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Best Buy Opens Doors in Prince George

Saturday, April 4, 2015 @ 4:01 AM
The sign may say Future Shop but it's a Best Buy store.  Photo 250 News

The sign may say Future Shop but it’s a Best Buy store. Photo 250 News

Prince George, B.C. – The former Future Shop store in the Brookwood Plaza off Highway 16 opens as a Best Buy outlet today, although it will still have the Future Shop signage on the building.

Elliott Chun, Communications Manager with Best Buy Canada in Brampton, Ontario says “As a result of Best Buy Canada’s consolidation of Future Shop into Best Buy, we have closed half the number of our Future Shop stores and are currently renovating and rebranding the other half into Best Buy, including Prince George.”  Best Buy has owned the Future Shop franchise for the past 14 years.  An employee at the store here says the Future Shop signs will be replaced with Best Buy signs but it will take a little time.

Several people were seen going into the Prince George store on Friday.  The employee told 250 News that some were undergoing training while others were working on restructuring within the store.  The employee said some of the employees at the former Future Shop store had retained their jobs, others had not.

The employee understood that the store is to open to the public at 10 this morning but was not aware of any in-store promotions to mark the re-opening.

“Specific to Prince George” says  Chun, “we’re thrilled we can maintain our presence in a market that’s proven to have an excellent customer base who shops with our company in-store and online. We’re looking forward to introducing the Best Buy experience as we transition – customers will begin seeing rebranding and investments happening in our stores in the next couple of months. This includes a new-look flyer and e-newsletters in the coming weeks.”

Chun says “all Future Shop products, including gift cards, will be accepted at any Best Buy Canada location and at BestBuy.ca. Existing product orders, service appointments, and warranties will continue to be honoured. Also, we have contacted all impacted customers directly regarding delivery, appointments, on-site units, pre-orders etc.”

Anyone with questions can call  1-866-BEST BUY (237-8289) or visit BestBuy.ca/questions for information.


I wonder if this had anything to do with employee remunerations? It wouldn’t be the first time a company folded to a related company to get rid of a union or some other human resource issue.

A while back I was looking a Bose Solo I think and Best Buy had an excellent price online, but I couldn’t order it at that price through Future Shop because of some kind of funny reason. So I think Best Buy had a monopoly interest on some items pricing even though they had the same corporate ownership.

I have been in both in Langley..
I found Futureshop had a much better selection of goods…
I guess we will have to see what we get.

They wont get my support after what they did to there workers.

RIGHT across the street ANDRES ELECTRONICS way better selection and quality product.

Has Andres Electronics staff actually started to talk to the customers ?

Posted on Saturday, April 4, 2015 @ 9:26 AM by Digitus Impudicus

Has Andres Electronics staff actually started to talk to the customers ?


We’ll have to mark that day on the calendar. They are one of the worst places in town for customer service. The last time I went there I asked the guy why he didn’t want my money? Just gave me a blank look.

Exactly axman. Three times I have gone into Andres intending to drop some money on electronics and all three times wound up across the street at Future Shop. They always welcomed my money.

Walked into Andres once ,walked back out after 10 minutes without having been acknowledged. I thought it was just me. Maybe they can learn something from this.

Wow I thought it was just me. Wandered around Andres for 20 mins with a tape measure looking at tvs. No one even said hi. Finally left and bought one across the street.

I have had great service at Andres. I even borrowed their tape measure to see if the tv carton would fit in my vehicle. It barely did and the salesman helped me get it in the vehicle too.

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