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October 28, 2017 4:32 am

Two Vehicle Crash Slows Traffic

Saturday, May 2, 2015 @ 5:02 PM
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Prince George, B.C. – It was slow going at 4th Avenue and Winnipeg Street just after 4 this afternoon.

This after a two vehicle collision involving a minivan and a small car.

The car sustained extensive damage to its front end while damage to the minivan appears to have been minimal.

Prince George Fire Rescue, BC Ambulance and RCMP all attended. No word yet on any injuries.

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That intersection is going to claim a lot more victims if the city doesn’t get some signage erected and some lines painted!
It seems that the city has just assumed that every driver in town is aware that 4th Ave goes from one way to two way at Winnipeg st.
Well here’s a wake up call, I personally drive the route east bound at least twice a day, and it seems that at least once a day someone blows right through that light in the left lane right into oncoming traffic
What does it take to put up a few signs, and perhaps something before the S curves stating left land MUST turn left!

More signage will not fix the problem, drivers paying attention will.

Agreed Grizzly2

Most drivers already ignore or don’t notice the signage and don’t pay attention to what’s going on around them

Like Grizz said, the lack of paying attention to driving is what the problem is, not signage or lines. Everyone likes to blame everything but themselves. If you want to keep yourself and others a lot safer on our roads pay attention! I drive our roads 12 hours a day and see about every second or third car with the driver holding their cellphones.

Yesss that stupid road… going up 4th, the way the sign is, one thinks its still two way… how about a sign like a T instead of curved??? to indicate the two way stops here..

had 2 pick-ups going east on 4th blow through the new 4-way stop at vancouver while I sat with the right of way . what was the need to change 4th to 2-way traffic ? seems to be more traffic going east on 4th than west.

Old habits dye hard. I visited PG during the games and made this mistake on 4th ave and also on Winnipeg kept forgetting it became 2 lane traffick and drove on the suicide lane for a couple blocks. Moved from PG 3 years ago and was used to the old system.

Remember folks- You can’t fix stupid!!!
And as always Have Nice Day

Looks like the northbound car t-boned the van as it was about to turn left onto Winnipeg?

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