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October 28, 2017 4:50 am

Initiatives Prince George CEO Honoured For Work Integrating Skilled Immigrants

Sunday, April 12, 2015 @ 4:57 AM

Prince George, BC – The head of Initiatives Prince George has been selected as one of just two people in the province to receive an Individual Leadership award for her work in helping skilled immigrants integrate into BC work places.

IPG CEO, Heather Oland, was recognized at the Immigrant Employment Council of BC’s inaugural Leadership Recognition Awards presented in Vancouver to 13 individuals and organizations.

IEC-BC Board Chair, Philip Steenkamp, says, “Tapping into the expertise of skilled immigrants is critical to the province’s economic growth and to the successful settlement of new Canadians who make BC their new home.”

As the head of the city’s economic development arm, Heather Oland has been spearheading a number of projects since 2012 to get the word out about opportunities in BC’s North.

She points to programs such as Initiative Prince George’s website, ‘Move Up Prince George’, that has employers seeing new Canadians as welcome new talent and immigrants seeing Prince George as a great place to live and work.

“We’re a facilitator, we build relationships and communicate to new Canadians and employers that they have choices,’ says Oland.  “‘Move Up Prince George’ provides a portal for them to find each other.  It’s early days, but we’re feeling pretty confident and proud.”




Imagine that, being rewarded for replacing Canadian jobs with foreign workers. Only in BC would this be hailed as a good thing. Maybe try training local talent instead of taking the easy way out. There is definitely something broke in this system.

I had to read this a few times trying to grasp why someone who is overpaid so much gets a award for running a website. If Prince George really wanted to develop skilled workers then close the doors on IPG and sponsor 30 apprentices from the area. When you bring any foreign workers into canada then you open the doors for their families to immigrate as well.. This puts a bigger load on our under funded healthcare system. It’s time we looked after Canadians first.

Yet skilled local workers go unemployed… yay. What are we celebrating here again?

IPG putting the residents of Prince George out of work since day one .

Here have another million , you obviously need it more than anyone in this city.

Prince George is on it’s way to become the Detroit of the north. Things need to be put into perspective. Over spending, over paid city employee’s. At the rate of increases P.G will become less desirable due to the high cost associated with living here.
Bring in foreign workers, at least they have kids to support our over thought infrastructures, bodies needed to pay for past mistakes.
Didn’t to need pay a consultant $1,000,000. to figure that one out.

Canadian Company,s have to Hire Apprintices and keep training them to the Journeymen Level, a few do, like Telus and Hydro come to mind. To many just want ready made from BCIT or CNC at no Cost to them. Most European Company’s do spend that Money to train and that’s how you end up with a big Supply of skilled Tradesmen. Don’t you think it’s about Time we do the same? We do not IPG for that!

Outwest … Bang on the nail! We tend to overlook the European traditional model of trades development that this nation was built on in favour of the US? model. Hmmm

All you anti foreign worker folks realize that Canada is only a few generations old right? Or was being a foreign worker good enough for your grampa but now it has to stop?
Also – if someone can come here from another country without knowing english and with no training and still replace you then what does that say about your level of job “skill”?
I’ve said it before and I will say it again – if you are unemployed in PG right now then you don’t really want to work. Period.

Using tax dollars to find employees for business…..Priceless!

Interceptor needs to learn the difference between todays TFW’s and yesterdays immigrants!

And Dumbfounded, so aptly named in my opinion, should re-read the article.

Why the personal attack Krusty? Maybe you should read the definition of Dumbfounded. Thats what you leave me. I thought personal attacks weren’t permitted here? Editor?

Pretty soon Heather Olind will need a manager to help her with her heavy workload. Honestly, I don’t know how she could keep busy even.
Mr Mayor? please get rid of PGI. This is very expensive job creation.
She gets an award for bringing in new Canadians, when there are a lot of people unemployed. Do we not have a huge security issue as well right now in all countries?

-Northern Immigration Services
-Initiatives Prince George
-Immigrant Employment Council of BC

Seems to be a lot of overlapping here.

Then to assist we also have-the Multicultural Heritage Society of Prince George and the Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society.
Looks to me that all three levels of government have this well covered.

How many immigrants has IPG brought to PG? I can’t find that info anywhere, and would they (of any) be here if IPG did not exist? If any where do they reside? Do they (if any) add to the tax base by owning a house within city limits? Just questions I have of the million dollar (plus) a year program that a portion of my property tax pays for.

So did the PG taxpayers pay her way to Vancouver to accept her award? The Mayor needs to be pressured to get rid of this money sucking machine IPG. Looking for employees for business-what a joke. Is another trip to India, Ireland or China on her agenda for skilled employees?

IPG what is its real purpose?? Is it needed?? It started out small now its big business its time to get rid of it I think there is a lot or other ways to spend our Money like helping our young people find JOBS. What kind of a payout would it take?

Maybe Heather should get together with Christy C and find jobs for all the people that Christy Clark welcomed home from Alberta. It appears that they are like two peas in a pod. They lobby to keep TFWs in the province while our young people are looking for work.

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