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October 28, 2017 4:56 am

No Real Changes To See at Future Shop

Sunday, April 5, 2015 @ 4:03 AM
A handful of people were on hand for Saturday morning's store opening.  Photo 250News

A handful of people were on hand for Saturday morning’s store opening. Photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – The Future Shop store in Prince George may have re-opened as Best Buy after a week’s closure but there really was nothing different about the store.

In fact a “greeter” just inside the front door said the outlet is currently “Future Shop operated by Best Buy”, and that standing will change “in a few months” when the store becomes Best Buy.

But the layout remains the same, the merchandise hasn’t changed, in fact according to the greeter the only real change other than signage will be that the Car Audio area will be gone, to be replaced by an Online Sales area.

U.S.-based Best Buy Co. announced on March 28th that it was closing all 131 Future Shop stores which it has owned for 14 years and was re-opening 65 of them, including the Prince George store, as Best Buy outlets.  Employees at many of the Future Shop stores learned the news when they tried to show up for work at locked stores that morning.

Some of the employees at the Prince George store have remained employed there, others are trying to find jobs.


You mean we can still expect 1 till open, when there are 20 people waiting in line? Great.

Meet the new boss same as the old boss.
After them letting go most of their employees, I will never shop there again.
As for their car audio, they never solder any of their connections and used quick clips.
The dark horse gets my business now.

I fully understand one wanting to boycott this store out of some feeling of loyalty for those that lost their jobs but the reality is that doing so will not help those that got laid off but it will hurt those who retained their jobs, therefore if the boycott succeeds it would only be in adding to the unemployment line.

If the store is pretty much the same, just rebranded, why did they lay off employees? Don’t they need the same staff as before?


The only changes I seen so far were the faces working there.
The few I talked to seemed to know what they were talking about.
I am not saying they are the best or the worst, just that they are and I seen no real difference other than staffing, which as others I question..

I hear they took away all comissions

Not sure what anyone was expecting! But come on as if they would have enough time to rip down the signage, buy up new signage and install it when the store closed without any notice with a reopen date 7 days later.

So as a business owner I know exactly what they did. An inventory on all product and they let staff go. Over time signage will be installed and renos will take place. In the meantime enjoy Future Shop ;)

I was in there yesterday. I thought the new people did a great job…congrats everyone

Good way to get rid of useless staff. now get rid of some useless stock as well.

Maybe these folks will stop screwing Canadian shoppers, or they can move the lot south of the border ….

Looks like there is no Future in PG.

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