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October 28, 2017 5:23 am

Prince Rupert Terminal Expansion

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 @ 3:58 PM

Prince Rupert, B.C. – The Port of Prince Rupert is expanding into Phase II of the Fairview Container Port.

The expansion will be financed by an investment of over $200 million by Maher Terminals and will increase operating capacity by 500,000 TEUs to over 1.3m TEUs annually.

The expansion is scheduled for completion in mid-2017.

“Intermodal customers have been capitalizing on the advantages of Prince Rupert as part of their transpacific trade solution since Fairview’s first phase opened in 2007,” said Don Krusel, President and CEO of the Prince Rupert Port Authority.

“We’re very pleased to see Maher Terminals continue delivering on the vision of fast, reliable container service — while creating new opportunities for the workers, communities, and nations who benefit from this trade gateway.”


I am surprised that Rupert is expanding. My thoughts were that with the expansion of the Panama Canal, container traffic on the West Coast would decline,.

Panama Canal expansion completion has been delayed and not likely to be complete until early 2016, it was initially supposed to be finished in 2014.

In any event this is a good news announcement for the Port of Prince Rupert.

‘I am surprised that Rupert is expanding. My thoughts were that with the expansion of the Panama Canal, container traffic on the West Coast would decline’ – Panama Canal traffic effecting the FCT? Did you skip economics in school , and party with the Zeppelin crowd in the bushes instead?

Hey…hey, the Zeppelin crowd would have at least used proper quotation marks.

PG101. Your post confuses me. Lets see if I can clarify.

1.All the inbound Containers that come into Prince Rupert, go to the Midwest, and Eastern USA and Canada. None of these loaded Containers are unloaded in Western Canada.

2.Once the Panama Canal expansion is completed it will be able to handle container ships 1,200ft in length by 160ft wide, as opposed to the present ships that transit which are 956ft long x 106ft wide.

3.The bigger ships will carry 12000 TEU’S (Twenty foot Equivalent Units) as opposed to the present ships that handle 5000 TEU’S.

4.The bigger ships and bigger payloads will be in direct competition to the container traffic that is presently off loaded on the West coast and railed to the US Midwest and Eastern US/Canada.

5.US East Coast Ports have been dredging and upgrading for a number of years to handle the increased traffic and bigger ships. Specifically Norfolk Va. Baltimore Md. New York, New Jersey, Charleston SC, Savannah Ga, and Miami Fl.

So you can see that the Panama Expansion is in direct competition with the West Coast Container terminals, hence the questioning of the Rupert expansion.

So, does that mean that the road to Prince Rupert is going to improve too, or is the rail system going to be used for this expanded port. One or both need up grading massively!!

A train can go from Prince Rupert to Chicago in about two days. I doubt the Panama canal can match that.

Prince Rupert to Chicago in two days WHY do people spout out BS. findme what are you smoking, do you know what CNR stands for… Certainly No Rush. last night at 0100 a container train left Prince Rupert it got to Smithers 12 hours later.It just took me 12 hours to run that container train from Smithers to Prince George. After 2 days will be just east of Edmonton. Why post Crap

Take a look off the San Diego coast right now… its choked full of container ships as far as the eye can see waiting to get unloaded because of a back log. I seen a picture of it two weeks ago and immediately thought its only a matter of time till we get an announcement like this expansion for Prince Rupert.

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