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October 28, 2017 4:50 am

Celebrating Volunteers

Sunday, April 12, 2015 @ 5:55 AM
Mayor Lyn Hall declared PG the "Volunteer City" on March 6th, photo courtesy VPG Facebook

Mayor Lyn Hall declared PG the “Volunteer City” on March 6th, photo courtesy VPG Facebook

Prince George, BC – Volunteer Prince George is encouraging city residents to find their own way to celebrate, acknowledge and show their appreciation for volunteers during National Volunteer Week, today through Saturday.

Originally started to draw attention to the vital contribution women made to the war on the homefront, Volunteer Prince George President Steven Perison, says the week is now into its 74th year and is a nationwide recognition of Canada’s volunteers – volunteers who turn their passion into action and build our community.

Perison says the impact of volunteering goes well beyond the hours given and skills contributed.  He says it can be found in bold new directions taken by agencies, increased accessibility, and major shifts in public attitudes.

“Look at the 2015 Canada Winter Games, for example,” says Perison.  “The sense of pride and engagement we experienced from the volunteer efforts really left a lasting legacy.”

Locally, organizations are sending out words of encouragement to their volunteers.  Speaking to the #TeamBBBSPG volunteers, the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Prince George Executive Director, Tim Bennett, says, “It’s impossible to show the magnitude of our appreciation in words.”

“I wish I could express to you just how big a difference you are making,” says Bennett.  “The time you give starts something big for our community.”




I would like to hear the official response from Union Members regarding Volunteers?

Huh????? What would it matter to union members? Volunteering has nothing to do with unions. I hope you are not suggesting that the hundreds of not-for-profit organizations that for the most part are manned with volunteers should be unionized??? I’ve been a volunteer for over 25 years now and would never, ever expect to be paid for my volunteer time and especially not be part of a union. And don’t get me wrong, I am a union supporter but definitely not for volunteers. I also have a fulltime job but volunteering is way more rewarding and fulfilling than any paid job, union or not.

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