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October 28, 2017 4:44 am

Ben Meisner Honoured With Respect

Saturday, April 18, 2015 @ 4:31 PM
This trophy recognizing Ben's battle with Alcan to save the Nechako was one of four displays highlighting Ben's passion for the media, boating, the Nechako and the Law Society of BC.  250 News photo

This trophy recognizing Ben’s battle with Alcan to save the Nechako was one of four displays highlighting Ben’s passion for the media, boating, the Nechako and the Law Society of BC. 250 News photo

Prince George, B.C. – A man who found a community he loved and used his professional and personal abilities to fight with passion for its people was honoured by them today.

A celebration of life and funeral service attended by people from so many different walks of life was held for Ben  Meisner Saturday afternoon at the Prince George Civic Centre.  Ben’s wife Elaine, his children and their families, his siblings and their families, brother-in-law Gordon MacDonald and many, many friends gathered to celebrate Ben’s life.

And to give some indication of the level of respect and gratitude in which Ben is  held, the service was attended by Members of Parliament, Members of the B.C. Legislative Assembly, Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall and members of City Council, District 57 School Board, members of the Carrier-Sekani Tribal Council, the RCMP, the Law Society of British Columbia, the Prince George medical community, University of Northern BC, College of New Caledonia, the business, labour, hunting, fishing communities, media friends and competitors, people from numerous parts of B.C. and Canada and, no doubt most important to Ben, the folks of the city he loved, Prince George.

Indicative of the esteem in which this man is held.

250 News will provide a complete, detailed report on today’s service for Ben Meisner as soon as we “get ‘er written and put ‘er up”.


Rest in peace, Ben and God bless you.

Must be a tough day for Ben’s family, friends and colleagues at 25o News. Sad day for those of us on the outside, too. Ben was by all accounts one hell of a guy and although I never had the pleasure of meeting him I’ll certainly miss him. They don’t make ’em like that anymore, and if they do, they’ll never find a job in today’s media.

Rest in peace, Ben. You made your mark.

Well said Ram Tough. I echo your thoughts ans setiments.

I would have gone to the service if I had been in town. Ben was one amazing guy who would get anyone to like him, even if he was tearing them apart. He will be missed.

He was a unique individual in many respects, but what was most important to the community was the voice of reason that he had a way of generating from those around him… if one is going off on a tangent Ben has a way of getting people to focus on the issue and get answers.

I think the best way we can all honor Ben is to have everyone, but especially those in media, to step up their game a little bit in the way of civic pride in what we can do, and what we can advocate and inspire in others, and how we can hold politicians to account, and how politicians can find that extra bit of will to do what is right… if everyone steps up their game the void that Ben leaves behind won’t be so large.

I also think an appropriate lasting legacy for Ben Meisner would be to rename Cottenwood Island Park in his honor. I’m sure Mr Cottenwood wouldn’t mind.. and it would be entirely appropriate considering all Ben did to save the Nechako River from Alcan, and his love for boating and advocacy for that boat launch and parks creation. Maybe its too soon, but I think eventually at some point renaming that park in his honor would be a good move.

Great idea Eagleone. Ben’s legacy should be on a grand scale.

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