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October 28, 2017 4:57 am

Bill C-51 Generates Discussion in the Cariboo

Sunday, April 5, 2015 @ 3:52 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The federal government’s proposed anti-terror legislation, Bill C-51, was a hot topic of discussion at public meetings this past week in 100 Mile House, Williams Lake and Quesnel.  The meetings were part of a tour organized by the Stand Up for the North Committee, and followed a public meeting in Prince George attended by over 120 people earlier in March.

The hastily-organized meetings  attracted about 30 people in 100 Mile House, over 50 people in Williams Lake and 45 in Quesnel.  The Stand Up for the North Committee put the tour together to give residents an opportunity to discuss the legislation which has generated widespread opposition across the country.

The main speaker for the tour, Peter Ewart from the Stand Up for the North Committee, commented that, although this legislation directly impacts privacy, freedom of speech, and other fundamental rights of Canadians, and confers huge powers on federal bodies such as the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), the federal government has been bent on ramming the bill through.

“Once again, far away federal politicians and unelected officials are making major decisions about our rights,” he said, “while we, at the community level, are supposed to be nothing more than bystanders with no say whatsoever.”

According to Ewart, the proposed legislation overreaches and intrudes on the rights of ordinary Canadians.  He pointed out that, even though the federal government has been forced into making some small retractions because of opposition from legal experts and a host of others representing a wide range of political opinion, the fundamental flaws in the Bill remain.

He says our rights should be like the rocks that sit on the edge of Pacific Ocean.  “It doesn’t matter what storms crash against them or what political currents swirl around them, they should be inalienable, inviolable and sacrosanct.  They are our bedrock as individuals and as a nation.”

“Unfortunately,” he says, “we have governments in Ottawa that, in practice, do not really recognize these rights as inalienable, but rather see them only as privileges to be granted, rolled back or overridden at the whim of whatever government happens to be in power.”  In his opinion, all of this points to the need for political and electoral renewal which will give the Canadian people more control over government and more say in the decision-making, as well as Constitutional rights that cannot be overridden or ignored.

The Williams Lake audience approved a resolution calling on the federal government to rescind and withdraw Bill C-51 in its entirety.  As a next step, participants in each town expressed keen interest in organizing further meetings in the coming months as well as taking the issue into the upcoming federal election.


I think this is partly being introduced to give the government more powers to deal with people protesting the future pipeline.
Call them terrorists and clean out the group, even use the military if they feel like it…

If Harper and his government would get off the American band wagon and think for them selves we wouldn’t have the potential ‘terrorist’ problem.
Canada used to be one of the better liked countries, right now we are almost that the “hate” par as the americans are.

my opinion anyways…

“Those that would give up essential rights and freedoms, to obtain a temporary amount of safety, deserve neither rights nor freedoms.” Bejamin Franklin

This is coming from a guy that hides in a closet behind , woman , a cripple in a wheelchair and old guys . He could at the least have handed a few brooms from the closet to the front line . This bill is as cowardly as the guy promoting it . Hiding evidence , hiding actions , hiding the truth . What a country this is being turned into . We have much more to fear from this government than we have ever faced from any out side foe .


How long until citizens take our country back? I see a future of civil unrest like never seen before.

“IF YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG THEN YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR” This approach can be used to justify infringement of any of our rights. Dead wrong, ice!

Maher Arar did nothing wrong, but he had a lot to fear from the RCMP. Canada ended up paying him $10 million in reparation for his extraordinary rendition and subsequent torture. Thanks, RCMP & CSIS!


Soon you drumheads will have your axes out, how stupid , bring it on…

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