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October 28, 2017 4:20 am

Long Promised Townhomes Now a Condo Project

Thursday, May 14, 2015 @ 4:00 AM


Architectural rendering of proposed condo development

Prince George, B.C.- It has been 9 years since a deal was struck for the development of 6 townhouses adjacent to what was the Chances Gaming Centre on Quebec Street. Today, there is word of a housing development for the site that has been vacant for all those years.

The proposal calls for a 6 storey building on the property at 6th and Quebec  and it will be home to 36 units.

The one and two bedroom condos will range in size from 750 square feet to just over 1600 square feet.

Clint Dahl is the new co-owner of the property and says unlike the condo-hotel project he was involved with, ( the stalled Delta Hotel development) this project will not be constructed on a pre-sale basis “This is a show me town, so we will build it and then sell the units”.

The project includes a ground level commercial site where Dahl envisions a cafe. There will be an enclosed courtyard and the balconies of the suites are all recessed. Each unit will have its own heating and cooling systems.  The main entrance will be on Quebec Street.

The promise of townhomes being built on the Quebec Street site has been on the books since the initial development proposal for the Chances Gaming Centre was put before Council in June of 2006. The Gaming Centre was completed in March of 2008, but by July of that year, there was an application to move the operations to the Treasure Cove Casino.

The covenant that called for the construction of the townhouses remained on the title of the property when it was purchased by Commonwealth Health. The deadline for construction was extended as part of the deal which saw the Elizabeth Fry apartments built on a portion of the property. That deadline(Sept. 8th 2012) was also missed.

Under new ownership, the property is now slated for the construction of the condo building, “Unlike the previous project where I was just a realtor, I wasn’t a partner or anything, I have a vested interest in making sure this project is completed” says Dahl.

Initial work on the site will be done to the underground parkade, where 60 stalls will be set aside for condo residents. That work could start as early as next month. Those who have monthly parking passes have been advised they will have to make other arrangements.

“I have been passionate about bringing condo living into the downtown since I got into real estate” says Dahl “So let’s get it up and show people.”


We heard a lot of promises and words before, so yes, let’s see.

I would buy one if the air quality downtown ever improves (but not at the expense of loosing a mill or the refinery or CN). So I guess no. Except maybe I would still consider buying one if it was allowed to be built on Connaught hill park seeing parkland is on the developement table in PG. The air up there is probably somewhat better than at the bottom of the hill?

I would like to see some affordable condos built for seniors. Right now, the idea of selling our home for $250,000 and then looking at a new, smaller sized and modern condo, is not feasible costwise. We don’t need something really fancy, we just want to find a safe, secure, maintenance free place that we can lock and leave when we want to.

Awesome news! Get it built ASAP!

Do they not take a deposit/retainer/etc for all of these projects they keep giving out permission for?

When the deal is struck, make them pay a set rate deposit. If they do the work it comes out of the total.

That way when someone either half starts a hotel project, or ‘accidentally’ clears a park the City can use those funds to fix the mess. And in cases like this where a deal was struck, and the deadline was missed the City can then use the funds.

Wait, what? Another Dahl project that has zero financing? Shocking. Where exactly is the money going to come from? How’s Hotel Walmart coming along? lol

This’s scam land.. That fiasco of building chances then moving it so quickly ..then delta now this..

I will wait till it’s said and done before I believe anything from Dahl.

Wow… Some of the people commenting on here are real pieces of work. This Realtor has been working dutifully to bring investment to this city and some of you jump all over him when some projects don’t turn out as planned. The lack of understanding on how investment works and the fact that most investments are financially driven by its investors, and not the Realtor really shows the true ignorance of some people. Perhaps you can educate yourself before taking about things you don’t understand.

+1 Born In PG 78

PG78, I could not have said it better!
I agree fully !

I am glad that some commercial space is being included in the concept, and hope it stays. That’s how all future housing developments should be downwtown.

At least Clint continues to try to make things happen and I applaud him for that. Will this actually happen? Who knows. I do know that if you do nothing you get nothing. So hats off to Clint for moving this project forward to a planning and development stage.

I agree with oneup.
We need more doers in our community and less complainers. He’s clearly invested plenty of time and money in this project with a vision to better our community.

I hope this takes off, and we start seeing people live downtown. We need just one successful project to push the first domino over. Hopefully the rest will start to fall over time and PG can have a hustling and bustling downtown we’ve all dreamed to have.

Great step forward, good news for Prince George.

I hope that more and more can be built downtown, especially condos and apartments. The vast majority of the condos and apartments in town are dumpy relics from the 70’s and 80’s. If new, nicely appointed accomodations are built in the downtown core they will absolutely sell. And on Clint Dahl, I was hugely let down with all the (continued) drama around the Delta/Marriot hotel development, but I agree with the other posters that at least Dahl is trying!

Really hope this goes ahead, Would lvoe for construction to start this summer. What a crazy year for downtown so far. So much expansion!

I think this is all good, but I agree with Mytwobits. We would like to move into a condo in a couple of years after retirement, but everywhere we look is far too costly. We could sell our home and property for around $200,000, but to purchase a condo?….around $300,000. It would be nice for more affordable places to be constructed.

This is an exciting project. The company behind the project is a reputable company. The owner is committed to Prince George and this may very well mean a new industry for Prince George. I am surprised they have not mentioned.

This is exciting for several reasons: First the commitment to the city will be fulfilled; the added density downtown in Prince George; and the company supporting this project will likely add an new industry to Prince George.

Finally this project is not a government supported project, it is private business bringing a residential project to the downtown. This could be a turning point and we may actually be able to have a revitalized downtown.

Congratulations the the group behind this project.

I know of another big condo project underway on Queensway.


That is a mature living building is it not? Like 50+ or something?

phje, you’re correct. It’s basically a huge addition (doubling essentially) of the existing old person condos. Good news for the city either way.

How old does a person have to be to qualify for “old person condos” ?

@ Digitus Impudicus. Good question!

Posted on Thursday, May 14, 2015 @ 1:07 PM by phje


That is a mature living building is it not? Like 50+ or something?


I’m 50+ and I’m hardly mature.

Summit hope you make it to old person.

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