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October 28, 2017 5:21 am

Minimum Wage to Increase by 20 Cents

Thursday, March 12, 2015 @ 3:01 PM

Minister Shirley Bond announces boost to minimum wage, video courtesy Government of BC and Send to News
Prince George, B.C.- There  is very little celebration  in the labour movement over news the minimum wage in B.C. will be  boosted by 20cents an hour to $10.45  this September.The Minister  for Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training, Shirley Bond had  advised 250News  an increase was in the works (see previous story) but no one expected it would come this quickly.

The minimum wage  will be set  annually based on a formula  linked to the increase in the Consumer Price Index in B.C. in the previous year.  If the CPI decreases, the minimum wage would  stay  unchanged.

The new rate takes effect September 15th.

The  new rate of $10.45 per hour puts B.C. on  par with Manitoba, and  ahead of  some  regions of the country with the  exception of Ontario,  Nova Scotia,  the Yukon, and Nunavut.

The BC Federation of Labour had been pushing to have the  minimum wage increased to $15.00 an hour, and last fall had said it needed to be at least $13.00 an hour in order to  get  workers over the poverty line.

Here  is a list of minimum wage in the rest of the nation:

Nunavut $11.00
Ontario $11.00
Yukon $10.72
Nova Scotia $10.60
Manitoba $10.45
Quebec $10.35
P.E.I $10.35
New Brunswick $10.30
Newfoundland Labrador $10.25
Alberta $10.20
Saskatchewan $10.20
NWT $10.00




Shame on you Canada . A society is judged by how it treats the meekest amongst it . Canada , you get an F .

As Archie Bunker used to say “Whoopty Doo”

Instead of the constant whining and finger pointing Ataloss get off the computer and do something about it…maybe start a business.

How about a McDonalds,I hear they are quite popular.

First you will need about $500,000.00 in unincumbered cash.

There is a $45,000.00 franchise fee.

A further $1,000,000.00 to $2,000,000.00 depending on land and building costs in your chosen location.

Remember 12% of every dollar that hits the till goes towards royalty fee.

With the windfall profits after paying the monthly loans,insurance, taxes(federal provincial, municipal,business),cpp,ei,wcb,building maintenance,snowplowing, landscaping,etc you should easily be able to pay every employee at least $15.00 an hour. Once all that is complete you can change your name to Ataboy:P

What a sad joke Bond is. Timmies in PG is already paying entry level help $12.00/hr. I guess Bond should spend some time with franchise owners and see what the going rate is. $0.20/hr raise after 4 years does not even keep up with inflation.

The Liberals playing it conservative. Minimum wage just ten cents above the median, 55 cents short from top minimum wage. Why does it take effect 6 months from now? New taxes are always payable within 24 hours.

At the very least B.C. should have had the same minimum wage as Ontario and Nunavut as soon as they raised it!

In order to make the same profits McDonalds can raise the price of their fast production line food a few cents for all I care – I do not eat there.

Half way point to another provincial election. The LNG Billions Clark suckered the public about has not happened. She over sold a lie to the voting public. Now after giving away BC jobs to temporary foreign workers….highest number of temporary foreign workers came to BC…not Alberta….Clark Liberals and her S. Bond sycophant,must now start showing they are trying to level out the two tier society they created in BC by throwing help to the poor.

Another crumb tossed at the highest child poverty rated province… how generous of them to boost it by $35 a month.. Bond has a dead thumb..every ministry she touches she ruins…Minister of Education, Minister Responsible for Early Learning and Literacy, Minister of Advanced Education, Minister of Health Services,

Videos that play automatically like this are extremely annoying. Please turn off autoplay.

‘Shame on you Canada . A society is judged by how it treats the meekest amongst it . Canada , you get an F .’ – I’m sure if we dug into your personal life, you would be a shining example of integrity… or do you just blurt out cliches hoping one will stick?

IMO Shirley should be ashamed of herself – she should have stayed in bed instead of making such an embarrasing announcement. She says she talked to the stakeholders about the raise, well let me tell you the workers won’t be eating any steak. BC let 80,000 TFWs in the province at min. wage and that is why employers don’t have to raise wages. Do you really think it would make any difference if you raised the price of a burger by 50 cents to pay an employee a living wage?

“Do you really think it would make any difference if you raised the price of a burger by 50 cents to pay an employee a living wage?”
So – raise the cost of living to pay for a higher minimum wage – yeah good thinking there.

Wonder if my $11.50 per hour wage will increase by 20 cents in line with the minimum wage increase.

interceptor- I think you should read the post by -anniemartin -on Tues March 10/2015 min.$15.00 wage. I think that posting pretty well sums it up.

Since when itelman? There is always advance warning of a new tax or change in taxes?

Oldman1 maybe like the federation of labour (you know the NDPs best buddies in the province) says just give all the TFWs citizenship and problem solved. By the way TFWs are a federal program. Like you said, maybe just leave things be instead of raising the minimum wage. The BC Restaurant Association says locals do not want the jobs so they need people to work – where are they going to come from?

Maxima, didn’t you see TransCanada pipeline just donating 250 big ones to CNC. Maybe you didn’t know this but they are the company proposing to build the natural gas pipeline to Rupert and Kitimat. Surveyors are already out laying out the Pacific Trails Pipeline and the TransCanada portion of that is the Merrick Mainline from Dawson Creek to Summit lake aiming for 2020 for completion.

Herbster, if they are already paying more than minimum what is the big deal, this doesn’t affect them at all does it? Burger King owns Timmies so what is the rate at your favourite BK? How fast are those positions filling up?

I read it – so corporations shouldn’t be allowed to make a profit and burger flipping is hard work?
Got it ;)

Actually interceptor,. Burger flipping is hard work. Its hot in those kitchens, and you have to deal with customers all day. You should try it, and see how long you last.

There are more people working in the retail industry in this town getting minimum wage, than there is in the fast food joints. Not only do they get the minimum wage, but they get no benefits. We are talking about thousands of workers here that are being exploited. So who looks after them.

1. Government NO
2. Company NO
3. Union NO

This would not even be an issue if there were not so many people who are actually on minimum wage. The foolish statement made from time to time that they should go to school and get an education is bogus, because many of them do, however there are not that many available high paying jobs in this town.

If these people cant make a living wage, then they cant buy products, build houses, etc; etc; and over time we all suffer.

We already are suffering. Something these brainwashed rightwingers don’t seem to get.

Slinky…I am aware. The LNG has been grossly exaggerated and over sold by the Clark Liberals. Job creation has been focused on Temporary Foreign Workers. BC has used Federal rules to create a fertile environment for Business to bring In huge numbers of foreign temporary workers at low wages thus keeping wages down for many BC Canadians.BC brought in the largest number in the country. Clark on her recent trip to India this past autumn…promised even more jobs in BC to foreign workers. So now it’s time to throw a crumb or two to BC people.

Also….massive mortgage defaults are currently underway in BC. People cannot afford a roof over their head with current cost of living. Clark Liberals’ policies have helped these defaults to occur. The increase in minimum wage and single mother trade program is designed for the Liberals to illustrate they are trying to help BC residents who are struggling instead of continously helping the wealthy

Palupo – I did it. Worked my way up to management and then took those skills to the real world where I built a career. I don’t begrudge the position at all, but it is hardly taxing on either the body or the mind, let’s be honest.

All raising the minimum wage will do is push up prices. Only more. All the other employer funded costs ~ CPP contributions ( split 50/50 employer/employee dollar for dollar), EI (dollar off employee, dollar and forty cents off employer), WCB (entirely employer funded), Statutory Holidays, Annual holidays (both entirely employer funded), will rise. And since ALL costs have to flow through and be recovered in prices, the rate that prices will increase will be greater than that that incomes have. There isn’t going to be any real increase in purchasing power even though the employees get to play with bigger figures. If those on the ‘left’ really wanted to abolish poverty instead of just representing it, they’d take a look at finding a way to augment incomes that’s not just going to be costed into prices, and negate the advantage. There are several ways of doing just that, but maybe ending poverty isn’t what they want. Would ruin their endless whining about it.

The TFWs are also being exploited.I am quite sure it is not a bed of roses for the majority of them working in Canada at min. wage. It appears that if you keep everyone poor enough we are much easier to control and will climb over top of each other even if min. wage went to $8.00 an hr. to get employment.

Maxima, you state: “Also….massive mortgage defaults are currently underway in BC.”

Really?? Is this fear mongering or do you have evidence to present that supports your statement??

oldman1, you’re a bit like a broken record…playing the same line over and over again!

A very lovely elderly lady that was a personal friend of mine had employed a Filipino lady as a live-in care aid. The Filipino lady and I also became friends. When my elderly friend passed away, her care aid stayed in Canada. She moved to a new line of work. In time, she was able to bring her husband and 3 of her 4 children to Canada.

I visit with her whenever I am in her community! She and her family are all productive members of our society and our economy. They are all so thankful for the opportunity to make Canada their home! Not once, not once has she ever spoken to me about being exploited. Not once has she spoken of being sorry that she came to Canada under the TFW program! I suppose that much like our pioneers, she came to Canada for a better life. As far as she is concerned, she has found a better life. Every time that I see her, she is smiling, from ear to ear!!

My friend and her husband are both gainfully employed. They have purchased a home. Their teenage children are happy here. They are doing well in school and have made many friends. They enjoy their part-time after school jobs, jobs that our “Canadian” kids are too indifferent towards or too lazy to do!!

oldman1, I’m not defending nor am I criticizing the TFW program. However, when you state that the TFWs are being exploited, you need to recognize that there are undoubtedly many people who are so thankful for the opportunity that the TFW program has afforded them. Have you taken the time to talk to or get to know any of the Temporary Foreign Workers that you suggest are being exploited?

Or, do you just grab your Timmies and bitch to yourself as you walk back out to your car, complaining that they are taking jobs away from “real” Canadians??

Oh, and finally, if you feel so strongly about the TFW’s being exploited, please feel free to go out on a limb, take a risk, open a business, hire as many people as possible and pay them at least $15.00 per hour!

Money talks, Bull$hit walks!!

Hart Guy–Sometimes you have to repeat things many times for some people to get it to sink in. Back to exploiting people it seems to me there was some employer I think Nelson BC that was paying the TFWs overtime and then taking the money back in cash when they cashed their paycheck. I also think if you plan to open a business I would at least plan to pay $15.00 per hr. I think rental of a building would be your largest expsense.

Socred. I agree completely with your points, but the modest incremental increases to the minimum wage will help some, a little. At that level, anything has got to help. Of course the cost of fast foods will have to rise to reflect the additional burden companies will face, but with any luck, the price of a carrot* will not automatically go up as well.
*I mean the cost of basic, fresh food, the kind that isn’t fast.

oldman1, you seem to want to paint an entire program with the same brush, the brush that resulted in the situation that you mention in Nelson BC. There was also a situation in Dawson Creek, perhaps similar however the details escape me at the moment.

Regardless, you state that the TFW’s are being exploited. This statement might lead the uninformed to believe that all TFW’s are being exploited. Perhaps you should have suggested that SOME of the TFW’s have been exploited, some rather than all!

The TFW program has worked very well and is working very well for some employers and some workers! Some businesses are still operating, still providing services and still providing paycheques because of the Temporary Foreign Worker program!

Whether we want to admit it or not, many of the jobs that the TFW’s are filling are the jobs that we aren’t willing to do. In some cases, employers simply can’t find people who are willing to work for the wages that the business owner is able to pay!

Unfortunately, you and many other left-leaning individuals are quick to blame the big, bad, greedy business owner! Easy to do when you haven’t walked in their shoes, eh!! Your comment quoted below tells me that you haven’t walked in their shoes!

Oldman1: “I also think if you plan to open a business I would at least plan to pay $15.00 per hr. I think rental of a building would be your largest expense.”

Your words, not mine!

So, go rent a building! Go pay at least $15.00 per hour! Go provide jobs! Go support the tax base, Go for it!!

Funny how those from the left-leaning side of the political and social spectrum seldom seem to do that!

Hart Guy..mm you need to study very recent economic reports….These state there are currently very large numbers of BC residents defaulting on mortgages. Read Garth Turner….he’s a Conservative….used to be in Harper’s cabinet. He’s now a financial guru. …He published latest Stats this week. You need to educate yourself re economy.

I am not “left leaning” but will never vote for spineless politicians who allowed untrained temporary foreign workers into BC due to pressure from the business lobbying. The money these workers earn for the most part does not circulate in our economy….it leaves and is sent to domicile country to support families. Flipping burgers used to be opportunity….now some Canadians are lazy with no work ethic. Shouldn’t get social assistance if they won’t accept jobs to support themselves.

Hart Guy….we did own a business. Chain of restaurants….sold it all. We also hired Canadian workers all the time. Paid them respectable salaries with benefits. Guess what? They were loyal hard working staff and because they were….the business did well. We sold and retired. Temporary Foreign Workers are not needed in Canada. Canadians can do the jobs and if they do not…no social assistance. I started out at minimum entry level wage.

like maxima says treating employees with respect goes a long way…hard to find in this town especially for min wage gigs. and why do employers think they are doing you a favor paying min wage? give me a break min wage earners are making the employer a bunch of money but are never respected in that regard. we deserve to be poor.

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