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October 28, 2017 5:01 am

School District Sets Fees for Graduated Adult Courses

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 @ 4:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – School District 57 has set fees for graduated adult courses.

At its general meeting last night, the motion to set fees passed in a 4-2 board vote.

“I have to look at it from the perspective of the person,” said Trustee Bruce Wiebe. “And I want to vote in favour because I think it supports the people who need it most.”

Trustee Trish Bella agreed with Wiebe, adding “the courses won’t exist if we oppose these fees. It’s not fair these cuts are happening however I can’t remove the ability for students to take these courses.”

Trustees Sharel Warrington and Bob Harris opposed charging fees with Warrington arguing, “most of our graduated students come back into the system after they’ve made some tough choices. Our ministry are making demands that aren’t fair to our community and to our adult learners.”

The decision to charge fees was made in response to the announcement by the Ministry of Education that tuition-free upgrading for newly-enrolling adults who hold a Dogwood diploma would be discontinued as of May 1, 2015.

Courses starting May 1 will be set at $560.00 per course. Starting October 1, 2015, course fees will be set at $575.00 per course.


“Our ministry are making demands that aren’t fair to our community and to our adult learners”

It’s not fair to be asked to pay for the bad choices you made along the way? Actions have consequences, the rest of the world should not have to bail you out.

This is what’s known as a “lesson”. Hopefully people learn from it.

That said, $560 seems a bit excessive.

Aceman remember they were not adults when some made poor choices. People are trying to better themselves and another roadblock has been put in their way. How unfortunate.

For a lot of kids that barely graduate their problems aren’t just because they made bad choices. A lot of it is because their parents or caregivers made bad choices.

This is just dumb… a lot of these people trying to get their grade 12 are on minimum wage or recovering from other life set backs… to now ask them to pay the equivalent cost of a university level course is just ludicrous.

We talk about how we have a trades shortage, but to get hired in the trades one has to have things like Math 12 or Physics 11&12… so making these courses more inaccessible helps to ensure we have the skills training for the future jobs how?

Kids are going to need student loans now just to pay the tuition to get their grade 12….

Any students who have not yet graduated can still take courses with Continuing Education in SD 57 at no cost. The Ministry is now charging students who have already graduated. For instance, students who wish to upgrade Math or Chemistry in order to meet a University requirement such as nursing and have already graduated from a high school will be required to pay for courses. Any prospective students who have not yet graduated can take courses free of charge.

Waaaaa waaaaaa waaaaa…the socialists strike again!
When did it become my responsibility as a taxpayer to subsidize the crackhead that couldn’t be bothered to pay attention in the FREE K to 12 school system?
I say if you decide to spend your grade 8 to 12 years smoking pot behind the school rather than in class learning, then you should be the one to pay for your choices!

moproblems1: Nice comment, thank you for providing a clarification.

Nytehawwk: tsk tsk. As it happens, I was unfortunately removed from school due to insufficient grades. My dad did not like me not have B’s or better, so he put me to work in his business at half the pay, then 2 weeks into spring break forced me out of town, on my own at 15. Is that one of the choices that should prohibit me from achieving any success?

Many of the most highly intelligent and productive people I know often claim that they spent most of high school stoned. The funny thing is they were straight “A” students. Many have outgrown consumption and are now successful adults. I recommend you query your circle of influence on this matter. You may be surprised.

Many comments on this and many other sites contain posts deriding Income Assistance recipients. Please tell us how we are to reduce those Income Assistance roles without education? Please do not go with the trite tripe that they can always get a minimum wage job, because that is not a living wage, and often after years in the system, they have developed employability hindering behaviours and characteristics. 74% of jobs in the future will require post secondary.

Currently, when receiving IA, They are supposed to approach employers with no marketable skills and ask to be employed. The employer already has many problems, so they are not interested in unskilled labour. Whether it be a cashier job or a janitor job or any other job, there are still some skills and qualifications needed.

Plus, remember that minimum wage is an entry level wage and was/is never intended to live on. Entry level meaning the first job(s) one attains in their youth to learn employment skills such as: following instructions, showing up on time, being properly attired and equipped, actually doing one’s job, developing a career progression plan.Very much like your first employment.

Eagleone, you state that Kids are going to need student loans now just to pay the tuition to get their grade 12….

Sorry Eagleone, but you are wrong!!

Kids are provided with free public education, from K thru 12!

All the Kids need to do in order to get their Grade 12…is to apply themselves and stay in school!

Perhaps rather than continuing to perpetuate this “huggy, feely, lacking in accountability and personal responsibility” society that the bleeding hearts have created over the past 30 years or so, we should redirect our efforts into teaching students the cold hard reality that life is hard, times can be tough and the world DOES NOT owe you a living!

There is absolutely no reason at all why we can’t begin making students aware of this reality in Grade 8, and then reinforce it right through to Grade 12! Are we so worried about hurting their feelings that we need to shelter them from the truth?

There will always be exceptions, kids that fall through the cracks, but it seems that more and more the exceptions have become the rule!!

Loki, I commend you for overcoming what was surely a less than optimal home environment and achieving whatever your level of success.
However why is the fact that you had a less than supportive father MY problem?
Why should the rest of us taxpayers pick up the tab for HIS bad choices?
Having said that, once you became emancipated from your father, and still had not GRADUATED from the public school system you were still eligible for a free education until you were able to graduate grade 12.
So here’s the argument for the other side of the fence. You smoke your way through school, take only the minimum courses required, and you don’t take any of the university entrance required courses. You manage to graduate but your dogwood doesn’t even qualify you for a trade school, much less University.
Why then should I Mr. Taxpayer be on the hook for upgrading your math, science and English courses so that you can go to University? I’m sorry, but people should have to pay for their choices, and not rely on government and taxpayers to bail them out of every self inflicted situation!

Education is a human right . So says the United Nations . You know , the other seven point one billion of us . It’s a human right that canada signed into law , then just ignored it , to the detriment of the whole country . Education is not an expenditure , it’s an investment in our nations future . The more educated a country is , the richer it becomes . The right wing nuts like the dog eat dog dogma . Ignorance leans right .

Ataloss, you are right Education is a human right, and our tax dollars provide for a free K to 12 education for any child that is willing to do their part…that is attend classes and pay attention.
Beyond that only the lefties would propose that tax payers be further burdened with the cost of correcting someone’s bad choices!
As for your statement about ignorance leaning left…I think you have it wrong in that Lefties go through life blissfully ignorant to the costs of all their bleating demands for more and more from the taxpayer while at the same time agonizing over any increase in taxes and fees! In fact Lefties must believe that somewhere a “Magic Money Tree” actually exists that can pay for all of their demands! If anyone is going to squeeze out our middle class its going to be the lefties and their never ending demands for more and more and more!


Build a business case to support your arguments and you may gain a touch of credibility. It is fascinating that the so-called right ignores that economies based on free adult education are leading the world on life quality and prosperity scales while those that follow your line of logic are sliding down the rat holes. Unless you are making an argument for the welfare of Canada’s top 10 percenters, the numbers do not favour you.

And before you wave your leftie branding iron, consider that while you will not find me supporting the current gov’t anytime soon, you would indeed make my friends and family laugh all across town with the thought of me wearing a leftie label.

Carry on.

I take it that you are talking about countries such as Norway, Sweden etc.
Have you looked at their taxation rates?
If we as taxpayers are going to provide free post secondary education where do you think the funds to pay for it are going to come from? Remember there is no magic money tree!
Yeah that’s right out of your pocket and mine.
Personally I would rather have those extra funds in my hands to invest as I see fit, and to look after the needs of my family!
Oh, and by the way, I don’t qualify for your top 10% comment I just don’t believe in subsidizing post secondary education for people that should be ready, willing and able to invest in their own future!


As I thought. You cannot build a business case. And to the list of Norway, Sweden and other similar economies include Germany. Sure they have high tax rates. Considered by their societies as a better investment with a higher return for the general population than subsidizing the stock market players. And read more carefully; I didn’t for a moment suggest that you were a 10 Percenter, only arguing for their welfare. After all, that is who is benefitting directly from your position.

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