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October 28, 2017 4:56 am

Easter Egg Hunt in the Park

Sunday, April 5, 2015 @ 4:05 AM
Youngsters enjoy Saturday afternoon Easter egg hunt at Fort George Park.  250News photo

Youngsters enjoy Saturday afternoon Easter egg hunt at Fort George Park. 250News photo

Prince George, B.C. – It wasn’t the warmest of days Saturday but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the youngsters who took their parents to Fort George Park for Easter festivities.

Fun4Families Canada hosted the event, which included games and races and lots of fun stuff for kids to do.  And the highlight, of course, was the Easter egg hunt for kids 2 to 10.  They had them divided up into age groups, a couple of years together per group, so you avoid bigger kids squeezing out the younger ones.

They went out and collected plastic eggs containing tickets which they could then trade in for various toy items.  The youngsters seemed to have a great time, oblivious to moms and dads dodging rain drops.


fencing kids in ,and throwing all the eggs out in the open, is a ‘hunt’ now? So glad I didn’t grow up in this time of Libs and soccer moms, making the rules. God bless the 70’s

seriously? this is what passes for a “hunt” now? Pretty sad when they just give it to the kids without them having to earn it.

unfortunately we live in an age where children are handed everything without having to do anything, for example when the schools have sporting events for the kids they all get ribbons just for participating. whatever happened to “singing for one’s supper”?

That’s not an Easter Egg Hunt, that’s an Easter Egg Scramble. What’s with the fencing? Are small children so terrorized they need to be put in an X-Pen now for safety?

Yeah, I think we’ll stick to the hunts at home with hidden eggs. This looks really bizarre. Like feeding a bunch of chickens in a pen or something.

Just to inform people about the fence. The event organizers decided to use the fence this year for the safety of the children and most of all to make it fair for the children. Last year many of the older children overtook and ended up with most of the eggs. To make things worst … some of their parents were aiding in this behavior. So basically the fence was to keep the “parents” out of it, since the event was for the kids. There is a LOT of work and volunteer hours go into this event. If more people stepped up to help out instead of standing around complaining events like this could and would be better.People seem to have little patients and a lot of greed these days. This is not what we should be teaching our children. My kids had a great time and we will continue to help out, attend and help sponsor this and many other events in PG. Way to go Fun4Families Canada

That was my initial thought too, to keep the parents out of it. Its absolutely amazing what parents do these days to see that ‘their kid’ comes in first. Disgusting.

Fair enough if it was to keep the parental units out.

As for making sure their kid comes first…. I thought every kid came in first. All winners, no losers. Everybody gets a ribbon… or egg.


Good on you, Lori, and your volunteers – This event was super amazing!!
You LISTENED to last year’s people ‘Complaints’ that the hunt had NO control – so this year you tried to fix it – you controlled it absolutely perfectly!!!
And still they Whine! REALLY?
I had 5 kids in all 5 categories ! and The lady let us parent come in to take pictures BUT we were NOT aloud to pick up the eggs- fair enough!
Last year i seen parents stuffing their pockets with all the stuff as much as their kids were doing it! We saw parents and kids Jumping over smaller ones to grab candies and eggs!
This fence made the hunts so much more safe and they were VERY strict about age groups!
I noticed on another site it was suggested next year to have a entrance and an exit and I am sure that will also be resolved!
I know I went to some meetings and volunteered as much as I could { I do have 5 kids} If I can do it so could other parents!
Step up to the plate and help- even a bit and then you’d have NOTHING to complain about because then you would have more of an understanding of How much she does for this PG community! You really should watch ! She is an amazing lady and gives so much! It is really sad that the whiners are the ones who never help out and SHOULD be keeping their kids home and in their own back yard!

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