catching up to them at one of the (many) lights further along. Hey, I have no problem traveling that fast, but I do have an aversion to the cost of speeding tickets have at ‘er guys n gals.


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